Difference Between Sephora Brand and Ulta Brand

Makeup can add a dash of confidence to your personality in the field of professional as well as personal. And we often depend on popular brands as our skin can react to unreliable products and brands. Sephora brand and Ulta brand are two one-stop destinations for makeup and skincare products. The two brands do not have much difference except a few. The reputation of both is circulated worldwide.


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Sephora Brand vs Ulta Brand

The difference between Sephora brand and Ulta brand is that Sephora only keeps a collection of luxury brands, but Ulta brand offers both drugstore brands and luxury brands, which means it has costly as well as an affordable set of products. Sephora is a much more spread brand than Ulta. Sephora has a worldwide presence, but Ulta does not.

Sephora Brand vs Ulta Brand

All luxury brands live under the roof of Sephora. You can get great deals on luxury branded products on the online platform of this brand. It is exclusively for luxury brands, and one can not find drugstore brands here. It is widely popular and present worldwide with a headquarter in Paris.

Ulta is a beauty chain, and its speciality lies in the fact that it includes both expensive and affordable cosmetics and other skincare products as well as perfume. It includes drugstore brands, and thus the product range of Ulta is very broad.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSephora BrandUlta Brand
Founded Sephora was founded in the year 1969.Ulta brand was founded in the year 1990.
HeadquarterSephora has its headquarter in Paris.Ulta has its headquarter in Bolingbrook, a village in Illinois, US.
ProductsSephora only has a place for luxury brands. Ulta features luxury brands as well as affordable brands products.
ExpansionSephora is available in 2300 stores worldwide, spread in 33 countries in total. It is focused in the US along with 1107 stores in Colombia and it also has 49 stores in America.
Drugstore brandsDrugstore brands are not available in Sephora.Ultra has drugstore brands on their selling list.

What is Sephora Brand?

It is a frequently heard, popular brand name. It is a multinational chain store. It assembles beauty products, personal care products and makeup products. It complies with around 300 different luxury brands under one roof for the convince of the customers.

Not only selling other brands products, but they also have their own produced products with their private label bearing the same name. The brand began its journey in the year of 1969. The first store was founded in Limoges of Paris.

The company does not deal in drugstore brands. One can not find affordably priced products in Sephora. Only luxurious ones find a place here. Later on, Sephora got incorporated with perfume products as well with the same name. Luxury brands such as Huda Beauty, Fenty Beauty, and Charlotte Tilbury can be found here but not in Ulta. Sephora offers their VIB members many facilities, and also their reward program is very much popular.

sephora brand

What is Ulta Brand?

Ulta is a beauty stores chain based in the United States. Before, it was known with the name Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. It started its journey in 1990 with having a headquarter in Bolingbrook of Illinois. Ulta offers skincare products and cosmetics. You can also get men’s and women’s perfumes under this brand.

The reason behind Ulta’s popularity is the fact that it keeps and offers the customer both expensive and affordable products. One can find luxury cosmetics and personal care products as well as affordable drugstore cosmetics and other products.

The wide presence in the globe of Ulta is not as wide as Sephora, but when it comes to the number of products, Ulta wins the race. They have around 1200 stores in America and are capable of offering over 20,000 products. The constant coupons and sales make the customer happy.

ulta brand

Main Differences Between Sephora Brand and Ulta Brand

  1. Sephora is an older brand than Ulta. Sephora was founded in the year of 1969, whereas Ulta brand was founded in the year of 1990.
  2. Sephora is spread worldwide in 33 countries, but Ulta is mostly limited to the US and America.
  3. Sephora has over 2300 stores scattered in the whole world. But Ulta has lesser stores available.
  4. One can not find drugstore brands such as NYX, L’Oréal in Sephora but Ulta offers a wide range of drugstore brands.
  5. The headquarter of Sephora is situated in the Paris city of France. On the other hand, the headquarter of Ulta is situated in Bolingbrook, a village in Illinois of US.
  6. Sephora is a place to assemble luxury brands only. However, Ulta offers a collection of luxury brands as well as affordable yet popular brands.
  7. Sephora assembles over 300 brands under one roof with over 17,000 products. On the other hand, Ulta has a collection of more brands. It has over 500 brands in its collection with around 20,000 types of products.


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