Hook vs Pull Shot: Difference and Comparison

The hook and pull shots are the most crucial strokes in establishing dominance over bowlers. Both are used for short deliveries and are batted on the back foot towards the batsman on the side.

In terms of these two strokes, these are the only things they have in common. 

Key Takeaways

  1. The hook shot is a batting technique in cricket where the player hits the ball with a sideways motion of the bat across the body.
  2. The pull shot is a batting technique in cricket where the player hits the ball by pulling the bat horizontally toward the body.
  3. The hook shot is more challenging to execute than the pull shot and requires more precision.

Hook vs Pull Shot 

A hook shot in cricket or golf is a twisting shot that is hit with a strong right-to-left spin and started with the players back to the basket. A pull shot is a term that describes a straight shot hit with force towards the leg side of the field in cricket or towards the golfer’s body in golf.

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The hook shot is used on balls that are above the shoulder and parallel to the body. The batsmen aim to lift the ball over the field for a six with the hook shot, which is played more square of the wicket on the leg side.

The hook is exclusively played with the back foot, not the front. 

Pull shots are played in front of square leg and near midwicket against short-length balls pitched below shoulder height. It can be performed in the air as well as on the ground.

It is a game that is played against a variety of bowlers. Pull shots are significantly easier to handle than hook shots because players have more time to adjust to the short ball. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Hook Shot Pull Shot 
What is itA shot above the batsman’s shoulder. A shot to the leg side between mid-wicket and backward square-leg. 
Safety More dangerous Safer 
Height Chest and head area, Chest to waist height 
Famous Player Viv Richards Ricky Ponting 
How to Play It is taken when the ball comes up to the batsman’s shoulder height after being pitched. Batsman uses the pace of the ball and plays the shot in response to the appropriate delivery. 

What is Hook Shot? 

A hook is a stroke in which the ball is pitched outside the leg stump and comes up to shoulder height for the batsman. The batsman smashes the ball to the boundary on the ‘on’ side.

It’s the same as when the ball lands between his head and his chest and becomes hooked. 

In cricket, it is one of the most deadly shots a batsman can make. Any incorrect assessment of the ball’s movement might cause the batsman to be hit or the ball to be caught by any of the opposing fielders.

A batter will always try to hit a bouncer with a hook shot. 

When the ball is between the batsman’s head and shoulder, the hook shot is played. The goal of this shot is to keep the ball on the ground rather than in the air.

This is not the case with batsmen like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, AB de Villiers, and MS Dhoni. 

Hook shots are used to hit balls that are higher than shoulder height. It is played behind and around the fine leg area of the square leg fielder.

Batsmen frequently attempt to hit hook shots in the air and balls over the boundary. 

The hook shot is a crucial shot that requires a great deal of practice. While playing this stroke, the batsman runs the risk of being hit in the eye or face.

The batter receives a boundary if the shot is hit accurately. 

What is Pull Shot? 

The pull stroke is an important part of a batsman’s arsenal. It’s a delivery stroke that’s used for slow-medium short pitches.

If the ball is a little short on the length of the pitch, you can pull it in a pull shot. When it’s struck along the ground, it’s called a pull shot. 

To play a pull shot, begin in your usual batting stance, as you would for any delivery, then respond to the appropriate delivery with the shot. Short and on or outside leg stump, for example. 

The pull shot is played on balls that are around waist or chest height. The player here uses force to drag the ball away from his body and to the leg side.

Pull shots can be executed on both the front and back feet. 

The pull is normally hit in front of the square with outstretched arms in front of the torso. Footwork and anticipation are crucial in cricket, as they are in most shots. 

Michael Vaughan, England’s captain, is one of the best pullers in the world; notice how he keeps his head still at all times. This allows him to keep an eye on the ball from the bat to the boundary. 

It’s better to play this shot when the ball’s bounce isn’t too high, i.e. between the batsman’s shoulder and hip. To control the pull shot, the batsman must swivel on the back foot; otherwise, it risks blowing up in the air for an easy catch. 

Main Differences Between Hook and Pull Shot 

  1. The hook shot is a cricket move where the ball is shot over the batsman’s shoulder, whereas in the pull shot, the ball is shot near and below the torso. 
  2. The hook shot is more dangerous to play in comparison to the pull shot. 
  3. A hook shot is shot near the chest and head area. On the other hand, a pull shot is shot near the lower chest and waist. 
  4. A famous player who uses the hook shot is Viv Richards, and a famous player who uses the pull shot is Ricky Ponting. 
  5. To play a hook shot, a batsman should take the shot when the ball comes to the batsman’s shoulder. To play a pull shot, a batsman notices the pace of the ball and appropriately takes the shot. 
Difference Between Hook and Pull Shot


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Last Updated : 17 July, 2023

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