Queen Bed vs Double Bed: Difference and Comparison

Different types of beds are available in diverse shapes and sizes in the market. The widest and longest bed known is the King Size bed, while the Twin beds available are the skinniest or less wide in size.

The Queen size bed and Double bed are less wide than King Size bed and larger than Twin Beds available.

Key Takeaways

  1. Queen beds are larger than double beds, providing more space for two people to sleep comfortably.
  2. Double beds are smaller and more suitable for a single person or couples who prefer to sleep closer together.
  3. Queen beds are more expensive than double beds due to their larger size and added comfort.

Queen Bed vs Double Bed 

A queen bed is a large size bed where two people can sleep easily and comfortably. Queen bed is expensive. A queen bed is suitable for people with long height. A double bed is more suitable for a single person. Two people can also sleep on a double bed but have to sleep closer as the double bed is small for two persons. Double beds are suitable for children.

Queen Bed vs Double Bed

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Queen-size beds come with a wide length and space. That is why they are supposed to be best suited for couples. As they are wide and provides a width of extra 5 inches per person, also they are longer than double beds. The queen beds are quite expensive.

A double bed is referred a full bed in a slang way. The size of the bed is 54 inches and 75 inches which is wider than a twin-size bed, although the length is the same for both.

Double beds are supposed to be best suited for children and teenagers. It provides a width of 27 inches per person.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonQueen BedDouble Bed
Surface Area 4800 square inches4050 square inches
Dimensions 60 inches × 80 inches54 inches × 75 inches
Leg Center LegNo center leg
Mattresses ExpensiveLess Expensive
Placed In  Regular size roomSmaller room
ExpenseExpensiveLess Expensive
Best forCouples with long heightsChildren and Teenager

What is Queen Bed?

The Queen size bed is measured with a width of about 60 inches, and a length is about 80 inches. The surface area of a queen size bed is about 4,800 square inches. A person using a queen size bed will be able to procure a width of about 30 inches.

If a Queen size bed is compared to a twin-size bed, it is wide, about 21 inches, and in length, it is about 5 inches, but if compared to a double bed, the width is about 6 inches and in length 5 inches.

This extra space provided by the queen size bed helps a person to have a sound and calm sleep.

The queen size bed has an extra leg in the centre of its rectangular frame, providing extra support. The bed is placed in a guest, regular size, or in a master bedroom. It is supposed to be best suited for couples with longer heights than 5’5.

As the Queen size bed is longer than that of a double bed, customers have to pay a hefty amount for the accurate size of mattresses and sheets. Also, because of its larger width and size, the queen bed is quite expensive in the market.

queen bed

What is Double Bed?

A double bed is measured in width at 54 inches and 75 inches. The surface area of a double bed is about 4,050 square inches. A person using a double bed will be able to procure about 27 inches of width.

The size of the double bed is shorter compared to a Queen size bed, and it is bigger than a twin-sized bed available. Also, if a double bed is compared to a single bed, it has 15 inches more width than it. A double bed can be referred to as a full bed in a slang way.

Unlike a Queen-sized bed, a double bed does not have a centre leg in its structure to provide extra support to the frame. A double bed can be fitted in a spacious room as well as in a small room.

Earlier in the 1960s, it was believed that only two people could use a double bed.

But nowadays it isn’t the same as it can be used by a single or two or more people. A double bed is recommended for people with shorter height or about 5’5. They are best suited for children and teenagers.

As the double bed size is small compared to a queen-size bed, thus the mattresses and sheets for the same are easily available and affordable.

double bed

Main Differences Between Queen Bed and Double Bed 

  1. The surface area of the Queen size bed is about 4,800 square inches, while the surface area of the double bed is about 4,050 square inches.
  2. The size of the Queen bed is 60 inches × 80 inches, while the size of the double bed is 54 inches × 75 inches.
  3. In Queen size bed, an extra leg is present in the centre, which provides support to the bed, while in a double bed, there is no such centre leg for support.
  4. The mattresses and sheets for the Queen size beds are expensive as compared to that of a double bed, which are affordable and cheaper.
  5. A queen size bed requires a regular size room, while a double bed can also be adjusted in a small room.
  6. The price of a queen-size bed is quite high in contrast with a double bed. 
  7. It is supposed that Queen size bed is best for couples with longer heights, while a double bed is the best option for children and teenagers.
Difference Between Queen Bed and Double Bed


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Last Updated : 22 June, 2023

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