Difference Between Firestream and Nvidia

As the market of technology has accelerated in the past few years, many companies, along with their products, have been involved in the making of certain graphic processing units and similar products to support the devices of this new generation.


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Such two companies are Nvidia and Firestream, and there are a lot of differences between the products of both of these. 

Firestream vs Nvidia 

The difference between Firestream and Nvidia is that the former basically depicts a product line manufactured by an American multinational company known as Advanced Micro Devices, while on the other hand, the latter basically represents another American tech company Nvidia. These two companies can easily be distinguished on the basis of their business operations. 

Firestream vs Nvidia

The American multinational company Advanced Micro Devices came up with a particular processing unit to be inserted into certain computers and supercomputers, and the company named this range of products AMD Firestream.

With a wide variety of products, the company earned a huge customer base in no time. 

While on the other hand, Nvidia is basically a term representing another American multinational company Nvidia Corporation.

The company has been in the business of processing units for the past 30 years approximately, and since then, it has gained huge success in the concerned field.

However, apart from these processing relates, the company also specializes in certain other technical accessories. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison  Firestream  Nvidia 
Meaning  The term refers to a specific product line of processing units by an American multinational company. The term refers to an American multinational company working in the field of technical accessories. 
Company  The name of the company is Advanced Micro Devices. The name of the company is Nvidia corporation. 
Launched in This particular product was launched in the year 2006. This particular product was launched in the year 1993. 
Services provided The product relates to a specific field that is of processing units of computers. Apart from providing processing units the company also operates in the field of programming and other software accessories. 
Headquarters  Santa Clara, California. Santa Clara, California. 

What is Firestream? 

The term fire stream in itself refers to a specific line of product launched by an American multinational company working in the field of technology and software accessories known as Advanced Micro Devices.

While the company was formed a while ago, their specific line of products of processing units named firestream was launched in the year 2006. 

Soon after the launch of the product, it gained huge popularity among the consumers owing to the specific and innovative technology used in it. This particular product was manufactured after using a specific GPU known as Radeon GPU.

This product was served in the consumer market for four consecutive years, and between the years 2006 and 2010 and during that tenure, the product succeeded in achieving huge success. 

As compared to all other processing units present in the consumer market between 2006 to 2010, firestream provided more bandwidth and memory to the users, and because of the huge popularity of the product in itself, the company soon gained a new name and was known as AMD Firestream. 

What is Nvidia? 

Based in Santa Clara, California, Nvidia Corporation is a very popular American multinational company serving in the field of technology and other software accessories.

The company was founded in the year 1993, and since then, it has earned itself a huge name in the market of computer accessories especially processing units. 

The company launched certain product ranges of processing units and named all of them with the initials NV. these initials referred to the vision of the company and simply acquired the meaning next version.

However, very soon, the company realized that due to certain drawbacks in the market of processing units, certain specific problems were arising which needed to be solved.

Owing to this particular demand, the company started organizing conferences all across the world, and the first such conference was organized in the year 2009. 

Since then, similar conferences have been held all across the world, and they are termed as Nvidia GPU Technology Conference.

Apart from serving the market of processing units, the company also operates in the field of the programming interface, motherboard, central processing unit, etc. 

Main Differences Between Firestream and Nvidia 

  1. Firestream is a term referring to a specific technical product range by an American company, while on the other hand, Nvidia in itself represents an American Multinational company working in the field of technology. 
  2. Firestream was launched in the year 2006, while on other hand, Nvidia was founded in the year 1993. 
  3. Firestream is a product by an American company named Advanced Micro Devices, while on the other hand, Nvidia it’s a product by Nvidia Corporation. 
  4. Firestream focuses mainly on the processing units of computers, while on the other hand, Nvidia’s focus is both processing units and other software accessories as well. 
  5. Firestream and Nvidia, both having their headquarters in Santa Clara, California, differ from one another in terms of the range of operations carried out in the revenue generated. 


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