Dell Chromebook vs Dell Inspiron: Difference and Comparison

Dell Chromebook and Dell Inspiron are two different lines of personal laptops offered by Dell. Dell Chromebook was launched in 2014 and provided low-cost options to buyers. The Inspiron series was launched before 1997 and has evolved since to include desktop computers, AIOs and 2-in-1s under its umbrella.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell Chromebooks run Chrome OS, providing a fast, secure, and simple user experience.
  2. Dell Inspiron run Windows, offering more versatility and software compatibility.
  3. Chromebooks are ideal for web-based tasks, while Inspirons cater to a broader range of applications.
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Dell Chromebook vs Dell Inspiron

The difference between Dell Chromebook and Dell Inspiron is that Dell Chromebook supports the Linux-based ChromeOS, an operating software developed by Google. In contrast, Dell Inspiron is a line of laptops/desktops etc., that support Windows operating systems and thus offer more features and higher computing capabilities, systematic storage and organization facilities, better graphics etc.

Dell Chromebook is a series of laptops and tablets which can be used for home or office use. Since they run on Google’s operating system ChromeOS, they come preloaded with the most common Google apps and support other Google/Play Store apps. They can be seamlessly used in fields of business and education.

Dell Inspiron started off as a series of laptops for widespread use but has branched out as other systems since then. These are highly versatile systems and can support a plethora of activities ranging from business use, personal use, education, gaming etc. They mainly support Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell ChromebookDell Inspiron
LaunchLaunched in 2014Launched around 1997
TypeLaptops/tabletsMainly laptops or 2-in-1s. Dell has also introduced desktop computers and all-in-one PCs under this brand
InternetTheir USP is cloud-based computing and provide limited usage options without internet connectionsRun like regular laptops – with myriad of features for both online and offline computing
Operating SystemsUse Chrome OS, similar to Google Chrome web browser.Support Microsoft Windows with some models also supporting Ubuntu.
Amazon PriceRenewed models available at $59Starts at around $275
SuitabilitySuitable for everyday business/education usage. Don’t support heavy gaming, programming, video editing etc.Most models provide all-round usage options from business/education needs to gaming, programming etc.

What is Dell Chromebook?

Chromebooks are a range of laptops or tablets. They do not support the Windows OS; instead, they use Linux-based ChromeOS. They have emerged as affordable alternatives to MacBooks or Windows-based laptops. First launched in 2011, they are now widely used in business and education-oriented fields.

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Chromebooks are preloaded with Google-developed ChromeOS and various other Google apps. All Android apps can also be downloaded using the Play Store. The user interface is easy-to-use and efficient.

Chromebooks require comparatively lower expenditures on purchase and upkeep. However, they are relatively less suitable for heavy-duty work like video/photo editing, gaming etc., due to their restricted hardware specifications and configuration options.

They mainly rely on the internet and advertise cloud-based computing as their forte. They also have limited storage options as compared to Windows-based laptops.

Dell is one of the hardware partners responsible for developing and manufacturing Chromebooks. It launched its first Chromebook, the Dell Chromebook 11, in 2014. It was specially designed to aid in the education field; for both students and teachers alike.

Dell markets its Chromebooks as “easy-to-use, easy-to-manage and easy-to-secure”. It provides various Chromebook models tailored to meet education as well as business requirements.

dell chromebook

What is Dell Inspiron?

The Dell Inspiron series is an older range of laptops which was first introduced by Dell around 1997. It is a line dedicated to developing laptops for everyday use by individuals.

In 2007, Dell also launched desktop computers under the Inspiron brand. A line of notebook computers was also launched under the brand in 2008 but was soon retired. Additionally, Pandora is a series of gaming laptops available under this series.

Dell also introduced a series of budget-friendly mini-series laptop models in 2003 under this line. But these faced various technical problems like power failures, overheating, faulty batteries, malfunctioning motherboard circuits etc., which caused Dell to face many class-action suits.

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Most models under the Inspiron series support Microsoft Windows operating systems. A few models also support the Ubuntu operating system.

Dell Inspiron laptops and 2-in-1s are economical buys and can be applied for a variety of uses like personal use, work, education, gaming etc. They also provide good security – with a few models, like the Inspiron 14 laptops, boasting of advanced fingerprint readers to ensure secure sign-ins.

dell inspiron

Main Differences Between Dell Chromebook and Dell Inspiron

  1. The first Dell Chromebook was launched in 2014, whereas Dell Inspiron is a much older model launched around 1997.
  2. Dell Chromebook is a line of laptops/tablets. Dell Inspiron also started as a series of laptops but, in later years, ventured into desktop computers, all-in-one (AIO) and 2-in-1 segments.
  3. Dell Chromebook provides cloud-based computing technologies which rely heavily on the availability of a stable internet connection – without it, there are limited working options. Conversely, Dell Inspiron works as a regular device and provides a lot of offline options too.
  4. Chromebooks are designed to support Google’s ChromeOS, whereas Dell Inspiron models adopt the Microsoft Windows operating system, which offers superior experiences.
  5. Renewed models of Dell Chromebooks can be found at as low as $59 on Amazon, whereas Dell Inspiron models are comparatively more expensive with prices starting at around $275.
  6. Dell Chromebook models are suitable for both business and education needs, but do not provide great support for heavy usage like gaming, programming, video editing, etc. On the other hand, Dell Inspiron models provide all-round computing capabilities and can be easily configured for different types of usage.

Last Updated : 27 July, 2023

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