Difference Between Apple TV and Netflix and Amazon Prime

Apple TV is a media player where users can watch shows and movies. It has a low amount of high-quality content. Netflix is a streaming service that has the most popular original and high-quality series and movies. Amazon Prime has a very powerful resource library and four times more movies than Netflix.


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Apple TV vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime

The difference between Apple TV and Netflix and Amazon Prime Netflix provides the most high-quality streaming along with its original content, on the other hand, Apple TV has original but little content and Amazon Prime has the largest library among the three.

Apple TV is a micro-console, also called a digital media player. It is a product of Apple Inc. It is a hardware device that collects data in the form of video and audio and then plays it on an externally connected device like a television or display device.  

Netflix is a streaming service as well as a production company. It provides a huge variety of films and television series. These videos can be distribution deals as well as Netflix’s original productions. It can be installed or can be accessed via web browsers on a multimedia device.

Amazon Prime is a service provided by Amazon through subscription. Other than the standard streaming service, Amazon Prime also provides other additional services to its users that are otherwise unavailable or require a premium connection.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonApple TVNetflixAmazon Prime
Free trials7 daysNot offered30 days
Max resolution4K1080p4K
Max # of screens at once623
Max # of devices per accountUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max # of devices for downloadsUnlimited via app225

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What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a product of Apple Inc. it is a digital media player used for video and audio streaming. It is a second-generation model, hence compatible with an HDMI source device. It can be connected to high-definition wide-screen television.

Apple TV does not have integrated controls. It can be controlled remotely via an Apple remote, Siri remote, or an infrared remote by any third party.

Apple TV services include streaming media, sports journalism, and broadcast.  However, due to its lack of success, Apple introduced Apple TV+ and Apple TV Channels a la carte.

There are several models that Apple TV released, namely first second, and third generation Apple TV, HD (fourth generation) Apple TV, and 4K first, second, and third generation.

The features that Apple TV provides are video streaming, music and podcast streaming, photos, apps, and games, casting and mirroring, Siri, HomeKit, General, App store, and accessibility features.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an over-the-top streaming service by Netflix Inc an America-based subscription service. Along with its distribution services, Netflix also offers genuine content called Netflix Original.

Netflix can be logged on through a web browser or apps installed on compatible devices. These include smart TVs, set-top boxes connected to televisions, smartphones, tablets, digital media players, video game consoles, Blu-ray players, and virtual reality headsets.

Netflix offers 4K resolution. In the beginning, it not only sold but also rented DVDs by mail which eventually focused on the rental business, and sales were put off. Netflix then introduced streaming media and video-on-demand in 2007.  Netflix then paved its way into the television and film production industry in 2013 with the debut series House Of Cards.

Netflix is globally available. The content it offers includes original programming, film and television deals, and gaming.

The financial and membership growth of Netflix is remarkable. In the year 2005 it started with 682 million US$ with 2.5 million paid memberships while increasing its graph in the year 2021 it has 29,697 million US$ with about 221.8 million paid memberships.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is a paid streaming service provided by Amazon. Other than the video streaming services it provides additional benefits that include deliveries of goods on the same day or one- or two-day time, video, e-books, gaming, and grocery shopping services.

Amazon Prime also has sub-brands namely Prime Music, Prime videos, Prime gaming, Prime Reading, Prime Pantry, Prime Now, Amazon Key, and Prime air.

Some of the most popular shows on Amazon Prime are The Expanse, The Boys, Fleabag, and The Man In The High Castle. Among the film line The Big Sick, Manchester by The Sea, and Beautiful Boy are famous. It also offers live sports programming.

The devices that support Amazon Prime include Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, Fire Tablets, and some other devices. However, only Amazon Fire TV can provide live channels.

Amazon provides a 30-day free trial for first-time members. The maximum resolution it provides is 4K Ultra HD.

Main Differences Between Apple TV and Netflix and Amazon Prime

  1. Netflix has the most popular original series with high quality as compared to Amazon Prime and Apple TV.
  2. Amazon Prime has the biggest library of resources as compared to Netflix and Apple TV.
  3. Amazon Prime offers the highest trial period for free as compared to Apple TV and Netflix.
  4. Apple TV offers a family-sharing option to watch premiers for free while Amazon Prime or Netflix do not have any such option.
  5. Apple TV offers unlimited devices to be connected via the app while Amazon Prime and Netflix have a limited number of devices that can be connected.
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