Difference Between LED and QLED

A similar word is being confused by the people who consider both items to be the same. People often considered both LEDs and QLED to be the same; there is no difference between them.


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Key Takeaways

  1. LED (Light Emitting Diode) TVs use a backlight behind an LCD panel to produce images, offering energy efficiency, slim designs, and vibrant colors.
  2. QLED (Quantum Dot LED) TVs use quantum dot technology to enhance color reproduction, offering higher brightness levels and a wider color gamut than traditional LED TVs.
  3. The primary differences between LED and QLED TVs are the use of quantum dot technology in QLED TVs, which results in superior brightness, color accuracy, and image quality compared to conventional LED TVs.


Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is a type of display screen that shows light when an electric current is turned on. It does not provide high picture quality. Its power consumption is less. Quantum LED is another type of display screen which uses semiconductor nanocrystals to release light. It provides high picture quality. The power consumed by QLED is more.


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LED also stands for light-emitting diodes. It is also a type of LCD TV that uses light-emitting diodes. Led tv backlight the display rather than cold cathode fluorescent lights, which are used in an LCD television.

QLED stands for Quantum dot LED television. A quantum dot is a display device that uses semiconductor nanocrystals and quantum dots to make pure monochromatic green, blue, and red lights.


Comparison Table

Parameter of comparison LED QLED
Meaning The word LED stands for light-emitting diodes. It also refers to small, efficient light that releases the light when the electric current passes through it.The word QLED stands for Quantum LED television. This display device uses semiconductor nanocrystals, which can make monochromatic green, blue, and red lights.
Picture quality LED does not deliver much higher quality pictures and color volume compared to QLED.It delivers a higher quality of pictures and good color volume than led.
Power consume LED consumes less electricity as compared to QLED.It consumes more electricity as compared to LEDs.
Expensive LED television is more expensive as compared to QLED.QLED television is less expensive as compared to lead.
Brightness level LEDs deliver more brightness in the picture without consuming more power.QLED could not deliver a minimum brightness level without consuming more power.
Contrast level LEDs can deliver sharper and rich color, great dynamic contrast, and wider color, and greater light intensity.QLED also delivers excellent contrast and bright white and true black colors, as in QLED, each pixel has its lights.
Technology LED uses technology just like the LCD television, which has light-emitting diodes to backlight the display rather than cold cathode fluorescent lightsQLED uses quantum dot technology to release light.


What is an LED?

The word LED stands for light-emitting diode. It is also called small, efficient light, which releases the light when the electric current is passed. It is very much different from CCFL backlit LCD TV in every way.

The leading technology behind the development of LED was back in 1960. At that time, some scientist was working on a chip of semiconductor material that soaks the impurities to a create-n junction or positive-negative junction.

It is used to believe that different techniques have been used. The three most commonly used edge-lit LEDs are white LEDs placed around the edge of the screen, which also spread the panel to light the display.


What is QLED?

The word QLED stands for quantum dots light-emitting diode. This television is treated as the modern generation television display, promoted by Samsung for the excellent newer and advanced LED television.

As the term suggests, this technology uses quantum dot technology to release the light by giving an extra layer of tiny particles before a regular LED backlight panel, which shows a better result in rich colors, dynamic contrast, color accuracy, and peak brightness.


Main Differences Between LED and QLED

  1. LED televisions consume less power and deliver maximum brightness levels. On the other hand, QLED could not deliver minimum brightness without consuming more power.
  2. LED television uses technology, just like LCD television. On the other hand, QLED television uses Quantum dot technology.

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