Oura Ring vs Apple Watch: Difference and Comparison

IoT devices are small, wearable devices with many sensors that integrate virtual and real-world objects to increase comfort and reduce the waste of resources for humans.

IoT devices have been the latest trend in the health and fitness industry through which people can track their sleep, and daily activities, monitor their health, create emergency alarms, and many more.

Oura Ring and Apple watch are two fitness devices that give strong competition to each other. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Oura Ring and Apple Watch are wearable devices tracking health and fitness data.
  2. Oura Ring focuses more on sleep tracking and provides detailed insights into sleep quality and patterns. At the same time, Apple Watch offers a wider range of fitness tracking features and is more customizable.
  3. Oura Ring has a longer battery life and is more comfortable to wear while sleeping. In contrast, Apple Watch has a larger display and offers more advanced features like cellular connectivity and mobile payments.

Oura Ring vs Apple Watch

An oura ring is a smart ring designed to track sleep, blood oxygen levels and health. The ring has high-quality sensors and an accelerometer to collect data. It is linked with the Oura health app in Android and Ios. An Apple watch is a smartwatch designed for health, fitness and message updates. It comes with an OLED screen that displays activity and fitness data.

Oura Ring vs Apple Watch

Oura Ring only tracks sleep, day, and night activities by collecting the data from arteries. It is a wearable ring, more lightweight than other ordinary rings.

The Oura ring is linked with the Oura health app both on Android and Apple phones. The Ring gives more reliable information than other medical devices, collecting data using high-quality sensors, accelerometers, and infrared light. 

On the other hand, the Apple Watch is a smart wearable wrist device with features similar to a mobile phone. It connects with mobile applications to send health and fitness data collected from the blood oxygen sensor.

It also has a family setup to get information about children’s location without a phone. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonOura RingApple Watch  
Type  It is the smart ring to track sleep and recovery It is a smartwatch to get updates about health and fitness and notifications from mobile.
Battery lifeSeven daysEighteen hours
Health score meritsReadiness, sleep, and activityExercise goals, calories burnt, and movement.
FeaturesIt captures body temperature, heart rate, sleep, activities, and calories. It captures heart rate, sleep, calories, activities, navigation, GPS, alarm, phone notification, music, emergency call, find the phone, and many more.
SpecificationWater-resistant, Bluetooth connectivity, support android and iOS, wireless charging, lightweight up to 4 to 6gmsWater-resistant, Bluetooth, wifi, NFC connectivity, supports only iOS, OS X/MAX, OLED touch screen. 

What is Oura Ring?

Oura Ring is the sleep-tracking product of Oura Health Technology Company. It is a Finland-based company that aims to improve human living.

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The founders of the company Kari Kivela, Markku Koskela, and Petteri Lahtela, launched its first and best-known sleep tracking ring-Oura Ring, in 2015.

Oura Ring has advanced sensors like photoplethysmography, infrared light, NTC temperature sensor, and accelerometer that capture data about body temperature, activity and burn calories and sends them to the Oura mobile application.

The application has simple to use and understand. The device delivers insights into data from arteries and not from the wrist. 

It has a minimum weight of 4-6 grams that captures data as per body movement and activities. It scores the health and potential of a person by measuring sleep, readiness, and activities.

When a person is asleep, his body will be in a consistent state, and this time is best to capture the health condition.

The Oura ring captures data during sleep such as Heart rate, variability in heart rate, sleep mode, respiratory rate, body temperature, sleep time and the quality of sleep, and body movement during sleep.

The Oura ring monitors sleep activities and daytime activities and provides expert guidelines to maintain good health. It helps a person perform his daily activities with a physically, emotionally, and mentally fit body.

oura ring

What is Apple Watch?

Apple Inc. is an unbeatable brand in the market for features, design, security, and privacy. The first hardware product-Apple Watch, was launched on April 24, 2015.

It is wearable health and fitness device with a customizable timepiece. Apple watch has similar characteristics like changeable watch bands, Watches, Digital Crowns, and OLED screens but with different designs. 

The Watch bands come in different colors with a sliding mechanism. The latest watch band is the Solo Loop which can be stretched over the hand.

The Digital Crown is the home button used to switch to Siri with a long press, navigate apps by scrolling the wheel, and double-click to switch back to the last app.

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The activity monitoring tool will monitor activities using the heart rate sensor and accelerometer.

The results are shown using the activity health ring with targeted exercise goals, calories burned, and the hours a person took to start. It allows users to share their activity results with friends and challenge them.

The activity app will reward users; the gym centres use the “Apple Watch connected” to reward their customers.

There is a family setup mode that helps to connect family, especially kids without a phone. It helps to get their location automatically.

The watch also has a school-time mode with a do not disturb setting. Apple also released a subscription-based fitness+ service that helps users get health and fitness updates. It also tracks sleep and helps to set sleeping goals.

It also has an emergency calling service during hard times. It measures overall wellness using the blood oxygen sensor. It also helps to take ECG at any time and anywhere.

A cellular screen will help to get updates with messages, and phone calls, listen to music and track health without a phone.

apple watch

Main Differences Between Oura Ring and Apple Watch

  1. Oura Ring collects data from arteries to track day and night activities. Apple Watch is a smartwatch that gathers health data from blood oxygen.
  2. Oura Ring measures the body temperature, while the Apple Watch does not.
  3. Oura Ring requires phone connectivity to get updates about health and recovery, while the Apple Watch has an OLED screen that displays health and fitness data on the watch itself.
  4. Oura Ring’s battery life is seven days, and the battery life of the Apple watch is eighteen hours.
  5. Apple watch has a family setup to get alerts and the location, while the Oura ring does not have such features. 
Difference Between Oura Ring and Apple Watch
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Last Updated : 05 July, 2023

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