Difference Between Yoga and Power Yoga

Yoga is a physical exercise that has been practised since old times. There are many advantages when it is regularly practised from a stress-free and relaxed mind, good body composure and fit body.

Yoga and power yoga are both physical exercises for controlling the body and mind of an individual practising it.

But unknown to many there are distinct differences between the two from the way they are practised to the benefits gained from them.

Yoga vs Power Yoga

The difference between Yoga and Power Yoga is that the yoga movements are slow and controlled with simple body movements for maintaining posture. Whereas the movements for power yoga are rapid and vigorous.

Yoga vs Power Yoga

Yoga is the physical exercise for controlling body positions and helps for maintaining a good body posture.

Practising regularly also improves mental stability and improves internal and external stability along-side.

Power yoga is the physical exercise for controlling body movements. On regular practice, it would result in the ability to control all the muscles with precision.

They may not help in mental stability but help in cardiovascular stability.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonYogaPower Yoga
MeaningIt is a system of physical exercise based on self-control and meditationIt is a system of physical exercise based on rapid body movements with different points of focus for benefits.
Speed of movementIt has slow and controlled movements of the body and the movements are rather simple.They have fast and vigorous movements. Though the movements may be simple, they are strenuous because of the speed and vigour.
Point of focusThe main point of focus is body position. It helps in maintaining or learning to maintain a good posture.The main focus is on body movement. It helps in controlling every muscle of the body to precision for maintaining a good and healthy body movement.
StabilityIt improves mental stability as well as increases internal and external stability as body positions are maintained.They do not improve mental stability but they do help in cardiovascular stability. So it is to be practised for a good and healthy vascular system.
BenefitsA stress-free and relaxed body and mind.Fit and firm body because of the extensive and vigorous exercise routine.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices that are used to relax body and mind.

It originated in India a long time ago and has been one of the only practices that are being followed worldwide for mental health.

The asanas or the movements in yoga are slow and controlled. This is to help maintain body posture. As the body posture is controlled, one can have immense control over their mind and body which lets them relax.

So yoga is also a good solution for a stress-free and peaceful mind and body. They also provide internal and external stability. They also enhance an individual’s flexibility.

Since the movements are easy and relaxed, they can be done by standing or sitting in one place.

For a fresh mind and a good start to the day, it is highly recommended to practice yoga in the morning, especially during the time of sunrise.

The main focus while practising yoga should be holding and maintaining each position or asana.


What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is a derivative of the normal and traditional yoga. So they are also a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices.

But rather than for relaxing the mind like the normal yoga, they are performed to enhance the fitness of an individual’s body.

The asanas or positions that are performed during the power yoga are rapid and vigorous. So rather than providing relaxation to one’s mind, they provide cardiovascular stability and strength.

Power yoga is mainly performing for attaining a healthy vascular system and a fit body.

It was first coined by two American yoga teachers who had a detailed study of Asthana yoga.

For making it more accessible for the Western culture, they modified the asanas learnt for their benefit.

It is recommended for the one’s who have minimum body fitness. If it is done by someone who isn’t in good shape, then it does more harm than good.

power yoga

Main Differences Between Yoga and Power Yoga

  1. Yoga and power yoga are a system of physical exercise. But yoga is the physical exercise that is based on self-control and meditation. Power yoga, on the other hand, is the physical exercise that involves rapid body movements and different points of focus for benefits.
  2. Yoga and power yoga have different speeds of practices. Yoga consists of slow and controlled body movements and these movements that are followed are rather simple. The movements of power yoga are fast and vigorous. The movements are strenuous because of the speed and vigour required.
  3. The point of focus during yoga is the body position. One will maintain or learn to maintain a good and healthy body posture while practising yoga regularly. On the other hand, the main point of focus for power yoga is the body movement. They help in controlling the movements of one’s body with precision for a good and healthy body. So there is a major difference in their point of focus.
  4. Yoga on regularly improves mental stability. They are also seen to increase internal and external stability of an individual. Whereas, power yoga focuses on improving and increasing cardiovascular stability rather than mental stability. They help to have a good and healthy vascular system.
  5. Since the point of focus and practices are different, the benefits obtained from the two yogas are also different. The benefits provided by yoga is relaxed and free body and mind. This is why the individuals who practice yoga regularly appear to be calm and composed in any given situation. On the other hand, the benefits provided on the regular practice of power yoga is a firm and fit body and controlled body movements.
Difference Between Yoga and Power Yoga


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