Difference Between i3 and i5

‘i3’ and ‘i5’ are the two flagships Intel Core I series processors. While they have the same number and letter, they have different meanings.


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The ‘i3’ is the third generation of Intel Core processor, and ‘i5’ is the fifth generation of Intel Core processor. Apart from these, they also differ in a number of other characteristics.

Key Takeaways

  1. Intel Core i3 processors are entry-level CPUs; Core i5 processors are mid-range CPUs.
  2. Core i5 processors offer higher clock speeds, more cache, and greater performance than i3 processors.
  3. i5 CPUs are better suited for gaming, multitasking, and demanding applications than i3 CPUs.

i3 vs i5

i5 processors, produced by Intel, have more cores, threads, and higher clock speeds compared to the i3 processor models, also produced by Intel, which makes them capable of handling more demanding tasks, performing faster and are considered to be more powerful than the i3 processor.

i3 vs i5

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The i3 processor is a medium-tier processor developed by Intel. The i3 processor is ideal for people who don’t need a high-end processor but want to play some newer games and multitask without experiencing any slowdown.

The i3 processor is also a beginner processor, meaning it is most commonly found in beginner computers.

An i5 processor is an Intel processor that is compatible with the latest technologies like SATA 3 and USB 3. As an upgrade from the i3 processor, it is able to run with a higher speed and efficiency.

It is made to be leaner and uses less power, which is better for the environment. While it isn’t the latest and greatest, it is a great option if you’re looking to save some extra money.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparisoni3i5
SpeedI3 processors are generally slower than i5 processors.I5 processors are generally faster than i3 processors
Clock SpeedI3 processors generally have a 3.2 GHz clock speed.I5 generally has 3.8-4.0 GHz clock speeds.
PowerI3 has less power in comparison to i5 processors.I5 processors have more power than i3 processors.
EfficiencyI3 processors are not as efficient as i5 processors.I5 processors are more efficient in their work than i3 processors.  
CacheI3 processors generate less cache.I5 processors generate more cache
CostI3 processors cost less than i5 processors.I5 processors in general cost more than i3 processors.

What is i3?

An Intel i3 processor is a processor used to run computers and laptops. The i3 processors are among the most widely used chips in the world.

They are the lower generation than the Pentium or i5 series processors on laptops and are often cheaper than the i5 and i7 series on desktops.

The i3 processor is an Intel product. It’s a fast and innovative CPU with 4 threads and 3.2 GHz. The i3 series, along with the i5 and i7 series, are used to run 4K, 3D, e-sports, and many other high-performance programs.

They are often used by students and people who want medium work with their computers and light gaming.

I3 processors are great for budget computers. They’re fast and efficient but not as powerful as i5 processors. These processors are good for people who are on a budget and don’t need too much power or efficiency.

Intel has also incorporated hyperthreading into the i3, which allows the processor to handle four tasks at once by creating two virtual cores.

The integrated graphics are also up to par, so if you’re looking to save a few bucks by going with a non-gaming laptop, then this is the processor for you.

What is i5?

The Intel Core processors are made from the ground up for performance and efficiency. Intel Pentium processors or i5 processors is a series of brand names created by Intel Corporation to denote a class of processor chips.

It’s the 5th line of these processors, and you can usually find them in mid-range computers and laptops.

I5 processors are made by Intel. They are a mid-range processor and one of the most helpful CPUs in existence today. These are compared to the Intel i7 processors, which are considered high-end and have more features and capabilities to them.

 i5 processors are better for medium-intensity gamers who want a CPU that can handle multiple tasks and still have a decent frame rate and not lag.

The i5 is one of Intel’s most attractive processors, features a 4.0 GHz clock speed, and it’s also energy-efficient.

This processor comes with 6 cores and 12 threads. It is the best processor for gaming, and it comes with Turbo Boost 2.0 technology. It has a base frequency of 3.8GHz, which can be increased up to 4.0GHz. It is a great processor for the money.

Main Differences Between i3 and i5

  1. The difference between i3 and i5 is the amount of RAM available to the user. I3 is only 4 GB, which is enough for basic computer use. i5 is 8 GB, which is a nice amount for any computer user.
  2. I3 processors usually run without a fan, but i5 processors are usually equipped with a fan to cool the processor when it works.
  3. The important thing to remember is that i3 is enough for most users, but if you are looking for more power, you should choose the i5, which also is more expensive.
  4. While both series have four cores, the newer series are more powerful. Both series also have hyper-threading technology, which allows the CPU to handle more tasks at one time.
  5. The i5 comes in both dual and quad. The i3 is only a dual processor.
  6. The i5 has more cache and is more power-hungry. The i3 is more power-efficient and has less cache. The i3 is more popular because it’s cheaper, but the i5 performs better.
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