Difference Between LED Lights and Halogen

Lighting is a very importantecially in the surgical room, where it pla Earlier, Halogen was used everywhere by everyone for any surgical purpose, but then it was noticed that it may not be the best option as it has certain disadvantages too.

Few disadvantages were the less reliability, more energy requirement, more heat production, and many more, then Led Lights came into power.

Led Lights vs Halogen

The main difference between Led Lights and Halogen is that Led Light has more advantages when it comes to efficiency, reliability, and many more. They also differ when it comes to the Lighting Color Temperature, where also Led Lights are wining. It also produces less heat in comparison to Halogen. Led Lights are brighter and clear. Halogen only has one advantage over Led Lights, which is less costly than it.

Led Lights vs Halogen

Led Lights are the light that emits light when current flows through them. Photons energy is released when electrons are recombined with the electron present in the semiconductor.

It is also called a halogen lamp. When compared to any other light (especially Led Lights), halogen lights are less reliable and require more energy to produce light, and it is less efficient and produces more heat.

Comparison Table Between Led Lights and Halogen

Parameters of ComparisonLed LightsHalogen
ReliabilityMore reliableLess reliable
Lighting Color temperature4300K4000K
HeatProduce Less heatProduce More heat
EfficiencyMore efficientLess efficient
CostMore expensiveLess expensive

What is Led Lights?

Led or Light Emitting Diode is an electric light that produces light using the minimum energy. It is considered a more eco-friendly and affordable light.

Advantages of Led Lights are:

  1. Energy-efficient and long-lasting: led lights are used more nowadays, and the main reason behind it is that it requires less energy and with the same energy it can be bright as same as the light which uses more energy and sometimes, even more, brighter than them.
  2. Smart home upgrades: they come in a variety, especially for the home. There is an up-gradation in lighting since Led has been introduced.
  3. More affordable: if the price of led lights had been high, then all the uses and pros it have over bulb or light would have been gone in vain, but that is not the case at all.
  4. No toxic components: led lights contain any toxic components such as mercury which is very common in other bulbs or lights.  

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What is Halogen?

It is a type of incandescent lamp that uses halogen gas, and that’s why called Halogen light. They are best known for their efficiency, affordability, and quality of light.

When compared to Led lights, it has certain disadvantages, but still, it is far better than the other lights available in the market and is very much affordable.

It has certain advantages and disadvantages too:

  1. Advantages: One of the best feature or advantage it has that makes it the best choice is that it comes in a variety of bulb’s shapes and sizes, making it a very convenient option, it is good where varying light levels are needed, etc.
  2. Disadvantage: it has disadvantages such as its life period is very short, it produces so much heat, it is sensitive to vibrations, and uses more energy, etc.

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Main Differences Between Led Lights and Halogen

  1. While the Lighting color temperature of Led Light is 4300K, that implies it produces more white and cooler light than the Halogen whose temperature is 4000K.
  2. Led Lights also do not produce more heat resulting in less environmental depletion, whereas Halogen when compared, produces more heat.
Difference Between LED Lights and Halogen


Halogen and Led Lights both are very similar to each other, but with all the above-mentioned differences, there is no doubt how both of them are not the same.

Although it is said that Led Lights are way better than the Halogen, but still it depends upon the need of the individual for what purpose it is required, and if Halogen can fulfill that purpose, then it might be a good option as it is less costly than the Led Light.

Most of the medical facilities have both of these systems so that at the time of emergency, they could choose what they think is the best.


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