Difference Between Nike Pegasus and Asics Kayano

We have a purpose for everything, and it is not worth it until the purpose is meant. When it comes to sports shoes, the major goal is to improve performance, legibility, and durability.


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Our gears must be set up in such a way that we are compelled to offer our all. They must participate in the process alongside us.

Here are two such companies whose shoes are outstanding instances of perseverance. They are both highly valued and accepted by the athletes. Let’s have a look at what makes them stand out.

Nike Pegasus vs Asics Kayano

The difference between the Nike Pegasus and the Asics Kayano is that the Nike Pegasus has a different sole system than the Asics Kayano. The Nike Pegasus features a solid supportive fit in the heel as well as a full-length zoom air unit. Asics Kayano sports flexible sole and reflective materials on the rare section, which increases the likelihood of it being detected.

Nike Pegasus vs Asics Kayano

Nike releases the first Pegasus sneaker in 1983. The Air Pegasus was the first model. The shoe was created with all types of runners in mind.

Since then, Nike has continued to evolve its style and unique mechanisms to provide optimal comfort to runners.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36, Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2, and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trial are a few of the other shoes in the collection.

Mr. Toshikazu Kayano designed the Asics Kayano, which was released in 1993. The shoe was created as a running shoe to allow for extended periods of running. Asics’ KAYANO is one of their best-selling models.

The shoe’s objective was to allow the wearer to comfortably cover vast distances. The Gel Kayano 28 is the most recent addition to the series.

It incorporates flyte foam blast cushioning, a revolutionary technology that improves its stability.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonNike Pegasus Asics Kayano
Launched 19831993
Brand Nike Asics 
Midsole React foam for optimal cushioning, lighter, durable.Flyte foam blast cushioning(SPACE TRUSSTIC technology)
Latest-modelNike Air Zoom Pegasus 37Asics Kayano 28
Technology Padded airbag unit that provides cushion to the forefoot.Dynamic Duomax technology for long runs.

What is Nike Pegasus?

Pegasus, often known as the ‘peg,’ has progressed in terms of aesthetic and comfort since its debut in 1983. When it comes to sports shoes, Nike is at the top of the list.

Nike’s sports shoes stand out due to the ingenious and one-of-a-kind mechanism used to construct them. The Pegasus was the result of a collaborative effort by fifteen very skilled individuals.

The name Pegasus is symbolic; it is derived from the Greek word for horses (winged); consequently, the shoes have such potential. It’s been that way since the beginning.

Nike has been worn by famous athletics and pre-mature athletes all over the world, and the company’s contribution to sports footwear is immense.

Throughout the year, Nike has been the top shoe architect, and with its Pegasus series, it has carried the mark one step further with this sturdy shock-absorbing shoe for longer runs.

The zoom airbag unit in the forefoot is a game-changer, and the midsole has evolved significantly from its initial model.

Now, they have included react foam in the midsole, which is lighter and more durable, and it supports you for the additional mile.

The incorporation of smooth streamlined design, aerodynamic design, and breathable upper mesh into its shoe has resulted in an incredible sneaker.

With its sensitive cushioning, outer lugs, and supportive fit it is an excellent choice.

What is Asics Kayano?

In 1993, Mr. Toshikau Kayano created the first Kayano series shoe. The shoe was created to get you started on a long-distance, comfortable run.

This is one of the brand’s best-sellers. The shoe was created as part of a project to create a hybrid shoe that will be used for cross-training.

That includes professional runners for long distances as well as individuals training in the gym.

The latest Asics Gel Kayano 28 model is tough, featuring a super cushioned sole that protects your ankles and knees.

They claim that runners with low arches are a good fit for the shoe, whilst runners with high arches are not. They also include a top mesh layer for ventilation.

And a flexible sole for a longer stride, as well as a new addition to their midsole, the flyte foam blast cushion technology, which supports you during your long run.

They feature dynamic duo max technology to give ultimate stability and comfort. This technology is implemented in the midsole to facilitate a smooth and springy landing.

Their gel cushioning technology aids in the reduction of landing shock. They are long-lasting since they employ spEVA as durable material.

The insole or sock liner is foam, while the outsole is cushioned and has a good grip. They use space trusstic technology, which increases stability.

Main Differences Between Nike Pegasus and Asics Kayano

  1. The Nike Pegasus debuted in 1983, while the Asics Kayano debuted in 1993.
  2. Nike Pegasus is manufactured by Nike, and Asics Kayano is manufactured by Asics.
  3. The Nike Pegasus midsole employs react foam for optimal cushioning, reduced weight, and durability, whereas the Asics Kayano midsole features Flyte foam blast cushioning.
  4. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is the most recent model in the Nike Pegasus series, and the Asics Kayano 28 is the most recent model in the Asics Kayano series.
  5. For extended runs, Nike includes a padded airbag unit that provides cushioning to the forefoot, whereas Asics Kayano utilizes Dynamic Duomax technology.
Difference Between Nike Pegasus and Asics Kayano


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