Difference Between Amazon Prime and Prime Video

Amazon is known for quietly building its empire in an industry, snatching up market share, and then announcing. The primary distinction between Amazon Prime and Prime Video is their services.


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One of the nicest aspects of being an Amazon client is Amazon Prime. Prime Video is available as a stand-alone service.

However, Amazon Prime members get free shipping, access to Amazon Music and the Amazon Kindle library in addition to Prime Video.

Amazon Prime vs Prime Video

The difference between Amazon Prime and Prime Video is that Amazon Prime Video is the streaming-video component of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members get fast delivery on qualifying purchases, as well as video streaming, free in-game stuff, and more. In contrast, Prime Video only offers limitless streaming of thousands of TV episodes and films, as well as content rentals and sales.

Amazon Prime vs Prime Video

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Shift your online shopping to Amazon and get the best online deals. Take advantage of the extra services and deals for prime members only.

Get your hands on the most popular products at great prices. With guaranteed delivery, you’ll never have to worry if you’re going to get what you want on time.

Amazon Prime Video offers ad-free, unlimited access to Amazon Originals, premium movies, and TV series from India and across the world. Prime Video members can also download titles to their mobile devices for offline viewing at no additional cost.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAmazon PrimePrime Video
DescriptionMembers of Amazon Prime receive limitless free and quick shipping, video streaming, free game items, free music, and other benefits.Prime Video only offers limitless streaming thousands of TV shows and films, as well as content rentals and purchases.
Music servicesAmazon Prime provides music services.Prime Video does not include music services.
Launched onAmazon Prime was launched on February 2, 2005, 16 years ago.Prime Video was launched on September 7, 2006, 15 years ago.
Delivery serviceAmazon Prime provides free and fast delivery within 24 hours.Prime Video does not include a delivery service.
SubscriptionAmazon Prime is an annual subscription programme that offers free one-day shipping, as well as access to Amazon Prime Video and other perks.Only Amazon Prime members can purchase Prime video, as Prime Video is not available on its own.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service designed to encourage users to spend more money on Amazon. As of February 2018, the service had over 100 million members worldwide.

New members must sign up for the program online, but existing Prime members can sign in and enrol in the program.

Amazon Prime members receive free shipping on all eligible purchases as well as unlimited access to Amazon’s video streaming service, which includes more than 40,000 TV episodes and movies.

When you use Amazon Prime Now to get groceries delivered to your door, you’ll get them in as little as one day or depending on where you live.

Prime Music is available exclusively for Amazon Prime members and offers over 2 million songs, including current favourites and past hits.

You’ll also get unlimited ad-free access to over a thousand playlists at no additional cost. You can also check out new products, deals and sales from other store partners and make them part of your shopping experience.

Thousands of volumes, including bestsellers and new releases, are available for free borrowing from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which contains thousands of titles with no due dates.

You can also choose from thousands of audiobooks from Audible Channels at no additional cost with the help of Amazon Prime.

What is Prime Video?

You can watch Amazon Originals, premium TV shows , and films  from India and across the world on Amazon Prime Video without interruption.

The only online video streaming service in India offers Amazon Original series like How I Met Your Mother, The Grand Tour, The Wheel of Time, Fleabag, The Boys and The Man in the High Castle. 

Also, get access to award-winning films like Manchester by the Sea, The Big Sick and Oscar winner Moonlight, TV shows including Fleabag, Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle and American Gods, as well as top Bollywood and regional hits like Baahubali 2:

The Conclusion, Bahubali: The Beginning, Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh and many more. Explore titles from the largest selection of Indian and international films —

new releases and timeless classics, with titles available on Prime Video from partners like Zee Studios, Yash Raj Films and T-Series.- Watch on all your devices: No cable or satellite? No problem! 

Watch on your favourite devices like Fire TV Stick, mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Prime Video offers the flexibility to watch what you want when you want — no cable or satellite subscription necessary.-

Binge on the latest hits: Catch up on your favourite Amazon Original series or binge-watch a season of your favourite show free with your loved ones anytime and anywhere. Amazon Prime Video lets you pick up where you left off across devices.

Watch on your mobile phone or tablet while you’re on the go, then stream shows in high definition on your TV when you get home. You’ll always have something great to watch with Prime Video!

Main Differences Between Amazon Prime and Prime Video 

  1. Members of Amazon Prime get unlimited free and quick shipping, as well as video streaming, free in-game items, free music, and more, whereas Prime Video only provides unlimited streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes, as well as content rentals and sales.
  2. Amazon Prime members receive complimentary and expedited delivery within 24 hours after ordering. Prime Video, on the other hand, does not provide delivery.
  3. On February 2, 2005, Amazon Prime was introduced, marking the 16th anniversary of the company. On the other hand, Prime Video began operations 15 years ago, on September 7, 2006.
  4. Amazon Prime needs to be purchased. On the other hand, Prime Video is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers and cannot be purchased separately.
  5. Music services are available through Amazon Prime but not through Prime Video.
Difference Between Amazon Prime and Prime Video
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