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Difference Between Nike Tanjun and Downshifter

Buying a shoe today is not just a question of comfort but a question of status and fashion as well. Therefore, it becomes very crucial to select the one that is most suitable.


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Nike Tanjun and Downshifter are two types of shoes marketed and sold by the same company, but there are a lot of differences that lie between these two shoe ranges.  

Nike Tanjun vs Downshifter 

The difference between Nike Tanjun and Downshifter is that the previous one is a shoe of its own kind with a comparatively narrower toolbox and ventilated design, but on the contrary, the latter denotes another range of shoes of the same company known for certain features such as its suitability while running. Apart from this principle difference, there are certainly other differences that can be marked easily between the two. 

Nike Tanjun vs Downshifter

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Nike Tanjun is known in the market of sports shoes as a shoe range that revolutionized. The whole market of shoes because of its comfortable yet unique technology.

The shoe happens to be really ventilated and provides the person a very comfortable experience. It not only helps in running. but in other kinds of movements as well and this very use of this shoe.

In every aspect makes it very popular among customers. Downshifter is another range of shoes marketed by Nike itself, but it carries a whole different range of features in it.

And by looking at all those features, this shoe can be distinguished from other shoes easily. This shoe basically is a shoe perfect for people looking for running shoes.

Because the kind of cushioning and sole this shoe has, makes it a great pick for running and other fast walking movements.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Nike Tanjun Downshifter 
Launched in The shoe range was launched in the year 2015 in the month of December.  The shoe range was launched in the year 2017 in the month of June.  
Specialty  The shoe is known for its cushioning and comfort-providing technique during all types of movements. The shoe is mostly known for cases where a running shoe is needed.  
Specific meaning  The shoe represents simplicity because the term Tarjun that has been used in it means simplicity in Japanese. No specific meaning has been assigned to this shoe.  
Comfort  Provides comparatively less comfort Provided comparatively more comfort 
Cost  Less expensive  More expensive  
Durability  It is durable but lacks certain features.  It is a highly durable shoe 

What is Nike Tanjun? 

Nike launched a product range of shoes in the year 2015 in the month of December known as Nike Tanjun. The shoe became easily popular in the market of consumers.

Because it was suitable for almost all kinds of people. Whether a person is looking for a running shoe or a shoe for light exercises, this shoe proved to be the most useful one. 

A very unique feature of this shoe is that it is so light that the person who is wearing it cannot even feel its added weight to his/her feet. Apart from this, the cushioning of this shoe makes it a unique.  

The shoe is suitable for almost all kinds of people all the purposes they seek to achieve. The ventilation does not let the sweat stay in the shoe and thereby provides a hygienic experience.

However, there is one issue with the shoe that the toe box of this shoe is very narrow and therefore causes pain sometimes.  

What is Downshifter? 

Launched in the year 2017, Downshifter is a whole different range of shoes. It has been marketed by Nike as running shoes that are the most comfortable ones available in this range.

The shoe was advertised for its most comfortable cushioning and padding because eventually. All these features make it easy for the person to wear them and run. 

A very important and significant point that has been marketed about this shoe. At a very high level is that many popular runners and athletes have guaranteed that is very comfortable and unique.

This thing has gained this shoe many consumers. The shoe has a very wide toe strip and therefore makes it easy for the person to roam freely without any pain. 

The shoe provides a great grip for people who like to run in adverse conditions and therefore is a good one in this category. Apart from this feature, the shoe also provides a light weighted.

Experience and thereby lets the user roam around without any particular harm.  

Main Differences Between Nike Tanjun and Downshifter 

  1. Nike Tanjun was launched in December 2015, while Nike Downshifter was launched in the year 2017 in the month of June. 
  2. Tanjun is known for its premium quality during all types of movements of the person, while Downshifter is known as a premium running shoe. 
  3. Downshifter provides more comfort as compared to Tanjun. 
  4. The cost of Nike Tanjun happens to be slightly less than Downshifter because the latter provides a whole set of unique features to the buyer. 
  5. The durability of Tanjun happens to be less as compared to Downshifter because of certain shortcomings such as less comfort etc. 


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