Difference Between HP Zbook and Dell XPS

Many American technology companies produce a variety of electronic gadgets, including computers, laptops, and other related items.

HP and Dell are two well-known American tech businesses that offer a variety of product models with different characteristics depending on the user’s needs.

HP ZBook is a brand of notebook computer of the Hewlett-Packard company. However, Dell XPS is a series of high-tech laptops manufactured by Dell company. Both the devices have excellent specifications meeting users’ requirements.

HP Zbook vs Dell XPS

The main difference between HP Zbook and Dell XPS is that HP Zbook was launched by HP company in 2013. However, Dell XPS is an older model of Dell that came out in the market in 1993. Moreover, HP Zbook is a compact, thinner, and lighter device than the Dell XPS model.

HP Zbook vs Dell XPS

HP Zbook is a notebook for users which came into the market in 2013. Manufacturers launched three series (HP Zbook 14, 15, and 17) of HP Zbook in the first year.

The first notebook of the Zbook series worked on Windows 7. This notebook has better graphics and is best for professionals and gamers.

Dell XPS was initially launched in the market to fulfill the requirements of large businesses. Over time, it evolved into a device for both corporate and personal use for better marketing and services.

Earlier it was a perfect fit for gamers which got replaced by a series of Alienware (tech manufacturing company now owned by Dell).

Comparison Table Between HP Zbook and Dell XPS

Parameters of ComparisonHP ZbookDell XPS
PurposeHP Zbook is designed for gamers and professionals with the best graphics.Dell XPS is designed for personal work after Dell acquired Alienware for gaming.
Released InHP Zbook came into the market in 2013.Dell XPS came into the market in 1993.
ResolutionHP Zbook has a lesser resolution than Dell XPS.Dell XPS series has better resolution.
DisplayHP Zbook has larger displays than the Dell XPS series.Dell XPS usually has a smaller screen.
ProcessorHP Zbook lacks Dell XPS in terms of processor.Dell XPS has the upper hand in processors.

What is HP Zbook?

HP Zbook is a workstation that looks similar to other laptops but is embedded with high-tech features for use at the professional level. HP introduced it in 2013 as an improved version of the HP Elite Book.

Unlike laptops, it is not merely designed for browsing but is for programming at an advanced level, making graphics, developing, and playing high-tech games.

Or in other words, it is a gamer, artist, and engineer’s laptop that want to store and process complex data. HP launched three series of Zbook (HP Zbook 14, 15, and 17) in 2013.

These all series have Intel Haswell dual- and quad-core processors to support heavy processing.

HP upgraded these models of Zbook yearly in terms of processors, Window compatibility, storage, RAM (up to 32 GB), and graphics (AMD and Nvidia professional). Zbook 14 series lacks RAM size (up to 16GB).

To keep the Zbook popular in the market, HP launched other series of Zbook such as Zbook Studio, Zbook Firefly, and Zbook Fury in 2020. These all series have similar specifications as the earlier series.

These small laptops are convenient and portable, and they don’t add any more weight to your bag. A series of touchscreen workstations are simple to use and operate, with quick access.

Experts who wish to utilize it don’t need to install any additional hardware, and it’s a good choice for personal use too.

What is Dell XPS?

Dell XPS is one of the company’s oldest and most well-known products, having debuted in 1993. When significant developments began in Internet’s world, it was geared initially for professional usage.

However, due to the lesser exposure of technologies in the business world, these laptops were more high-tech for the users. So, its popularity decreased in a short span.

Later, the Dell XPS series was launched into two series (for professional and personal use).

High-tech graphics and processors were embedded over time to make them more appropriate for engineers and gamers. These laptops were on par with Alienware computers in terms of technology.

Nonetheless, Dell purchased the Alienware brand. As Alienware laptops had the same features as Dell XPS, Dell XPS had to be revamped again to compete in the market.

These laptops also have 32 GB RAM and have high-tech processors (NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 Ti, and Intel Iris Xe).

The Dell XPS 13 and 15 are the best series that won many awards in the technological world. Furthermore, the Dell XPS 17 series has a larger display than other Dell models.

Even though this Dell series is no longer aimed at intensive data processing, it competes with workstations and notebooks.

Main Differences Between HP ZBook and Dell XPS

  1. HP Zbook came into the market in the current millennium in 2013. However, Dell XPS is one of the oldest models that came in 1993.
  2. HP Zbook is designed for complex works rather than merely browsing and enjoyment. On the other hand, Dell XPS is more for personal use.
  3. HP Zbook has a larger display size when compared to the Dell XPS series.
  4. HP Zbook has faster graphic cards for gaming and building projects. On the contrary, Dell XPS’s graphic cards are not for running advanced programs.
  5. Though HP Zbook operates on excellent processors, Dell XPS is a renowned model for having a good processor.


Both the American technology-based firms (HP and Dell) are competitors that are not leaving any stone unturned to sustain in the market for providing high-tech devices.

Both the companies are manufacturing these products that are compatible with the latest operating system (OS). The HP Zbook is a more advanced variant of the HP EliteBook, a lighter and smaller notebook.

These workstations are flooding the market with updated technology at affordable prices. However, Dell XPS is not behind these high-tech workstations in popularity as the Dell XPS series has been embedded with great technologies.

Dell’s all-time popular series Dell XPS 15 has won numerous awards because of its great technology.

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