Difference Between Partial and Full Balayage

Switching the mane to the new hair color is a trend nowadays. Well, it can be done partially or fully. There are a lot of trendy hair color highlights which are preferred, and one of them is the low maintenance color, Balayage.


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Balayage is developed by a french hairstylist. It is a coloring technique that gives a natural highlight. While there are lots of benefits of balayage, it is great that it can be done both partially and fully.

Partial Balayage vs Full Balayage

The difference between Partial Balayage and Full Balayage is that Partial Balayage is applied to only some specific portions on the head, unlike Full balayage, in which highlights are done in the full head. Partial Balayage is preferred for those who want subtle changes in their hair, and it’s also less expensive than full balayage. For a big and radical change, Full balayage is preferred as the highlights are applied on the full head.

Partial Balayage vs Full Balayage

A freehand coloring process where only a portion or section on mane is highlighted and is known as Partial Balayage. Partial balayage is less time-consuming because it has fewer areas to be covered.

Generally, it focuses on the upper layer of the head that is around the face and also to the ends.

Adding color and highlights to the entire mane is known as Full Balayage. For any radical change and someone who wants full lightened hair, go for the full balayage.

Full balayage includes bleaching of all hair and excluding only 5-7 centimeters of hair from the roots. They are also time-consuming processes.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPartial BalayageFull Balayage
Hair StylingFor subtle changes in the hair, partial balayage is preferred.For radical changes in hair, full balayage is preferred.
RatesIt is obvious that partial balayage will require less hairdresser, so it’s less expensive.Coloring the full hair will obviously be more expensive than partial.
Time ConsumptionSince it is partial balayage, the time consumed is any way around 45 to 60 minutes.It requires time for three to four hours.
Coverage areaPartial balayage is coloring some highlighting parts of hair, and there is less highlighting mane.Full balayage involves coloring your entire mane.
BenefitsSome benefits of partial balayage are less damage, less expensive, low maintenance, etc.Some benefits of full balayage are versatility, great look, more options available, look great on fine hair, etc.

What is Partial Balayage?

Partial balayage is just like its name. Partially done means only some part of the mane is highlighted. The coverage area is less, and it’s generally the upper part of the head around the face.

Giving a super-subtle effect, balayage needs less maintenance and is also less time-consuming.

There are many benefits of full balayage such as less probability of getting your hair damaged, less maintenance, gives a soft and natural look, and also this all comes at affordable prices.

You can do partial highlights just in 45 minutes to 1 hour. Adding only the accents of brightness, partial balayage is a less visible change for your hair, and it is healthier.

Now, partial highlights also depend on how you do your hair because partial balayage is done only in some sections, and you don’t want that to look bad.

partial balayage

What is Full Balayage?

Full balayage is applying the highlights in the entire mane. It gives a more noticeable lift and a dramatic change in the look. Full balayage has more coverage areas, and it is time-consuming and usually takes three to four hours to get it done.

It is done in the full section of hair, leaving 5-7 cms from the root. It thus adds more brightness and creates a very radical change in his looks.

With more coverage area and more efforts, full balayage is a bit expensive and ideal for those who want their full hair to be highlighted without some constant maintenance.

There are certain benefits of doing full balayage, such as getting endless options, it is a versatile option, and moreover, it is simply great for fine hair.

One great benefit is that it doesn’t matter how you do your hair because whatever you do, like ponytails or braids, your hair color will always be visible.

full balayage

Main Differences Between Partial and Full Balayage

  1. Partial Balayage is applied to only specific portions of the mane, whereas Full balayage is done on the entire mane.
  2. Partial balayage has fewer coverage areas and is applied to the upper side of the head, whereas Full balayage has the whole head coverage areas.
  3. Partial balayage takes less time and effort, whereas Full balayage is time-consuming and takes about 3-4 hours to be done with more effort.
  4. Partial balayage is less expensive as less converge areas, whereas Full balayage is more expensive as there are more coverage areas.
  5. Partial balayage is done to have subtle changes in the hair, whereas Full balayage is done to have radical and dramatic changes.
Difference Between Partial and Full Balayage


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