Watsons vs Sephora: Difference and Comparison

In the long run, the number of ordinary happiness and gorgeous items has proliferated. More than that, the former health food store course will soon attract people and provide quality contributions.

Perhaps, 10 to 15 years ago, ordinary high-quality goods in standard stores were largely unimaginable. Knowing skin care, wellbeing, and excellence purchasers is now the standard, and retail is adjusting.

Key Takeaways

  1. Watsons is a health and beauty retailer offering a wide range of products, while Sephora is a luxury cosmetics retailer focusing on high-end brands.
  2. Watsons has a wider variety of products than Sephora, including personal care items and pharmaceuticals, while Sephora focuses on makeup, skincare, and fragrance.
  3. Watsons operates primarily in Asia, while Sephora has a global presence with stores in over 30 countries.

Watsons vs Sephora

Watsons is a Hong Kong-based health and beauty chain with a focus on affordability and accessibility. Sephora is a French multinational chain of beauty stores owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, offering high-end beauty products with a focus on luxury and innovation. It operates over 3,000 stores in 35 countries.

Watsons vs Sephora

Watsons is a retailer of medical services and beauty care companies in Asia. Watsons continues to make guidelines in the well-being, well-being, and glorious market.

On top of its market-driven project scope, Watsons provides customized advice and suggestions on well-being, excellence, and personal considerations, so that customers feel good and feel good. Sephora is a French global retailer offering personalized and exquisite merchandise.

Sephora has nearly 3,000 brands and its brand Sephora Collection, providing exquisite products including beauty care products, skin care products, body care, fragrances, nail polish, excellent equipment, body moisturizers, and hair care products.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWatsonsSephora
FoundedWatsons was established in the year 1828 by A S Watson Group.Sephora was established in the year 1970 by the originator Dominique Mandonnaud.
HeadquartersThe headquarters of Watson is in Hong Kong.The headquarters of Sephora is in Paris, France.
Regions ServedChina, Hong Kong, Indonesia Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia.34 nations worldwide with an extending base of more than 200 stores across Asia Pacific area including Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.
ProfitWatsons has the profit numbers.Sephora has the benefit proportion.
MarketHong Kong retailer Watsons claims the biggest number of stores among China’s beauty care products corporate store.Sephora items are made particularly for the Chinese market. It is Sephora, with its long history as a beauty care products retailer.

What is Watsons?

Watsons are essential for the Health and Beauty Store chain of A. S Watson, the biggest wellbeing, magnificence, beauty care products, and perfumery retailer on the planet. Today, Watsons H&B Asia is the main wellbeing and magnificence chain in the landmass with fruitful activities in 13 business sectors.

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In 2002, A.S. Watson Group held hands with SM Prime Holdings Inc., the Philippines’ driving shopping center designer.

The tie has won Watson’s stores in SM Megamall and The Podium. Today, Watsons works 800+ stores in the Philippines serving more than 100,000 clients each day.

Watson’s endeavors to guarantee that their clients get the best incentive for their cash through month-to-month advancements, unique offers, and continuous purchaser advertising programs. Each storage facility of Watsons uses only the best brands from top manufacturers around the world and conveys the first-class private names and brands that it attaches great importance to.

Watsons has more than 1,000 brands, ranging from prescriptions, beauty care products, and fragrances to personalized items and general products. Store conveys unquestionably the best well-being, health, and magnificence answers for every single customer.

Watson has 36 pharmacies in the stores. Since to improve their medical care stage.

Pharmacies do not sell medical supplies but provide management services, such as drug dispensing, physical examination bundling, and even smoking cessation and minor illness guidance.


What is Sephora?

Sephora is a French global retailer offering personalized and exquisite merchandise. It has figured out how to use the best works of art and emerging brands on the planet.

The utilization of private names at Sephora is restricted rather than other uncommon retailers that have private name collections. Hence, Sephora goes about as a restorative promote and can pick the best and most astonishing lines and advancements from whichever brands have great contributions; dissimilar to retail chains where each brand controls the arrangement and is propelled to show a whole product offering.

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Another benefit of Sephora is that some of the extraordinary top brand products on display are only sold at Sephora. The Sephora elective offers a more available shopping experience that is intended to be low-pressure.

Retail collaborators are educated to abstain from the hard sell that retail chains depend on and on second thought work with every customer comprehensively to discover the items that match them best while venturing back on a case-by-case basis. This fact enables Sephora customers to choose their projects and their management; they have the opportunity to investigate the store like a pharmacy, without losing the quality brand, coaching exercises, and help of the retail chain.

sephora black

Main Differences Between Wastsons and Sephora

  1. The wellbeing and magnificence of Watsons opened 3,800 stores in central area China while Sephora’s fame extends 34 nations worldwide with an extending base of more than 200 stores across the Asia Pacific district including Australia, China. 
  2. Watsons’ industry deals with pharmacy health care and beauty care whereas Sephora’s industry deals with Consumer goods, personal care, and beauty products. 
  3. Watsons is headquartered in Hong Kong, while Sephora is headquartered in Paris, France. 
  4. The Watsons Group is even an individual from the world-renowned complex Changjiang Hutchison Holdings Co., Ltd. The group has five central organizations, while Sephora is not part of any organization. 
  5. Watsons doesn’t play a major role in digital media compared to Sephora, which plays a major role in the digital platform to expand their profit rate.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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