Difference Between Linksys WRT54G and WRT54G2

Different devices communicate over the network. Routers are the most common type of hardware. Routers have progressed and are now available as wireless routers.

The most traverse the network devices are Linksys routers, which come in a variety of types and packages. Linksys’ most famous series of SOHO wireless networks, the WRT54, has been offered in a variety of sub-models for quite some time.

The WRT54G was the first model offered, while the WRT54G2 was released considerably later.

Linksys WRT54G vs WRT54G2

The main difference between Linksys WRT54G and WRT54G2 is how they appear. The WRT54G is rather big and comes in the classic black and blue color scheme.

The WRT54G2, on the other hand, is incredibly stylish, with its curved corners and compact silhouette. It’s also available in shiny black, with LEDs integrated into the body.

Another distinguishing feature is the absence of the WRT54G2’s signature dual antenna protruding from the back.

While the WRT54G had internal antennas, it also had two additional antenna elements or at least recognized additional outside antennas via TNC ports.

Linksys WRT54G vs WRT54G2

The WRT54G is a standalone model series that is not based on Linux. The WRT54G is available in several versions. Starting with version 5, the WRT54G has been converted to a VxWorks-based operating system.

Most third-party firmware is not compatible with the device. This model series is suitable for use as an access point for small businesses.

The WRT54G2 is an updated version of the WRT54G router. This is a Wireless-G (802.11g) network with slow wireless speeds and a 54Mbps bandwidth limit.

The only reason you would like to purchase the WRT54G2 is its pricing, as most wifi networks nowadays offer the newer and faster 802.11n

Comparison Table Between Linksys WRT54G and WRT54G2

Parameters of Comparison Linksys WRT54G Linksys WRT54G2
SizeWRT54g is a little smaller in size as compared.WRT54G2 is bigger in size.
ColorThe WRT54G is a bit big and comes in a black and blue color scheme.The WRT54G2 is black and sleek.
AntennaThe WRT54G has or supports external antennas. The WRT54G2 doesn’t support external antennas.
Processor WRT54G devices have slower processors.WRT54G2 devices have faster processors.
Width WRT54G has a smaller width. WRT54G2 has a larger width.

What is Linksys WRT54G?

In late 2002, the very first WRT54G was released as a unique model line. The first device is based on a network switch with a 4 + 1 port configuration.

The device is equipped with two antennae that may be disconnected from the device. Reverse Polarity TNC connectors are used to connect the antenna to the device. VxWorks is used in the latest WRT54G devices.

TNC connectors and antenna were no longer detachable or interchangeable from later editions of the device. The reason for removing the connections was to cut and minimize the production expenses.

However, thin wires were used to replace the device’s removal. The antenna’s shells were joined to these tiny wires.

The device enables users to efficiently share internet connections between multiple devices and computers using 802.11b/g and 802.3 Ethernet data channels, which are practically wireless.

The device is available in a variety of varieties, including the WRT54GS, WRTSL54GS, and WRT54GL. Specific characteristics and derivations are included in these versions. The WRT54G is not a Linux-based router.

It cannot be easily flashed using third-party firmware. Compatibility concerns are another reason why third-party firmware is difficult to flash. WRT54G requires VxWorkskiller to be functional and secure.

What is Linksys WRT54G2?

The Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless-G Broadband Router allows you to connect to the Internet wirelessly or through one of its four Ethernet ports. It’s also good for sharing network resources like computers, printers, and files.

While you’re online, you can use a range of security safeguards to keep your data and privacy safe.

Wi-Fi Protected Accession 2 (WPA2) security encrypts data on your wireless network; Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall to help block unauthorized access to your router.

Network Address Translation (NAT) technology, which improves network security by allowing your computers to share Internet access via a single, public Internet IP address.

If you have external hardware that supports WPS, such as a wireless connection, you can use the WPS button to instantly secure your wireless network. When a WPS process is active, the LED glows amber.

During the WPS process, it will light green for two minutes and then remain steady until the setup is complete.

If there is a mistake during the WPS process, the LED becomes amber. In terms of performance, the router’s range (about 50 feet) and throughput speed will be limited.

If you just need to share the internet and do some light home networking, the WRT54G2 will suffice. For intensive online activities and online gaming, buying a Wireless-N router is usually a better idea.

Main Differences Between Linksys WRT54G and WRT54G2

  1. The WRT54G is smaller than the WRT54G2. The size of the WRT54G2 is larger.
  2. The WRT54G is a touch hefty and comes in a black and blue color scheme, but the WRT54G2 comes in a black color scheme and is quite slim.
  3. The WRT54G has an external antenna port, whereas the WRT54G2 doesn’t.
  4. In comparison to the WRT54G, the WRT54G2 devices have faster processors.
  5. WRT54G has a smaller width, whereas WRT54G2 has a wider width.


In a computer network, routers perform a critical role. A router’s job is to permit and monitor data movement between linked devices in a network in the form of packets. Routers are critical in ensuring a network’s security.

A router is required for communication in any business or network, no matter how large or small. In equipped items, routers have the ability to construct a wired or wireless network.

Routers play an important function in providing traffic through the gateway for most modern enterprises.

Both the Internet and other networks are used to deliver traffic. In cross-network communication, too. Both variants are equipped with the same features and safety features.

You can select from a variety of encryptions, ranging from WEP to WPA2. Another feature that makes these routers popular is their ability to run third-party firmware such as OpenWRT and DD-WRT.


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