Double Room vs Twin Room: Difference and Comparison

Travelling to new places is an excellent source of relieving stress. People have a hobby of exploring new places.

When travelling alone or with friends or family, they need proper planning and strategies. Without planning things before leaving home can make the travelling experience worst than ever.

Before booking a hotel, all the information, terms and conditions, and reviews should be checked. Every hotel has different kinds of rooms, which may vary based on size, number of beds, price,  or facilities.

All this information is listed on the websites where a booking is made, so checking all the room details is advisable.

Key Takeaways

  1. A double room is a hotel with one large bed, suitable for couples or single travelers who prefer a larger sleeping space.
  2. A twin room is a hotel with two separate single beds to accommodate two travelers who prefer separate sleeping spaces.
  3. Both double and twin rooms are hotel room configurations, but a double room features one large bed, while a twin room offers two separate single beds.

Double Room vs Twin Room

The difference between a double room and a twin room is the number and type of beds they have. Every hotel has these two types of rooms and is mentioned on the website.

Double room vs Twin room


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDouble roomTwin room
Number of bedsOne bedTwo beds
Size of bedsKing or queen-size bedSmall single beds
Type of AccommodationIdeal for couplesIdeal for friends
Type of bedsShared bedSeparate beds
RoomsMore spacious roomsIt may or may not be spacious


What is Double Room?

A double room is a hotel room with one bed for one person or two people. The bed lying in it can be a double queen or king-size bed.

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Generally, this is an ideal room for couples, but it is also available for single people. It has all the general amenities like an attached bathroom, television, fan, AC, and a double bed(queen-sized or king-sized).

The double room’s average size is between 11 square metres or 118.41 square feet with a minimum width of 2.55 or 8 feet.  The double room is ideal for couples, or simply for two girls or boys, or sometimes a family.

When a family books a double room, children are accommodated in different rooms, or some hotels arrange an extra bed with extra charges.

Charges for double rooms vary from hotel to hotel. Double rooms sometimes have different charges depending upon the faculties and quality of a particular room.

To book a double room, unmarried couples must carry their id cards. Even in the case of married couples, id cards are essential.

double room

What is Twin Room?

A twin room is a hotel room which consists of two single beds. They have two separate beds in one room.

Twin rooms are ideal for friends or any other group. Two people can be accommodated in one twin room.
These rooms have all the basic amenities like an attached bathroom, fan, AC, television, and two single beds.

The minimum size of the twin room is 39 to 74 inches. The size of the room may vary from hotel to hotel.

Twin rooms are not meant for couples. Two friends travelling would prefer a twin room as they have two separate beds in one room, which does not make friends distant.

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Charges for twin rooms may vary from hotel to hotel, depending upon the room’s amenities, facilities and other qualities. Twin rooms are also preferred by families who have teenage kids.

Thus sometimes it is not essential to have id cards in such cases.

twin room

Main Differences Between Double Room and Twin Room

  1. A double room has one king or queen size bed, whereas a twin room has two separate beds in one room.
  2. Double rooms are performed by couples, while friends prefer twin rooms.
  3. The bed is not separate in a double room, but in a twin room, the beds are separate.
  4. In a double room, the bed is shared. On the contrary, in a twin room, beds are not shared.
  5. Friends can use double rooms, but twin rooms are not for couples.
Difference Between Double Room and Twin Room

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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