Nike Tanjun vs Roshe: Difference and Comparison

Nike is one of the companies in the field of manufacturing athletic shoes in the market. The company is based in America, and it got its company name after a Goddess of Victory in Greece.

The company started its business more than half a century before in this sector of manufacturing apparel, shoes, sports equipment, etc.

They have launched many series of shoes in men’s and women’s footwear, which are available in different colors and sizes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nike Tanjuns offers a minimalist design, emphasizing simplicity and comfort, whereas Roshes focus on a combination of style and performance.
  2. Tanjuns feature a lighter construction than Roshes, providing a more comfortable experience for casual wear and light physical activities.
  3. Roshes have a thicker sole and additional cushioning, making them more suitable for various athletic activities and offering better support and durability than Tanjuns.

Nike Tanjun vs Roshe

Nike Tanjun and Nike Roshe are two different sneaker models from Nike. The Tanjunis a Nike sneaker model, whose name means “simplicity” in Japanese, is known for its minimalist design and comfort. The Roshe is also a Nike sneaker inspired by the concept of Zen, is recognized for its superior cushioning, making it a popular choice for both running and everyday wear.

Nike Tanjun vs Roshe

The company launched Nike Tanjun in the year December 2015. The shoe is more like an athletic shoe with a style and color variant. The color options are quite limited.

The manufacturing material of the shoe is mesh-like and very seamless. However, the shoe’s comfort level is less compared with the Roshe.

Roshe is another collection launched by the company but before the Tanjun collection. They released it in the year January 2012. The collection was specially designed for men.

The color variety for the collection is very large, which makes it more popular among the customer as it goes now and then casual look.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike TanjunRoshe
Launched In December 2015January 2012
Series ForWomenMen
Variety of colorsUp to 5 colorMore than 15 color
Width of shoeRegular sizeMedium size
Shoe Fit May varyPerfect size
Pull-Up loopAbsentPresent
Fabric MaterialSeamless fiberMany stitched panels are present
Traction AbilityLessMore

What is Nike Tanjun?

Nike Tanjun is a shoe collection specially designed by the company for women’s wear. After the release of the shoe collection in the year December 2015, their popularity was on the verge.

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The collection of the shoe is focused on casual wear or everyday collection.

The shoe collection possesses a very good quality fabric material. They have a heel on the sole, which is reported to be uncomfortable.

The collection has a limited variety of color variants available in the market. The traction ability of the shoe is not good as Roshe’s.

This is because of the presence of a sole manufactured by the rubber, which lessens the ability.

The shoe size of the collection comes with the general size along with that they may vary with the actual sizes. And thus, they are meant only for a short distances and indoor athletics work.

nike tanjun

What is Roshe?

The company launched the collection of Roshe in the year January 2012. The collection was designed for men especially keeping them in mind.

The appearance of the shoe is a bit more athletic, along with the casual look. The customers rated the collection with immense love and popularity.

The width of the shoe comes with a medium size, and they are very true to the size manufactured. They also have a feature of pull-up loops that are two in number.

The appearance of the shoe has multiple panels of stitches.

The shoe collection comes in a wide variety of colors, making them more affordable and loved among customers. The appealing appearance of the shoe made it ready to go with almost every casual outfit.

The aesthetic range is made with a super cool statement.

nike roshe

Main Differences Between Nike Tanjun and Roshe

  1. The Nike Tanjun shoe collection was launched in December 2015, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the Roshe shoe collection was launched in January 2012.
  2. The Nike Tanjun series was meant for the women’s collection, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the Roshe series was meant for the men’s shoe collection. 
  3. The color variety provided in the Nike Tanjun shoe collection is limited and up to 5 in number, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the color variety provided in the Roshe shoe collection is even more than 15 colors.
  4. The shoe size or width of the shoe in the Nike Tanjun comes in regular size, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the shoe size for the Roshe comes in medium size.
  5. The feature of pull-up loops in the shoe was absent in the case of Nike Tanjun, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the feature of pull-up loop is present in the Roshe collection and is two in number.
  6. The material used in the making of the Nike Tanjun shoe is the seamless fibre and mesh structure, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the material used in the making of the Roshe shoe seems to have different panels of stitching over it.
  7. The traction ability provided by the Nike Tanjun is less, whereas comparatively, on the other side, the traction ability provided by the Roshe is more. 
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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8 thoughts on “Nike Tanjun vs Roshe: Difference and Comparison”

  1. The comparison of Nike’s Tanjun and Roshe collections provides valuable insights for consumers looking to make informed purchasing decisions. The attention to detail in the article is commendable.

  2. The focus on comfort and style in the Tanjun collection versus the emphasis on performance and cushioning in the Roshe collection reflects a nuanced understanding of customer preferences. Nike seems to have a deep understanding of their target market.

  3. The variety of colors and the specific target audience for each collection shows a thoughtful approach to design and marketing. It’s clear that Nike values both aesthetics and performance in their products.

  4. The distinct characteristics of the Tanjun and Roshe collections really highlight the diversity within Nike’s range of athletic footwear. It’s intriguing to see the unique selling points of each collection.

  5. It’s impressive to see the level of detail and consideration that goes into creating athletic shoes like the Tanjun and Roshe. The differences in traction ability, materials used, and target demographics all contribute to the distinct identities of these collections.

  6. The release dates of the Tanjun and Roshe collections offer insight into the evolution of Nike’s offerings over time. It’s interesting to see how the company adapts to changing trends and customer preferences.

  7. The detailed descriptions of the material, color variety, and traction ability in both the Tanjun and Roshe collections demonstrate the thorough approach that Nike takes in product development. It’s clear that no detail is overlooked in their design process.

  8. Nike has really made a significant impact in the athletic shoe market, especially with the introduction of their Tanjun and Roshe collections. It’s interesting to see the differences in design and functionality between the two.


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