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Difference Between Nike Pegasus and Winflo

When it comes to choosing Sport shoes, Nike tops the list. Nike shoes are always in great demand, and they are highly rated by customers.


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Nike Pegasus and Winflo are neutral running shoes by Nike. Nike Pegasus is the oldest running shoe by Nike, whereas Winlflo gained its reputation as being budget-friendly. They both are different in some or other ways.

Nike Pegasus vs Winflo

The difference between Nike pegasus and Winflo is that they are different in the design of their soles and tongues. Apart from the Nike pegasus, they differ in comfortability, stability, cushioning, and weights. Nike pegasus, because of their more cushioning, is a bit higher priced than Winflo. The stability is better in Winflo than in Nike pegasus.

Nike Pegasus vs Winflo

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Nike Pegasus is a neutral running shoe by Nike. They are comfortable, cool, and breathable shoes, totally suitable for everyday runs.

They have many available colors such as White, Grey, Pink, Black, etc. They are more cushioned and have a wider space for toes. They weigh 10.2 oz. They are more priced than Winflo.

Winflo is also running shoes by Nike, which are more traditional and budget-friendly. They are very stable and have a wide performance range.

They weigh 10 oz and are less cushioned than Nike Pegasus. They have Air Zoom Unit as midsoles, and they are lightweight and comfortable.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike PegasusWinflo
Upper UnitAvailable in a variety of widths from narrow to extra-wide, Nike Pegasus has a long, padded tongue and is more secure and performance-oriented.With a partial sleeve, which makes the insides smooth, Winflo has missing heel-lock lacing, which makes it less sucre and less comfortable.
OutsoleThey have comfortable outsoles that are always black in color.They also have the same material used as pegasus, but they come in different colors also other than black.
MidsoleThye have responsive and lightweight air zoom units with  added that they have more amount of cushioning and are thus softer and squishy than winflo 7They have less cushioning than pegasus but have better stability.
WeightNike pegasus weight a bit more than Winflo in weight majorly due to cushioning that is around 10.2 ozWinflo has not much difference in weight and is just around 10 oz in weight.
PriceNika pegasus is more comfortable, new react midsole, and is more responsive, thus more pricey.Winflow is a bit less pricey because of less some added features of Nike pegasus.

What is Nike Pegasus?

The oldest running shoe series by Nike is comfortable and durable running shoes. The current version of Nike Pegasus is 38. These highly cushioned shoes are ideal for everyday runs and daily training.

They have a great balance of cushioning, and they offer a lot of comfortable and softer feel. Stability is less because of the cushioning, but the ride transitions are much smoother and have a larger airbag in the forefoot.

With an accommodation toe box that has a wider space for toe and heel lock lacing eyelets, they are more performance-oriented and much more secured.

They come in long and padded tongues, and they are sleeved. They also have various widths that be extra wide or narrow. With better fit, durability, more responsiveness, and superior upper, Nike pegasus is much more preferable and highly rated.

nike pegasus

What is Winflo?

From being budget-friendly to its versatility and stability, Winflo running shoes are much more kind of agile running shoes. The latest version of Nike Winflo is 8.

They weigh 10 oz, and the tongue is lesser in them. They have a slightly larger forefoot Zoom Air Unit and are quick in transitions.

Over time, the Eva midsole cushioning in Winflo can lose and thus less durable than Nike pegasus. While stability is better in Winflo, it also comes with a partial sleeve making the insides very smooth.

They have a shallow toe box which is not very uncomfortable, but the ventilation is average.

Though they have almost the same features as Nike Pegasus, they are a bit less pricy and more traditional. So if someone is looking for a versatile training shoe, Nike Winflo can be chosen.


Main Differences Between Nike Pegasus and Winflo

  1. Nike Pegasus weighs slightly more than Winflow and weights 10.2 oz, whereas Winflo weights 10 oz
  2. Nike Pegasus lugs are square in design, whereas Winflo has horizontal curved lines.
  3. Nike Pegasus has longer and more padding in the collar, whereas It is less in Winflo.
  4. Nike Pegasus is more cushioned soles, and they are softer and squishy, whereas Winflo has traditional, less cushioned soles.
  5. Nike has new features such as a newer react midsole and is more responsive, thus more pricey, whereas Winslow is a traditional, agile running shoe having good stability and is less priced.
  6. Nike Pegasus is more durable and responsive, whereas Winflo is less responsive and less durable in comparison to Pegasus.
  7. Nike Pegasus is softer and more cushioned, thus less stable, whereas Winflo has a better stability.
Difference Between Nike Pegasus and Winflo
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