Microsoft Query vs Power Query: Difference and Comparison

There are times when it is necessary to import data from a specified source, such as a database, an Excel spreadsheet, or even a web page. In these cases, there are two options for importing: Microsoft Query and Power Query.

For the most part, the two works similarly, but there are some differences that are worth knowing prior to using either of them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Query is a basic data retrieval tool that allows users to extract data from a database. At the same time, Power Query is a more advanced data analysis tool that allows users to manipulate and transform data from various sources.
  2. Microsoft Query is integrated into Microsoft Excel and can retrieve data from a single database simultaneously. At the same time, Power Query can access multiple data sources and perform complex data transformations.
  3. Microsoft Query is more suitable for simple data retrieval tasks, while Power Query is better suited for complex data analysis and reporting tasks.

Microsoft Query vs Power Query

Microsoft Query is a tool used for working with data in Microsoft Excel. This is an older tool that is available in older versions of Excel. Power Query is a newer tool that is available in more recent versions and has a wider range of data transformation and data shaping features.

Microsoft Query vs Power Query

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Microsoft Query is a simple statistical analysis program made by Microsoft. It is used to perform operations and create reports on data stored in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and other Microsoft Office products.

It is used to analyze, sort, and summarize the data in order to make it more readable and useful.

Power Query is a free utility that comes built-in with Excel. It is a data import tool that will make your job easier when dealing with large datasets.

If your dataset is too large to fit into the memory of Excel, Power Query can import the dataset into the Power Pivot engine in the background during your regular work time.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft QueryPower Query
Introduced inMicrosoft Query was introduced in the 1970s. Power Query was introduced in the year 2013.
Introduced byMicrosoft Query was introduced by Microsoft.Microsoft Query was introduced by Microsoft as an add-in to Excel.
Accessible WithMicrosoft Query works with OBDC data sources only.Power Query can work with other data sources as well.
Power PivotMicrosoft Query does not have the Power Pivot functionality.Power Query has the Power Pivot functionality.
FunctionalityMicrosoft being the older tool has limited functionality.Power Query being the newer tool is more powerful with added features.

What is Microsoft Query?

Microsoft Query (MMSQLQ) is a database software package created by Microsoft for Windows that allows for the management of data and information in computer databases.

MQL uses SQL (Structured Query Language), a standard language for accessing and manipulating data in a database.

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the language used by Microsoft Query to access information.

 It was released on the market in the early 1990s by Microsoft and followed a long line of database management systems created by the company since the mid-1970s.

Microsoft Query is a program that allows you to manipulate and analyze data stored in Excel documents.

This is extremely helpful for analysts, data managers, and business people alike. You can do many things with it, from analyzing existing databases to adding new tables and columns.

It’s important to know that Microsoft Query is different from Microsoft Excel, though they both use the .xls file extension and are both created by Microsoft.

 While Excel is used to create data, and it can be read by Microsoft Query, the program itself is used to manipulate that data.

In short, Microsoft Query is a utility that allows you to quickly and easily access and manipulate the vast data resources of Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle.

What is Power Query?

Power Query is a tool that’s been built into Microsoft Office 365. It allows users to connect to different data sources and pull data from them,

giving people an easy way to add data without doing the boring and tedious process of importing the data.

It allows users to visualize data and update it in a visual format that is easy to understand.

Power Query is useful because it allows users to connect to different data sources and pull data from them easily. Power Query is a useful tool for anyone who is trying to bring data together.

Power Query is a great tool that you can use in Microsoft Excel. It will extend the functionality of Excel.

When you import a data source into Power Query, it will allow you to convert and transform that data into more usable and valuable information.

In other words, it will let you make the data you want to use to create a great Excel file so that you can gain more value from your data.

 Power Query is a useful add-in that can be used to import data into pivot tables or SQL. It can import data from a variety of sources, such as Microsoft Excel, Access, or other SQL databases.

Power Query has a variety of features, such as importing data from multiple sources at once, managing your data, and exporting your data to various places. It’s a useful tool for data analysis, which can make your work easier.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Query and Power Query

  1.  Microsoft Query is an older application in comparison to Power Query.
  2. In Microsoft Query, it is not easy to configure this application. Power Query is a user-friendly application that is helpful in retrieving data from multiple data sources at once.
  3. Microsoft Query is limited to only importing data from a local drive. On the other hand, Power Query is similar to Microsoft Query but has many more features, including being able to import data from any source, including the cloud.
  4. In comparison to Microsoft Query, Power Query is a more powerful tool that was built especially for data management in Excel.
  5. While both are query tools, Power Query comes with a lot of added functionality and usability improvements. It is also able to use all of the Power Pivot functionality, which is not possible with Microsoft Query.



Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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