Nike Tanjun vs Adidas Cloudfoam: Difference and Comparison

Impossible is nothing, so do it. Adidas and Nike are very known in the sports community. Athletes are always looking out for new and better versions of their shoes that provide them with more comfort and improve their performance.

These two brands have always been the go-to choices of athletes and consumers in general, who have been known for their quality.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nike Tanjun has a minimalist design, lightweight foam sole, and a breathable upper, making it ideal for everyday wear and exercise.
  2. Adidas Cloudfoam has a soft, cushioned sole, a supportive upper, and a stylish design that offers superior comfort and performance.
  3. Nike Tanjun is more affordable and accessible, while Adidas Cloudfoam is more durable and offers better traction for outdoor activities.

Nike Tanjun vs Adidas Cloudfoam

Nike Tanjun is a sports shoe that is designed with a slim upper to give a simple and modern look. The material is made of mesh to offer lightweight feel and comfort for the feet. It is great for casual wear. Adidas cloudfoam is built with a foam pad technology that offers superior comfort and for different activities. It is made of Ethyl vinyl acetate.

Nike Tanjun vs Adidas Cloudfoam

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The Nike Tanjun is a gift from the brand, the runners’ regime. It is well-ventilated, well-cushioned for the tiring sole, and shock absorbent and lightweight, allowing all sorts of movements.

The shock-absorbance ensures no leg injury, and you may have a more excellent running experience.

The Adidas Cloudfoam are extremely lightweight and comfortable shoes that are the food for your athletic soul. They have a seamless toe box outsole traction and are cushioned to make your experience the most comfortable, light, and easy-going on your toes and your sole.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike TanjunAdidas Cloudfoam
VentilationIt is highly ventilated.It has low ventilation.
Shock absorptionIt has the feature of shock absorption.It has low shock absorption.
Toe boxOne of its disadvantages is that it has a narrow toe box.One of its many advantages is that it has a seamless toe box.
Foam qualityIt has a durable foam sole.It has excellent foam quality that provides a soft sole and lightweight shoe.
MaterialThe Nike Tanjun is made up of a synthetic Mesh material.The Cloudfoam is made up of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) compound.

What is Nike Tanjun?

The Nike Tanjun is the most sport-suited look of its brand. It has a fashion-forward look that appeals to the eyes of the consumer and first attracts them. It is simple and provides extreme comfort for that intense workout.

It has the feature of shock absorbance that provides the support needed to protect one from hurting their feet.

It is well-ventilated so that your shoes do not retain too much smell from sweating after strenuous exercise. It is lightweight and makes one feel like they are not even wearing them.

The Nike Tanjun has been well cushioned to allow your feet to feel maximum comfort so that no blisters form. Users have reported its feel to be soft and smooth.

It is also said to be very affordable and thus appeals to a wider portion of consumers. Due to their stylish look, one feels extremely good while wearing them as they are bound to receive compliments about them, and they look good while sweating makes for a certain charisma.

 Not everything can be perfect, so even the Nike Tanjun has shortcomings. It has a narrow toe box that makes for painful toe movement and sometimes small sizes that narrow its consumer base.

nike tanjun

What is Adidas Cloudfoam?

The Adidas Cloudfoam holds to its name. It is light as a cloud and feels soft like foam. No one likes sore feet after running or doing any exercise. But users have reported that their feet don’t feel much sore after using the Adidas Cloudfoam.

It is a performance sneaker, meaning it is meant solely for running, but the Adidas Cloudfoam can be used for various sports. It is lightweight and has comfort unlike any other.

It has a seamless toe box that allows more effortless movement for your toes, and the outsole has a solid grip that does not let you slip and fall quickly.

They have great cushioning, and the Cloudfoam technology becomes a part of your soul as it moulds into the shape of one’s foot to give them the utmost freedom of movement and comfort. It has a great look too.

Although, it is at a disadvantage sometimes, with its mesh lining, as that does not provide ankle support. It also does not have arch support which can sometimes be problematic for the user. Other than that, it is a snug fit, soft and smooth design that its users love.

adidas cloudfoam

Main Differences Between Nike Tanjun and Adidas Cloudfoam

The toe box is the main difference between the Nike Tanjun sneakers and the Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers.

The Nike Tanjun is at a disadvantage as its toe box is narrower, and the Adidas Cloudfoam has a more seamless and comfortable toe box for better movement. Other differences include:

  1. The Nike Tanjun has a better ventilation system than the Adidas Cloudfoam.
  2. The Nike Tanjun has 4 different special editions made whereas the Adidas Cloudfoam has only 1 special edition.
  3. The Nike Tanjun has the feature of shock absorption. The Adidas Cloudfoam exhibits the same feature but not on the same magnitude as the former.
  4. The Nike Tanjun comprises a synthetic mesh material, while the material Cloudfoam comprises EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) compound.
  5. Although both are incredibly durable and comfortable, the most obvious difference is that they belong to two different brands, and thus their quality may differ.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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