OLED vs QLED vs Neo QLED: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. OLED technology offers individually controlled pixels, resulting in deep blacks and an infinite contrast ratio. It provides excellent picture quality, wide viewing angles, and fast response times, but it can be more expensive and may have concerns about potential burn-in.
  2. QLED technology uses a backlighting system with quantum dots to enhance color and brightness. QLED TVs tend to offer brighter pictures and have a longer lifespan, with less susceptibility to burn-in. However, they may have slightly lower contrast ratios and narrower viewing angles than OLED.
  3. Neo QLED, a variant of QLED introduced by Samsung, combines quantum dots with mini-LED backlighting for improved contrast and better control over brightness zones. Neo QLED displays have higher peak brightness levels and enhanced gaming features. However, they may still have limitations with viewing angles compared to OLED.

What is OLED?

OLED is the abbreviated term for Organic light emitting diode, which is commonly used. It uses a technology where organic compounds emit light when there is a supply of electric current, creating accurate and vibrant colours. OLEDs are best known for their excellent image quality display, vivid colours, high contrast, and deep blacks.

The OLED display is flexible and thin, making them curved or bendable. The disadvantage of an OLED is that it may have a possibility of burn-in risk, although it is unnecessary and can be prevented with proper care.

What is QLED?

QLED is the abbreviated term for Quantum dot lightening diode. Unlike OLED display, the technology used in QLED is the quantum dots which emit light when hit by protons from the backlight. It helps give brighter and more vibrant colours than the traditional LED display.

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The display of QLED has a good contrast ratio, a good viewing angle, and a response time. These displays are a choice for gaming and sports viewing, as they can be found in high-end televisions.

What is Neo QLED?

Neo QLED is a type of QLED developed by Samsung that includes a light source called “quantum mini LED” and miniature quantum dots. The technology introduced helps enhance the display’s colour accuracy, brightness, and contrast.

It helped reduce the television’s size and brought the concept of thin displays to the market. The contrast ratio of a Neo QLED is good and has an excellent viewing angle from all the forms.   

Difference Between OLED and QLED and Neo QLED

  1. The display technology of OLED is Organic LED, the display technology of QLED is Quantum dot LED, and the Neo QLED, the display technology is the same Quantum dot LED.
  2. The contrast ratio of an OLED is infinite, which means they can display bright whites and perfect blacks simultaneously; the contrast ratio for QLED is excellent, but it is not suitable as OLED if compared. At the same time, Neo QLED has a reasonable contrast ratio with deep blacks.
  3. The display quality of an OLED is excellent as it has vibrant colours and deep blacks; the quality of both QLED and Neo QLED is good and has vivid colours and bright colours.
  4. In an OLED, no user experiences any distortion from any viewing angle, the same as in Neo QLED. While, in contrast, in QLED, off-center users might experience some colour shifts from the viewing angle.
  5. In OLED, a rare burn-in risk can be prevented if cared for properly. While in contrast, there is no such burn-in risk in QLED and Neo QLED.
  6. The refresh rate or response time of an OLED and Neo QLED is excellent. On the other hand, in QLED, the response time is not as good as in other.
  7. OLEDs are best for home theatre lovers, like Neo QLED, but the only difference is the priority of bright colours. In contrast, QLEDs are preferred by customers who like bright colours and high brightness.
  8. OLED and Neo QLED are expensive, while in contrast, QLED has a moderate price range.      
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Comparison Between OLED and QLED and Neo QLED

Parameter of ComparisonOLEDQLEDNeo QLED
Display TechnologyOrganic LEDQuantum dot LEDQuantum dot LED
Contrast RatioInfiniteExcellentGood
Display QualityDeep black and vibrant coloursVivid and bright coloursBright and vivid colours
Viewing AngleThere is no colour distortion at any angleFrom off-centre, the user might experience some colour shiftNo colour distortion at any angle
Burn-in RiskIt might be possible and is rareNot an issueNot an issue
Response TimeExcellentGoodExcellent
Ideal ForHome theatrePriority of bright and high brightnessHome theatre with bright colours
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Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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