Difference Between Nike Pegasus and Adidas Ultra Boost

The journey becomes good when one sports good shoes. So, it becomes essential that the feet remain comfortable enough especially while indulging in athletic activities.


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For this reason, arises the requirement of selecting the perfect running shoe. The Nike Pegasus and Adidas Ultra Boost fall under this category of shoes.

Nike Pegasus vs Adidas Ultra Boost

The difference between Nike Pegasus and Adidas Ultra Boost is that the former has higher level of cushioning than the latter as it uses React foam which provides more energy return and is comparatively softer. The newest versions of the two running shoes have distinct upper material, outsole material, and even varying weights.

Nike Pegasus vs Adidas Ultra Boost

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The Nike Pegasus was first introduced in 1983 by the company, Nike. It was named Pegasus after the winged half-horse, to represent its rapidity and swift movement.

The newest model named Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38, released in 2021 is said to be a durable shoe meant for everyday training.

Whereas, the first Adidas Ultra Boost was launched much later in 2015. Boost technology marked a revolutionary change in the sneaker world as it brought along with it energy return facility making it the greatest shoe of its time.

But with newer technologies coming to the fore, the newest version of the Ultra Boost seems to be lagging.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike PegasusAdidas Ultra Boost
DefinitionIt is a sneaker manufactured by Nike.It is a sneaker manufactured by Adidas.
UseThis is more preferable for lighter training and daily use.This is preferable for runs of longer duration.
ComfortIt uses react foam in its midsole making it softer and providing more energy return.This is less comfortable despite having a cushy midsole.
MaterialIt has the upper made of mesh which makes it more performance-based, but less breathable.It is made up of Primeknit which is more breathable but less durable.
Launch yearIts latest version weighs 261 g which makes it lighter.Its latest version weighs 312g.

What is Nike Pegasus?

First released to the world in 1983, Nike’s Pegasus was deemed to be the shoe for all the runners. Named after the winged half horse, it was designed in a way that made the wearer feel as if they are walking on air.

It claimed to be the first shoe that had an Air Wedge, a heel-only air unit, making it a really good shock absorber.

As the years rolled by, newer and better versions like Air Pegasus Racer, Air Trail Pegasus, and Air Zoom Pegasus were released. The latest update in the Nike Pegasus uses react foam which increases the comfort as well as provides a greater energy return facility.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus has a zoom airbag that is thicker compared to older versions. It is made up of a mesh upper material.

This comparatively harder material makes it more performance-based. Sporting a plush midsole and a wider toe box, the sneaker caters to the runner’s comfort requirements.

The sneaker has a high cushioning facility that provides a bouncy feel. It has a semi-detached tongue under the lacing area that makes it a snuggly fit devoid of any crinkling around the midfoot.

It also makes one’s feet go in and out easily. It has a Flywire lacing system.

nike pegasus

What is Adidas Ultra Boost?

Launched in 2015, Adidas’s Ultra Boost made a revolutionary mark in the shoe world. The Boost technology was created to bring together a cushioning that is soft and responsive.

With the advent of Boost, the former EVA foam took a hit, as this new technology brought a midsole made up of thousands of expanded particles aimed at providing an excellent energy return.

Over the years, it launched new updates of the same. The newest being Adidas Ultra Boost 5.0 released in 2021.

It has a one-piece prime knit upper material which gives it a sock-like fit. The material is very soft, comfortable, and extremely breathable.

The ultra boost uses ARAMIS motion capture technology. The same technology was earlier used by NASA for examining the structural integrity of space-shuttles.

This allowed the Adidas team to spectate the strain and tension on the runner’s feet.

Therefore, the foam used is truly comfortable but at the same time, not too cushy. Also, the sneaker does not have easy access.

The opening of the shoe is smaller and tighter. The tongue of the sneaker too isn’t free.

It is attached to the sides making it difficult for the wearer.

adidas ultra boost

Main Differences Between Nike Pegasus and Adidas Ultra Boost

  1. Nike Pegasus is a running shoe that is manufactured by the company Nike whereas Adidas Ultra Boost is a sports shoe manufactured by Adidas company.
  2. Nike’s Pegasus is easy to wear as it has a wider and more comfortable in and out opening whereas Adidas’s Ultra Boost has a small and tight opening making it difficult for the wearer.
  3. Even though Ultra Boost uses super comfy cushioning, the newest version of Nike Pegasus uses react foam that provided higher cushioning and increased energy return.
  4. The upper material of Ultra Boost is made up of prime knit making it extremely breathable and soft whereas the upper material of Nike Pegasus is made up of mesh which makes it harder.
  5. The latest version of Nike Pegasus seems more durable than the latest model of Adidas Ultra Boost as the former has a wider toe box.
  6. While the first Pegasus shoe was launched in 1983, the first model of Adidas Ultra Boost came out in 2015.
Difference Between Nike Pegasus and Adidas Ultra Boost
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