Difference Between HP ZBook and Dell Precision

HP ZBook and Dell Precision are two different kinds of laptops given out from two different manufacturers.


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They vary in many features and have got their pros and cons that depend on the company that manufactures them.

People tend to look at everything from their price to how long they last and their features before purchasing them.

HP ZBook vs Dell Precision

The difference between HP ZBook and Dell Precision is that HP ZBook has a Core i7 processor while Dell Precision has a Core i5 processor. This means that HP ZBook is a high-end laptop that provides easier use and is fast while in use whereas Dell Precision being Core i5 is the version before the i7 and hence has its drawbacks in case of the speed and efficiency of use.

HP ZBook vs Dell Precision

HP ZBook is an easily usable laptop released by the hardware manufacturers HP. The laptop follows the basic features provided by HP for any of their laptops.

From the latest upgrade of the Windows software to the storage space in the laptop, each of these is given care while the laptop is being designed before releasing it.

It has a greater number of battery cells when kept beside other manufacturers.

Dell Precision is a laptop manufactured by the hardware manufacturers Dell. Their laptops are always sought after due to their affordable price and latest features.

Without a doubt, even though the number of battery cells is low, their efficiency caps the speed and capacity of most others. With a classic dimensional design, Dell Precision has minimal space wastage.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHP ZBookDell Precision
Company of ManufacturingHP Inc.Dell
Solid State Drive (SSD)512GB256GB
Number of Battery Cell96
Year of Release20132021

What is HP ZBook?

HP ZBook is a workstation that is easily categorized as a laptop introduced in the year 2013 by HP Inc.

They offer features that are the top of their kind thereby giving the product an edge in the market.

It has a Core i7 6th generation processor that aids in its speed of use and doesn’t lag while the user is working on it.

It might need periodic upgrading to ensure that the processor can perform its best at all times.

It has an 8GB Random Access Memory(RAM) which is pretty decent for enough storage space asked by the user.

But if the user needs additional storage space, they can always purchase a hard disk that has storage as high as 1TB.

But unfortunately, HP ZBook doesn’t come along with a hard disk and it has to be purchased.

Since its manufacture time, it has been installed with Windows 10. This itself is a great advantage.

Windows 10 offers the best of all to the HP ZBook as it had been the latest upgraded Windows series.

The SSD of the HP ZBook is 512GB. SSD stands for Solid State Drive that is a storage device.

SSD uses an integrated circuit that is arranged in a specific manner within which all the additional data is stored.

HP ZBook has a regular screen dimension or width which is slightly larger than the older HP laptops.

The screen size is 15.6 inches and the resolution is a standard 1080p.

This laptop model is commonly referred to with a series of numbers beside the model name.

Therefore HP ZBook is also called ZBook 15 G3. This is the model name.

It is lightweight and easy to carry around. It weighs about 2.6kg.

The premium colors available are in black and this has been since the time of its production from HP.

It has no inbuilt ethernet connection and the Bluetooth version is version 4 and not too advanced.

There are no touchpads on the laptop and internal mics are absent. Therefore the user would have to get speakers.

There is a single USB port and an SD card reader.

What is Dell Precision?

Dell Precision is a laptop introduced in the year 2021, May by Dell manufacturers.

It has a Core i5 11th generation processor that helps in its upgraded version of most of the features that it hosts.

The model name of the Dell Precision is Precision 7560 which is commonly referred to as the name of the laptop.

It comes along with a classic 8GB RAM and has a hard disk that is complimentary with the laptop.

This hard disk gives the user ample amount of space to store data without having to delete any previous files.

With a regular display screen size of 15 inches and a standard resolution of 1080p, Dell Precision is sought after by users as it’s pocket-friendly.

It is a Windows 10 Operating System and it helps in speedy processing of the system.

It has to be upgraded once in a while to keep its efficiency intact and to make sure the laptop lasts for long.

It weighs less than the previous models released by Dell. It weighs 2.4kg.

The classic color of Dell Precision as produced at the time of manufacturing is grey.

The material that is used for the creation of the laptop body is usually aluminum.

The number of battery cells in the Dell Precision series is comparatively less and is 6. This is low when put beside other laptops of the same manufacturers.

It has a 12MB cache capacity and therefore the need to clear the cache often doesn’t come up here.

The Bluetooth version of Dell Precision is more recent and is 5.2 and there is also an Ethernet connection available.

The touchpad is available and so is a webcam. Due to the presence of an inbuilt webcam, an internal mic is also present in Dell Precision.

It also has additional speakers that come as a pair.

There is a larger number of USB ports in Dell Precision and is 4. This is not common as most laptops have only 2 ports.

It has an HDMI port too that helps in connection with another device or TV.

Main Differences Between HP ZBook and Dell Precision

  1. While the screen size or the display screen of Dell Precision is just 15 inches, that of HP ZBook is slightly bigger and is 15.6 inches.
  2. HP ZBook has an Intel Core i7 6th generation processor while Dell Precision has an Intel Core i5 11th generation processor.
  3. The cursor or the pointer movement in Dell Precision is with the help of a touchpad whereas a touchpad is not available with HP ZBook and a mouse has to be bought.
  4. HP ZBook has a storage SSD of 512GB while Dell Precision has an SSD of 256GB.
  5. Dell Precision has a Bluetooth version of 5.2 while HP ZBook has a version of 4.
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