Difference Between Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

There are various sources of entertainment available. People use them to release tension and enjoy the time. While the most used and famous source is watching movies or any kind of cinema.


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While for this type, you have to pay a certain amount, whether it’s offline mode such as television or online such as paid apps. With all the development in online television platforms, it has attracted a lot of people towards it.

The new generation especially does not watch TV but mostly chooses apps over this. The most common example of such apps is, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. While both of them are the source of entertainment, they have several differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Amazon Prime Video is part of a larger Amazon Prime subscription that offers additional benefits, while Netflix is a standalone streaming service.
  2. Amazon Prime Video offers a wider selection of TV shows and movies, including access to live sports and other exclusive content, while Netflix focuses on original programming.
  3. Amazon Prime Video offers additional perks, such as free two-day shipping, access to Amazon Music, and discounts on groceries, while Netflix offers no additional benefits.

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix 

The difference between Amazon Prime Video and Netflix is that the amazon prime video has less content than Netflix has, it is also more affordable, and a subscription of it comes with more benefits. They also differ in terms of rated movies and download options also; they provide a different level of quality of the video at a weak internet connection.

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix

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Amazon prime video is online streaming of movies and web series that require a subscription. It has several benefits in the subscription amount except the movies and series.

Anyone who had subscriptions can watch movies and web series which are not available on any other sites. It also has its own production movies and series, which cannot be founded anywhere else.

Netflix is also an online streaming platform that provides movies and web series entertainment after the subscription payment. It also offers a free trial of one month, but after that, the subscription is compulsory.

It provides HD quality videos with a download option. It has a very large library with exclusive series and movies.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAmazon Prime VideoNetflix
Quality on low connectionDoes not provide good quality video on a low internet connection.It provides HD quality video even when the connection is low.
BenefitsThe subscription comes with more benefits.Provide streaming benefits only.
Gaming consolesDoes not support gaming consoles mostly.Support a wide range of gaming consoles.
LibraryDoes not have an extensive library in comparison.Have a vast and extensive library.
AffordableMore affordableLess affordable

What is Amazon Prime Video?

It is an online movie and web series streaming platform. It also has a few original contents which include, Mirzapur, made in heaven, etc., which cannot be seen on any other platform but prime.

The process for this quite simpler, as you don’t have to anything vast other than just buy a subscription and then download the prime video app. And with the help of the internet connection, you can watch all the available movies and web series.

It also has the download option where you can download as many videos as you want. And to avoid any buffering or such issues, you have to make sure you have a good internet connection.

It does not have any advertisements like on television and can be watched anytime, anywhere. It is a competition to its rivals as it has more benefits when it comes to services than most of the other platforms.

Despite all the above-mentioned benefits, Amazon prime video still faces criticism as it has several drawbacks, and the main one is that there is not much improvement and update with the streaming content and the video quality, while there are many videos that have not been rated yet and it also is behind in the number of availability of movies and web series when compared to other platforms.

amazon prime video

What is Netflix?

Netflix is said to be the king of online streaming media, which more than 200 million subscribers, and also has more original content than any other platform.

The first original content of Netflix was ‘House of Cards, which was a huge success, and after that, the list goes on and is still going on.

In comparison to any other similar platform, it has the biggest library, provides great quality video, and also is the easiest to use.

Nothing has to be done except downloading the app, which is easily available on the devices after that, if you want a free trial to explore it, you can have a one-month free trial, and by ending it, you have to pay for it monthly or annually subscription for continuing the services.

The main advantage which attracts the viewers is that it has large content in several genres and languages, and you don’t require to have a good internet connection all the time for HD quality video. The streaming will not buffer even if the connection fluctuates in between.

While for some, it is a little costly and not affordable, but for most people, it is the best option and is worth the money or amount you have to pay for the subscription.

Main Differences Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

  1. The most important requirement for good entertainment is good quality video. While Netflix has proven that it provides high-quality video even if the internet connection is slightly poor, but Amazon prime video has failed to do so as it does not provide good quality video on poor internet connection.
  2. When you pay for an amazon subscription video, you pay for extra benefits in the same amount as Amazon offers, video, music, and free shipping for buying the prime subscription, while Netflix only offers streaming benefits of movies and series to its users.
  3. When compared, Netflix has a wide variety of and an extensive library which have numerous languages and genres, whiles amazon prime video has a less extensive library than Netflix.
  4. While searching for good movies, most users recommend the rating to select the best. Netflix has fewer number movies that have not been rated, while when compared, Amazon has a much larger number of no movies which have not been rated due to some reasons.
  5. Netflix has a limitation in that it offers limited downloads to the users, i.e., after certain downloads, you cannot download any further, while there is no such limitation with the amazon prime video as it offers unlimited downloads of videos.
  6. Amazon prime video is more affordable and has also had several benefits except streaming, therefore more preferred by the user, while Netflix is slightly expensive with one benefit only.
Difference Between Amazon Prime Video and
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