Nike Benassi vs Kawa: Difference and Comparison

Slides are a form of footwear that has a giant and very thick base made of normal materials of footwear and is surrounded by a thick strap on both sides of the top to let the feet in. Nike Benassi and Kawa are footwear in the form of slides. 


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Key Takeaways

  1. Nike Benassi slides feature a one-piece synthetic leather strap, whereas Kawa slides use a soft synthetic strap.
  2. Benassi slides offer a more textured footbed for enhanced comfort, while Kawa slides have a Solarsoft foam footbed for cushioning.
  3. Kawa slides are generally more lightweight and flexible compared to Benassi slides.

Nike Benassi vs Kawa

Nike Benassi and Kawa are Nike slide sandals. Kawa has a soft synthetic strap and a Solar-soft foam foot-bed, and it  is more minimalist and comfortable. Benassi has a one-piece synthetic leather upper with a textured foot-bed, and its design is more traditional.

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Nike Benassi is a pair of slides with a sporty and elegant design. The base of the Benassi slides is cushioned and soft to comfortably heal the feet. The strap of these slides is printed with the Nike logo and branding.

The pair of slides are known as Nike Benassi JDI.

Kawa is another pair of slides offered by Nike. The Nike Kawa has a firm and little hard base, and the slides’ strap is engraved with Nike’s brand logo. The branding is absent on the strap.

Many celebrity personalities also love the Kawa’s comfort level.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNike BenassiNike Kawa
MaterialThe Benassi slides are made up of a leather strap of synthetic material with jersey lining and foam fabric base.The Nike Kawa slides use a base with plush foam and a strap of soft leather.
Strap detailsThe strap of Nike Benassi slides offers the Nike logo and branding in some units.The strap of Nike Kawa slides only has the Nike logo printed over it and no branding is seen.
FeelingThe Nike Benassi slides have a soft padded and cushioned base to maximize comfort. The Nike Kawa slides have a firm base and a little hard padding and have some compromise.
ComfortThe comfort level of Nike Benassi slides is maximum. The Nike Kawa slides are also comfortable but they are unmatched with Benassi. 
ColorsThe Nike Benassi slides come in a broad color range of white, black, blue, oracle aqua, red and royal colors. The Nike Kawa slides come in black, blue, and baby pink color options. 

What is Nike Benassi? 

The Nike Benassi slides are a pair of highly durable, lightweight, cleanable, and very comfortable slides.

The Benassi slides are made up of a hundred percent synthetic materials, and the base of the slides is padded with cushions and made extremely soft for comfort.

The strap on the slides is also broad. The broad strap has a jersey lining, a more fabricated material to let the feet in. The Nike logo and the Nike branding are printed over the strap.

The Nike Benassi slides are available in both sizes for men and women. The base of the slides has a textured, uneven surface which is protective. The textured base prevents them from sliding on slippery surfaces.

The sturdy grip maintained by the slides makes it easier and more comfortable to avoid slipping. The impact protection is maintained by the foam midsole and outsole of the slides.

Their latest name knows as Nike Benassi JDI slides. The slides’ footbed is also soft and flat. In the middle of the slides, a small bump is present. They are slim, and their fit strap can also slim and shape the feet after long hours of usage. 

What is Kawa?

The Nike Kawa is a pair of slides that are also light in weight, easy to clean, and a . After all, a little durable in its use. The Nike Kawa slides are also structured like the Benassi or the Victori slides.

The Kawa slides are made up of synthetic leather that has a plush foam on the base giving it a firm feeling on the feet.

The Kawa slides have a firm and hard base. The strap used in the Kawa slides is broad and embossed with a Nike logo. The strap does not come with Nike’s branding. However, they are also a good pair of slides.

Just like the Benassi and its competitors,  the Nike Kawa slides are also protective against slipping on slippery surfaces.

This is also because of the textured and uneven designs on the outer base of the slides to prevent slippery friction between the surface and the slides’ base.

Unlike the Benassi slides, the Kawa slides have a little curved footbed and no bump in the middle of the slides’ structure.

The Kawa slides have another special featured slide called the Nike Kawa Shower slides, which are fully waterproof. Excessive use makes them loose.

Main Differences Between Nike Benassi and Kawa

  1. The Benassi slides have dots and Nike’s branding and logo on the base where the feet are kept, whereas Nike Kawa slides have curved boundaries on the base and the Nike logo in some cases.
  2. The footbed of the Nike Benassi slides is flat, whereas the Kawa slides have a slightly curved footbed.
  3. The Nike Benassi slides are slim and more comfortable to fit and shape the feet, whereas Kawa slides are for broad feet.
  4. Benassi slides have a middle bump, whereas Kawa slides do not.
  5. The Nike Benassi is priced at a little less than Nike Kawa, whereas Nike Kawa is priced a bit more than Benassi.

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