Difference Between Nike Revolution 5 and Adidas Duramo 9

Nike Revolution 5 and Adidas Duramo 9 are two shoes from two of the world’s popular brands – Nike and Adidas respectively. There have often been arguments regarding which one is the best. To answer it honestly, it is more of a personal preference. There are a lot of factors that decide the popularity of a brand. Some might prefer style while others might prefer comfort. Hence we need to choose accordingly.

To choose the one which is the best fit for us, it is important to know which quality is prioritized by which brand. Let’s see and discuss some detailed features of these above-mentioned sets.

Nike Revolution 5 vs Adidas Duramo 9

The main difference between Nike Revolution 5 and Adidas Duramo 9 is that they belong to two different brands. Adidas is a much older German brand and Nike is a comparatively new American brand. People from different parts of the world prefer them accordingly. Overall, Nike is cheaper than Adidas.

Nike Revolution 5 vs Adidas Duramo 9

Nike Revolution 5 is popular for its stunning and innovative design. They are a great fit for sunning shoes to match our outfits. The best part is that one can customize the designs according to their wish. It is made of polyester, cotton, and rubber. It excels in creativity.

On the other hand, Adidas Duramo 9 is mainly popular for its durability. The manufacture is based on boost technology. It means the pallets are compressed and molded. They excel in their midsole cushioning. They are the best choice for comfortable and durable running shoes.

Parameters of ComparisonNike Revolution 5Adidas Duramo 9
PriorityIt focuses on the quality of the shoe.It focuses on the creative design of the shoes.
OriginManufactured by an American company.Manufactured by a German company.
DurabilityIt is a very tough shoe as well however, less durable than AdidasAccording to customer reviews, it has great durability and is a very strong shoe.
MaterialThe outer soles, use rubber and provide great traction.It uses palettes that are compressed and molded. This is known as Boost Technology.
CostIt is cheaper than Adidas.It is cheaper than Nike.

What is Nike Revolution 5?

Nike Revolution 5 is a shoe from the brand Nike which is high in demand. It possesses a lot of attractive features at a sober price, being a highly valued brand. It prioritizes innovation and design to attract customers. Hence it is an excellent choice for the fashion freaks.

The brand Nike is the largest shoe manufacturer in the whole wide world. It was founded in 1964. The name is derived from the Greek goddess of victory which is a really interesting fact. Formerly it was named “Blue Ribbon Sports.”

One of the great features of Nike shoes is that they can be customized. Thus we can match them with our outfits just perfectly. They are made of rubber, cotton, and polyester. They never fail to provide a stunning look.

It considers itself to be under sports shoes and the cool factor hence does not seem to have variations. They choose to collab with and only with sports personalities, Christiano Ronaldo for instance.

What is Adidas Duramo 9?

Adidas Duramo 9 is a very popular shoe from the brand Adidas. It has become so popular because it solely focused on the needs of the customers. Its main priority was to provide the utmost comfort and support. Hence is the best choice for sportspeople who choose comfort over style.

The cool factor is a very plus point for this brand. It tends to tempt a lot of customers for its cool factor. This term refers to the collaboration with celebrities. Adidas did a great approach in this field by collaborating with Kanye West and Beyonce. This has been a great trend and approach to attract customers.

The brand Adidas was founded in 1924. Earlier was known by the name “The Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.” Later on, it was divided due to the split of two brothers. This led to the foundation of two ever-popular shoe companies known as Adidas and Puma.

This shoe promises quality over quantity. The price is a bit high but it is worth it. It is the perfect running partner which looks stunning with profer fit casual costumes. Overall, according to the survey, Adidas is the most loved shoe brand.

Main Differences Between Nike Revolution 5 and Adidas Duramo 9

  1. The most distinct difference between Nike Revolution 5 and Adidas Duramo 9 is the quality in which they excel. Nike Revolution 5 focuses on the quality of the shoe. Whereas, Adidas Duramo 9 focuses on the creative design of the shoes.
  2. Nike Revolution 5 is manufactured by an American company. Whereas, Adidas Duramo 9 is manufactured by a German company.
  3. Considering the durability, Nike Revolution 5 is a very tough shoe as well however, less durable than Adidas. Adidas Duramo 9 has great durability and is a very strong shoe.
  4. The outer soles in Nike Revolution 5 use rubber and provide great traction. Adidas Duramo 9 uses palettes that are compressed and molded. This is known as Boost Technology.
  5. Last but not the least, cost. Nike Revolution 5 is cheaper than Adidas Duramo 9. However, the qualities it provides are worth it.


They are two recognizable brands for a long time and they still hold popularity. Both excel in different quality and it depends on the user’s choice. Financially considering, Nick is considered to be the ruling company. However, based on the customer review, Adidas is more durable and comfortable. Either of them is a great choice as running shoes however people have their personal preference.

The cool factor plays another important role in the shoe business. Customers have their own favorite role models and that affects the market. Overall, these two do not have very much difference from shoes. However, they undergo very tough competition in the market because of their constantly increasing popularity.


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