Difference Between Dual Shock 3 and Sixaxis

The performance of the gamer greatly depends on the type of gamepad they use. There are different types of gamepads available with different features.


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Dual Shock 3 vs Sixaxis

The difference between Dual Shock 3 and Sixaxis is that Dual shock has a unique vibration feature that Sixaxis lacks. Sixaxis was developed first and Dual shock was developed later. Both are good gamepads for PlayStation 3. Both Dual Shock 3 and Sixaxis are used by many hardcore gamers.

Dual Shock 3 vs

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It is compatible with PlayStation 3. It is more or less similar to the predecessor Sixaxis. It is powered by a lithium battery. It takes up to 300 mA of current.

It is also suitable to use with a Sony PSP Go. But, to use it with a PSP Go it has to be registered on a PlayStation 3 console. It is also a seventh-generation gamepad. It works based on motion sensing technology.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDual Shock 3Sixaxis
Launched in20072006
Weight Heavy compared to SixaxisSixaxis is lightweight
Major feature Dual shock 3 has a vibration or rumble feature which makes Dual shock 3 the perfect controller for PlayStation 3Sixaxis lack this vibration feature
PriceDual shock is expensive The price of Sixaxis is comparably reasonable to Dual shock 3
Durability It is sturdy, heavy, and highly durable making it the first choice of gamers It is not very durable like Dual shock 3 but it is a really good choice for the price

What is Dual Shock 3?

Dual Shock 3 is a PlayStation 3 gamepad manufactured and launched by Sony. It is a wireless controller.

It uses a lithium battery and needs 300 mA of current at 3.7 Volts. This lithium battery has a capacity of storing 570 mAh.

Though there are many colors available they may not be available all the time in every place. Most of them are special editions.

A limited-edition baseball-themed Dual shock 3 gamepads were released. Other themed and special colored controllers were also manufactured and launched by Sony to attract gamers.

What is Sixaxis?

It was the gamepad produced by Sony for their PlayStation 3. It was launched in 2006 when they launched their PlayStation 3.

This technology helps to control the actions in-game by applying a specific amount of force on the interface which is the gamepad. It is very durable and helpful in gaming. This Sixaxis controller lack this ability.

This Sixaxis controller can sense rotational orientation as well as transnational acceleration. Sixaxis has good analog sensitivity compared to other controllers like Dual shock 1 and 2.

The battery in this can be replaced and Sony themself provides the replacement if there are any issues relating to the battery performance. The battery of this Sixaxis controller can be fully removed and replaced.

Main Differences Between Dual Shock 3 and Sixaxis

  1. Dual shock 3 has an impressive vibration feature which makes it one of the most preferred gamepads by gamers. But Sixaxis lacks this vibration feature
  2. Dual shock is expensive than Sixaxis. The impressive features and sturdiness made Dual shock more expensive. While Sixaxis will not cost much.
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