Dual Core vs i3: Difference and Comparison

A multi-core processor is a computer processor on one unsegregated circuit with two or more discrete processing units, named cores, each of which reads and executes program instructions.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dual Core is a type of processor with two cores on a single chip, while i3 is a processor developed by Intel.
  2. Dual Core processors are slower and less powerful than i3 processors.
  3. Dual Core processors are suitable for basic tasks like web browsing and document editing. In contrast, i3 processors are more powerful and suitable for more demanding gaming and video editing tasks.

Dual Core vs. i3

The difference between Dual-Core and i3 is that the dual-core is an older processor, and the i3 is the latest. The two processors are manufactured and sold by Intel. The two processors have numerous similarities in their development and style. However, they are distinctive in their way.

Dual Core vs i3

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“Dual-core” means a processor has two processing cores inside the package. It is a C P U with two confined into a singular circuit.

 The latest dual-core processor from Intel is the Core i3, succeeding the Core 2 pair and Dual Cores. It presents many style changes that give substantial performance gains.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDual Corei3
WorkingDual-core works on two sub-core built within a processor.Intel i3 works on four sub cores
GenerationIt is of the second generation.It is of the third generation.
SpeedIt has comparatively less speed.It has comparatively more speed.
AccuracyIt has comparatively less accuracy.It has comparatively more accuracy.
SocketDual-core has a 775 socket.I3 has an 1156 socket.

What is Dual Core?

In simple terms, a dual-core processor is a CPU with two processors integrated into a single circuit. Each of the two processors has an independent cache and a controller, which is why both processors can function independently.

The availability of resources is abundant for the operating system, enabling it to handle even the most intensive computing tasks side by side. The dual-core processors are pretty similar to multi-core processors.

Many CPUs use dual-core technologies such as Intel Core Duo, AMD X2, and dual-core PowerPC G5. A dual-core processor is helpful as it works more efficiently than a single processor and takes up less space and energy.

dual core

What is i3?

The Core i3 is a dual-core computer processor developed and manufactured by Intel and initially introduced and publicized in 2010, out there to be utilized in desktop and laptop computers. 

It is a part of the three forms of processors within the “i” series. The “i” series is called the Intel Core family of processors. Starting from 1.30 gigahertz up to 3.50 gigahertz, the Core i3 processor is available at multiple speeds.

DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1600 is the most commonly known type of RAM with a Core i3 processor. Core i3 and dual-core are also used interchangeably, as both have two cores. The primary distinction is that specific high-end Core i3 processors include four cores.

core i3

Main Differences Between Dual Core and i3

  1. The i3 processor is comparatively way more accurate than the dual-core processor.
  2. The dual-processor socket is 775, whereas the i3 has an 1156 socket.
Difference Between Dual Core and i3
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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