Difference Between Chromecast and Apple TV

People are now opting for a streaming box instead of a smart TV since smart TVs aren’t as sophisticated as they once were. When compared to cable TV or smart TVs, the streaming box offers several benefits.

Chromecast vs Apple TV

The main difference between Chromecast and Apple TV is that Chrome Cast is nothing more than a bridge or medium that links your HDTV to your mobile device, therefore it is useless without an Android or iOS device. Apple TV comes with a lot of useful storage and RAM, as well as Apple’s optimization.

Chromecast vs Apple TV

Because the mobile device’s resources aren’t being required for the streaming operation, the battery isn’t being depleted as much.

Apple TV is an Apple product that was created with Apple users in mind. Apple TV was created to bring the Apple experience to a bigger screen.

Comparison Table Between Chromecast and Apple TV

Parameters of ComparisonChromecastApple TV
DesignIt’s shaped like a USB drive.It is intended to be used as a set-top box.
RemoteThe phone acts as a remote control.There was a touchpad on the remote, as well as twin microphones.
AppsAll applications should be supported.Any IOS-compatible app
InterfaceBased on a phone, tablet, or computerVoice and remote control
PriceThe price of chromcast device is 2594rsThe price of an Apple TV device is 13267rs

What is Chromecast?

The Chromecast is a little finger-sized gadget that connects in 2 ports on your TV: an HDMI and a USB, from which it gets the necessary power.

An unsupported program will not be able to stream music or video. Google-created apps (such as YouTube) will operate regardless of whether you have an iOS or Android smartphone.

Other services are less well supported: you may send material to a Chromecast from Netflix on an iOS device, but many other iOS apps will not function.

Some Android smartphones running Android KitKat or later (as well as most PCs) support screencasting, which mirrors the device’s screen on the TV.

What is Apple TV?

The Apple TV is primarily intended to be used as a standalone media player. The tiny, puck-shaped box comes with its processor and power source, and it connects to your TV through HDMI.

Casting capability does not need to be integrated into the app as it does with the Chromecast. AirPlay is embedded into iOS devices at the system level, thus the app doesn’t need to be created specifically for it.

It’s important to remember that the producers of these gadgets don’t intend you to have several allegiances. You’re investing into Google’s universe when you buy a Chromecast.

Main Differences Between Chromecast and Apple TV

  1. A significant variety of applications support Chromecast. Apple TV, on the other hand, can play movies, TV shows, applications, and games.
  2. Chromecast is a very low-cost device. Apple TV is a somewhat costly device. It comes with a lot of storage and features, which is why it’s so costly.


The AppleTV is the ideal choice for casting something on your TV in just a few touches. Google Chromecast is perfect for you if you have an android device.

With new capabilities like screen mirroring coming to Android Lollipop, the gap between the two platforms may close. But, for the time being, its limits are more apparent.


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