Difference Between Asus Gaming Laptop and Dell Gaming Laptop

They both differ from each other on the basis of their weight and dimensions as well. Let us discuss the major difference between Asus gaming laptops and Dell gaming laptops in detail.

Asus Gaming Laptop vs Dell Gaming Laptop

The main difference between Asus gaming laptops and Dell gaming laptop is minimal which depends mostly on their size and weight. The other features could also be included such as the cost, warranty period, durability, batter support and other parameters as well.

Asus Gaming Laptop vs Dell Gaming Laptop

The Asus gaming laptops weigh some where around 5.3 lbs so they are a bit bulky choice and these laptops come with a Windows 10 operating system as well.

On the other hand, Dell gaming laptops serve a screen size of 15 inch along with 9th generation Intel core processor. The keyboard has a very soft palm rest as well but typing isn’t so fun on dell gaming laptop’s keyboard.

Comparison Table Between Asus Gaming Laptop and Dell Gaming Laptop

Parameters of Comaprison Asus Gaming Laptop Dell Gaming Laptop 
Origin  Asus is a Taiwan based multinational company which has gained a lot of reputation by providing good laptops with great service On the other hand dell is an American multinational company which is involved in repairing laptops and computers and other related products. 
Weight  Asus gaming laptops are not very heavy In the case of dell gaming laptops due to their classic design, they are a bit heavier 
Cost  Asus is quite a cheap brand as compared to dell and any other brand. On the other hand, dell is a costly brand but it is worth spending according to the features and warranty it provides to its users. 
Best for  If you want better style and portability then you must opt for Asus gaming laptops In case of normal works like storing data and entertainment choose dell gaming laptops. 
Available ports  In the case of Asus gaming laptops, there are two USB 3.0, HDMI, Kensington lock, Ethernet, headphone/mic port, one USB 2.0 are available On the other hand, dell gaming laptops come with an SD card slot, Noble lock, HDMI 2.0, one USB 2.0, RJ45, headphone/mic port and two USB 3.1 

Asus Gaming Laptop

Asus is a Taiwan based multinational company and the laptops are available with a very sleek faux aluminium exterior which is combined with red accents for providing a nice cyber aesthetics. The presence of brushed texture is very satisfying to touch and the cutout on the lid makes it even more attractive.

With a very decent weight of about 2kg, the laptop is designed in a very attractive style for its users. The Asus gaming laptops are available in a very decent dimension of 37 cm x 26.20 cm x 1.69 cm and it is also provided with a polymer battery.

Interior of the laptop has a simple yet attractive design with chunkier bezels but the sliced corners give it more of an appeal. Some of the best Asus gaming laptop are Asus zephyrus S17, Asus rog strix G15 etc.

Dell Gaming Laptop

Dell is a US-based multinational company which deals with computers and laptops and any other related products. Usually, the dimension ranges from 15 to 15.6 inches.

Dell gaming laptops also have an optional keyboard backlight and is made up of plastics. The color range is not so vast but the available colors are quite attractive such as recon blue, alpine white, grey etc.

Main Difference Between Asus Gaming Laptop and Dell Gaming Laptop

  1. For better style and portability, you must opt for Asus gaming laptops and if you are a normal user then go for Dell gaming laptops.  
  2. Asus is a Taiwan based multinational company, on the other hand, Dell is a US-based multinational company.  


The weight of Asus gaming laptops is not as heavy as that of Dell gaming laptops because dell laptops have a classic design which makes them a bit heavier.

Both the gaming laptops have amazing features for their users individually and are budget friendly as well. Asus gaming laptops are more budget friendly as compared to Dell gaming laptops but you can have the best gaming experience in your budget with both the laptops.


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