Difference Between Qualcomm Krait and Nvidia Epyc

In any computer hardware system, a CPU that is the central processing unit happens to be the most important part as it not just defines the direction in which the system shall be navigated

but also helps in pertaining certain commands to the system.

In the market of central processing units, two products have recently been launched by two different companies, namely Qualcomm Krait and Nvidia Epyc,

and because of the tough competition between these two, it becomes crucial to know what they entail. 

Qualcomm Krait vs Nvidia Epyc 

The main difference between Qualcomm Krait and Nvidia Epyc is that the former is basically a very popular central processing unit launched by Qualcomm, while on the other hand, the latter is another similar product launched by Nvidia. Although both of these products fall into a similar line of the genre but still differ in terms of their characteristics and the companies that manufacture them. 

Qualcomm Krait vs Nvidia Epyc

A very popular technology company based in San Diego, California, Qualcomm had come up with the idea of a new central processing unit known in the year 2012.

This particular product was launched as being a CPU based on a universally recognized system known as ARM. This product in itself is a big competitor to all other similar products in the consumer market. 

But on the other hand, another very popular tech company based in Santa Clara, California, Nvidia, has been one of those companies that have introduced dynamic products into the market from time to time.

The Epyc Is one of such revolutionary products launched by this particular company, and it has earned for itself a unique name since the time it has appeared in the market. 

Comparison Table Between Qualcomm Krait and Nvidia Epyc 

Parameters of Comparison Qualcomm Krait  Nvidia Epyc 
Definition  It is a very popular central processing unit manufactured after the inclusion of multiple Snapdragon projects. It is another popular central processing unit manufactured after the inclusion of multiple microprocessing units. 
Launched by This particular product was launched by Qualcomm. This particular product was launched by Nvidia. 
Launched in This central processing unit was launched in the market in the year 2012. This central processing unit was launched in the market in the year 2017.  
Codenaming  No particular code naming has been done for this product. The microarchitecture of this product has also been coded as Milan. 
Based on Based on reduced instruction set computer architecture manufactured by ARM. It is based on companies own micro-processing architecture. 

What is Qualcomm Krait? 

Having its headquarters in the San Diego city of California, The United States of America, Qualcomm is one of the biggest companies when it comes to manufacturing hardware and software products in the entire global market.

Although the company is based in the United States of America, the operations of this company are extended in almost all parts of the world. 

In the year 2012, the company came up with the idea of manufacturing their own central processing units with the name of Qualcomm Krait.

However, this product is not a new one in itself and has basically succeeded another product line of the same company but still going by the name it has earned in the consumer market. It can still be considered a revolutionary product. 

This product is based on reduced instruction set computer architecture manufactured by ARM. This particular architecture allows companies to adopt A similar architecture

and then subsequently license such systems to some other third-party owners.

In other words, this particular architecture can be simplified as being the one that is basically bought from another company and then implemented on the original products of Qualcomm. 

What is Nvidia Epyc? 

Nvidia is a very popular American tech company that provides services both in the field of software as well as hardware, and this particular Santa Clara-based company has been in the market

of manufacturing such products for so long and has earned quite a name for itself. 

Recently the company has announced that it is soon going to launch a successor product for its very popular range of central processing units known as Epyc.

A central processing unit happens to be a very crucial part of the entire computer system, and this company has specifically focused upon manufacturing such central processing units that are compatible

with almost all the systems available and are also carrying multiple attributes with them. 

The microarchitecture on which this particular product is based happens to be owned by the company itself, and popularly this microarchitecture is also known as Zen microarchitecture.

The company has coded this particular product with a very popular name that is Milan, and this product is all set to bring new variants to the market and capture a huge market chunk. 

Main Differences Between Qualcomm Krait and Nvidia Epyc 

  1. Qualcomm Krait is a very popular central processing unit including multiple Snapdragon systems, while on the other hand, Nvidia Epyc is another central processing unit manufactured by a different company. 
  2. Qualcomm Krait is a product of the company Qualcomm that is based in San Diego, while on the other hand, Nvidia Epyc is a product of a company that is based in Santa Clara. 
  3. Qualcomm Krait was launched in the year 2012, while on the other hand, Nvidia Epyc was launched in the year 2017. 
  4. Qualcomm Krait works on the infrastructure known as reduced instruction set computer while on the other hand, Nvidia Epyc works on the architecture provided by the company itself 
  5. Qualcomm Krait does not have any other coded name, while on the other hand, Nvidia Epyc is also known as Milan. 


The market of technological products is blooming every day, and there are a lot of companies that are fighting the race to capture the biggest share of the consumer market when it comes to products like hardware and software.

A very crucial part related to any computer system happens to be a central processing unit, and this particular product is manufactured by many companies on a very wide scale. 

A very common example of such rivalry in the market can be seen between the products of Qualcomm and Nvidia, known as Qualcomm Krait and Nvidia Epyc.

While on the one side, these two products are very different from one another as they are based upon different microarchitectures,

it can still be a different task to differentiate between these two as the differences tend to be very technical. 


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