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Difference Between WWI and WWII (With Table)

The epic wars that the whole world had faced are the First World war (WWI) and the Second World War( WWII). The First world war was fought from 1914 to 1918. The second World War was fought for six years since 1939. These are the largest military conflicts that the human race has witnessed till now.

The intention to conquer more territories and colonies were major reasons. Also with the motive of domination of the ideologies, there were severe wars. But still, there are many theories which help to understand the other causes if the wars.


The main difference between WWI and WWII is that the first world war was fought with the motive of acquiring territories and colonies hence imperialism was the cause whereas the second World War was based on the domination of ideologies like Fascism, Nazism, and communism.


Comparison Table Between WWI and WWII (in Tabular Form)

Parameters of ComparisonWorld War IWorld War ll
Duration of the warThe world war 1 started in the year 1914 and lasted till 1918.The second world war started in the year 1939 and lasted till 1945.
Conflict betweenThe first world war was between the Central Powers and the Allied Powers.The second World War was fought between the Axis powers and the Allied powers.
GenocideThe Americans were forced to genocide by the Ottoman Turks.The Jews and Romans made the German Nazis commit genocide.
American PresidentWoodrow Wilson was the President of the US during the first World War.Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman served as the Presidents during the second World War.
Weapons usedThe first world war used machine guns, poisonous gases.The second world war used modern machines like ships, planes, tanks, etc.


What Was WWI?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Austria was assassinated on 28th June 1914.  This was a greater trigger to start the war. After the assassination, Austria and Hungary tried to invade Serbia and achieved it. In the meantime, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France were invaded by Germany. Hence Russia started to attack Germany. Hence the war started. The world nations divided themselves into ‘The Central Powers’ and ‘The Allied Powers’.

 The countries Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria formed the Central Powers.  The Allied powers group in the earlier times consisted of France, Britain, Russia, Italy, and Japan. In the year 2017 U.S joined the Allied Powers. The whole war was making Europe as the target. As a result of the war, there were losses of many casualties.

At the end of the war, the Central Powers were defeated. To prevent further conflicts, the League of Nations was formed. But the war did not cease here. The first world war became a major reason for the beginning of the Second World War. The notable end of the First World War was Paris Peace Conference and The Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919 happened to bring peace in the world. But it seemed to be a failure when the Second World War began.


What Was WWII?

The unfinished wrath of the First World War the major reason for the Second World War. There were major happenings in the Pacific, Africa, and Europe. The most prominent person known in this World War is Adolf Hitler. The punishments that he gave to his foes can never be forgotten in History.

Apart from him Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco from Italy and Spain respectively were other notable leaders who had always been leading the war. Hitler supported Nazism and Francisco supported Fascism. These ideologies marked the major cause of the war. Because after World War 1 Japan became a democratic country and they went to the extent of declaring war on the U.S as they needed the large raw resources for their industrial growth.

Then German became a Nazism country with Hitler as it’s leader and Italy turned to Fascism. Thus a great conflict was created. The second World War saw a huge loss that can not be retrieved for a long time. But the weapons used in the were well developed when compared to the previous war. Atomic bombs were used which created a huge loss of life and property. During this war many deadly diseases like Tuberculosis, Cholera started to spread which also resulted in loss of life.

Main Differences Between WWI and WWII

  1. World War 1 was fought between the countries with the motive of acquiring territories and colonies whereas the second world war was based on the domination of the ideologies like Communism and Fascism
  2. The Napoleon wars led to the outbreak of World War 1. But the predecessor of the Second World War is World War 1
  3. World War 1 led to the burst of the world war 2. After the second world war, there were cold wars
  4. H. H. Asquith (1908-1916) and David Lloyd George (1916-1922) served as the Prime Minister of Britain during the First World War. Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of Britain during World War 2
  5. The economic climate during the First World War was quite fine. But the outbreak of the Second World War caused great depression where people had to approach other national leader for their life



Though both the world wars have a lot of differences they do share some points in common. Both the wars had a huge loss of casualties. Because of the wars the world economy became a question mark to be raised. After the wars had ended there hasn’t been any other war.

Rumours were pondering everywhere regarding the third world war. But it seems to be impossible. When thinking of another war, the loss of the casualties and the aftermath of wars are to be in the mind while declaring a war. But there have been military attacks in many places. Each country is striving to keep the peace amongst its people. After the United Nations was set up there has been justice in the world. The UN has also made up to take care of the world’s peace.


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