Apple TV vs Netflix vs Hulu: Difference and Comparison

It seems every few months, a new online streaming service comes up and claims to be the best streaming service of its time. Therefore, viewers are tasked with the difficulty of making the right choice.

Key Takeaways

  1. Apple TV is a hardware streaming device with a streaming service called Apple TV+, while Netflix and Hulu are standalone streaming services.
  2. Apple TV+ focuses on exclusive original content, Netflix offers a vast content library, and Hulu emphasizes current TV shows and live TV options.
  3. Netflix and Hulu provide multi-device streaming, while Apple TV requires an Apple device to stream content.
Apple TV vs Netflix vs Hulu 2

Apple TV vs Netflix vs Hulu

Apple TV is a streaming service that has a small monthly fee but a low amount of high-quality content. Netflix has the highest definition and original shows. Hulu has more content than Apple TV at a higher price. It is cheaper than Netflix and offers add-on channels such as some Spanish channels.

When it comes to an unlimited volume of content selection, Netflix starts the gear. It reportedly has over 5500 titles in its digital library, with no other streaming service coming so close. This includes over 4000 movies and almost 1700 TV shows. It is, therefore, the most popular on-demand by far.

Hulu offers two distinct services; An on-demand version called, “Simply Hulu” and a live version called, “Hulu with Live TV.” It is estimated to have 1600 TV shows and 2000 movie films that have been released recently.

Apple TV has the smallest content out of all these streaming services because it only launched with exclusive content. Therefore, it has very limited shows and films though you can’t find them anywhere else.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonApple TVNetflixHulu
Cost per month$4.99$13$7.99
Content in libraryVery limitedUnlimitedModerate
Streaming quality4K HDR and Dolby Atmos in regular plan ($4.99)4K Ultra HD for $19.9 per monthSupports 4K resolution but is so limited. Does not support HDR
Trial7-day trialNo trial30-day trial
DownloadNo downloadSupports offline modeNo download

What is Apple TV?

It is a recent streaming platform founded by Apple. It has a fixed, regular package of $4.99 per month and supports 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos.

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Apple TV has exclusive content. Therefore, it has very limited content in its library, though one can never find any of its content elsewhere, and has a 7-day free trial after registration.

Unlike other streaming services, Apple TV is only available in certain specific countries, which means others have been left out, and an Apple TV user from restricted nations has to sign up for a VPN to enjoy its service.

apple tv

What is Netflix?

It is a streaming service with a very large volume of content selection in its library. It’s estimated to have over 5500 titles with 4000 movies and 1700 TV shows. Therefore, no other service comes close to the selection of Netflix.

It also has a huge variety of Netflix Originals that can’t be that and anywhere else. Unlike its competitors, Netflix has broken its borders and is now available in almost all countries.

It also allows a user to download content and later on watch them when they are not connected to a network. It has several packages, the cheapest being $3 and the most expensive being $19.9.

Depending on the package type, the streaming quality is determined at $19.9, having the best quality of 4K Ultra HDR, and the free basic plan has the lowest quality. Netflix no longer offers a free trial duration.

What is Hulu?

It is a streaming service that offers two distinct services. An on-demand version called, “Simply Hulu” and a live version called, “Hulu with Live TV.” It has around 1600 TV shows and 2500 movie films.

Hulu has not yet broken most of its boundaries which means it is only available in particular countries. In case, one wants to use the service in unspecified nations, one will have to register a VPN instead.

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Hulu has a 30-day free trial after registration, where one is allowed to cancel a subscription if they are not interested in it. It supports 4K resolution, but it is very limited, it does not support HDR.


Main Differences Between Apple TV and Netflix and Hulu

  1. Netflix has 4000 movie films, and 1700 TV shows in its library, while Hulu has around 1600 TV shows and 2500 movie films, whereas Apple TV has very limited content in its library.
  2. Netflix offers no free trial after registration, whereas Apple TV has a 7-day free trial after registration and Hulu has a 30-day free trial.
  3. Apple TV offers its services at a standard price of $4.99 per month, while Netflix has a couple of packages with the standard price per month being $13 and Hulu $7.99 per month.
  4. Netflix allows one to download content and watch while not connected to any network whereas Hulu does not allow downloading and Apple TV as well does not allow downloading.
  5. Netflix has unlimited content in its library, whereas Hulu has moderate content and Apple TV has very limited content.

Last Updated : 29 July, 2023

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