Difference Between Android TV and WebOS and Tizen

The difference between Android television and WebOs TV and Tizen TV is that android tv has the android processor as the operating system and it is a product of Google while WebOS is an LG product and uses a Linux-based operating system whereas Tizen is a Samsung and has Linux-based operating system.


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Android tv has smart content recommendations based on the user’s past search activities. With Google Assistant, it has a better voice recognition feature and a better experience due to a perfect integration with the in-made android operating system. It also offers the Google play store where you can directly install and run tv optimized apps.

Tizen is a Samsung product. It has a Linux-based operating system. Screen casting in a Tizen television is a bit technical since one has to download a third-party app and pair your phone manually for screen mirroring.

WebOS televisions have an upgrading period of one to two years. They also have a magic remote that has a full keypad and the buttons are also configurable and easy to use. They also have app support though it is not as big as the play store but offers support for popular streaming services.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAndroid TVWebOs TVTizen TV
Operating systemAndroid-basedLinux-basedTizen-based
App supportPlay StoreThird-partyTizen store
Upgrade periodTwo-three yearsThree to four yearsOne to three years
GamingUnlimited games and optionsLimited games and optionsSufficient options and games

What is Android Television?

It is a television produced by Google and has an android-based operating system. It has a top to down scrollable interface with row-based menus that allow a user to navigate through programs easily.

Android updates are done directly in the play store which means you can install and run hundreds of television-optimized applications on your tv. It also offers google assistant which aids speech where one does not have to type all that they want to search.

Unlike other televisions, one can cast their screen and watch it through their android tv without having to install third-party applications. You can also run unauthorized applications on your tv by sideloading them. Therefore, it has no app restrictions.

It has a two to three years firmware upgrade which therefore offers a reasonable user period. A user will therefore enjoy its features without frequently having to upgrade them.

What is WebOS Television?

WebOS is a television line produced by LG, a Linux-based operating system. They also come with a UI that has bottom bar menus that don’t take up the entire screen.

Unlike other televisions, WebOS does not permit screencasting since one has to download third-party applications and pair their smartphone manually to the television for screen mirroring instead.

It uses Alexa as its voice assistant where voice search is enabled. Therefore, it eases the need for one to type all that they want to search.

What is Tizen Television?

It is a TV brand that is produced and developed by Samsung and Intel. It uses a Tizen-based operating system.

It has multiple options for gaming and one can download as many games and applications as one wants. It can also be configured with any smartphone.

With Tizen Store, one can directly install and run thousands of applications on their TV. They also allow sideloading where one can run optimized television applications.

Main Differences Between Android and WebOs and Tizen

  1. The play store is an application where one can directly install other applications on an android television while WebOS comes with third-party hardware for installation whereas Tizen has Tizen Store for the same.
  2. Android television has an android-based operating system and is a product of the Google company whereas WebOS TV has a Linux-based operating system and is produced by LG while Tizen TV has a Tizen-based operating system.
  3. One can directly run and install applications via the play store on an android television while Tizen TV has Tizen Store whereas WebOs TV has no updated application.
  4. Android television uses google AGooglent as its voice assistant while WebOS and Tizen TVs use Alexa.
  5. Firmware upgrade of the android tv takes two to three years while WebOS TV takes three to four years and Tizen takes one to two years.
  6. Android tv has more options for gaming and an unlimited number of games while WebOS TV has limited options and Tizen TV has very sufficient options and games.
  7. Android Tv is more expensive compared to WebOS which is less expensive than Tizen due to its superb features.
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