Lipstick vs Lip Crayon: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. Form and Application: Lipstick comes in a tube and is applied directly or with a lip brush. Lip crayon comes in a crayon-like form and is applied by gliding it over the lips, allowing for more precise application and control.
  2. Texture and Finish: Lipstick has a creamy or satin texture and can have a range of finishes, from matte to glossy. Lip crayon has a slightly drier texture, with a matte or semi-matte finish, providing a velvety look to the lips.
  3. Pigmentation and Packaging: Lipstick offers a wide range of pigmentation options, from sheer to intense color payoff, and comes in tube or bullet-shaped packaging. Lip crayons provide medium to full coverage and have a retractable or twist-up mechanism, making them convenient and portable.

What is Lipstick?

Lipstick is a cosmetic product that aims to add colors and texture to the lips. The design of it is commonly in tubes. However, modern liquid lipstick comes in a small bottle with a wand for application. In the case of traditional lipsticks, one can apply them directly from the tube or by using a brush.

Lipsticks are prepared with a mix of wax, oil, and pigment. The ingredients also vary on the desired texture of the specific product. They can offer any finish, from glossy to matte to silk satin feel. The colors of lipsticks can be of any hue. It can be soft light colors to dark, dramatic lip colors.

Lipsticks have been a popular makeup item in various cultures for centuries. In ancient Egypt, lipstick was made with organic tints, while Queen Elizabeth I of England made red lipstick popular. It used to get made with manly cochineal and egg whites.

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With time several chemical components also found a place in the making process of lipstick. Now they are long-lasting and transfer-resistant. Nowadays, additional features such as SPF and vitamins.

What is Lip Crayon?

A lip crayon is a cosmetic and makeup product similar to lipstick, but it is shaped like a crayon. These are made with wax, oil, and pigment, which provide the color, and decide the finish. Being a matte or velvet finished product, these last on the lip for a longer time.

The pigments of the crayons are varied and can be made into colors suiting every skin tone. These are very easy to apply as they have pencil or crayon-type shapes and can be applied directly. The grip over its body makes the application easier.

The lip crayon is a relatively recent innovation and became popular as soon as they were released. Its affordable feature also makes it a favorite of many. They are readily available too on online as well as offline. One can also use it as a lip liner to define the lips for applying lipstick.

Difference Between Lipstick and Lip Crayon

  1. Lipstick traditionally has a creamy texture, whereas lip crayon has a solid, crayon-like texture.
  2. Lipstick is sometimes applied directly from the tube or with a brush. On the other hand, lip crayons are applied straight on the lips as they have a crayon or pencil-like shape.
  3. The finish or after-effect of the lipsticks can be varied. They can offer glossy, satin, and matte finish, but lip crayons deliver a matte or velvet finish.
  4. Lip crayons have a much more matte formula and are drier than lipsticks. As a result, lip crayons stay for a longer time than lipsticks.
  5. Lip crayons are a more affordable lip tint than lipstick.
  6. Lip crayons have high pigments; thus, the color range is limited, while lipsticks can have a more extensive range of colors.
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Comparison Between Lipstick and Lip Crayon

Parameter of ComparisonLipstickLip Crayon
TextureIt bears a creamy or waxy texture.It has a solid texture.
Wear timeIt depends on the brand and formula of the lipstick.It lasts for a long time.
PackagingIt comes with a standard tube package.It has a crayon or pencil-like figure.
Finish on lipsIt can offer a matte, glossy, or satin finish.It will offer a velvet or matte finish.
ExpenseThe price varies for different brands, but the price range is wide.It is a more affordable option.

Last Updated : 21 July, 2023

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