Difference Between Android TV and Tizen TV

Android TV vs Tizen TV

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What is Android TV?

Android TV is a Smart TV developed and unveiled by Google in October 2014. It is a new adaptation over setup boxes and acts as integrated software on intelligent TV hardware. The home screen of the Android TV uses a vertically scrolling arrow-based interface. It allows you to give commands and do universal voice searches across multiple services utilizing Google assistant.


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Android TVs support Google cast, which allows your media to be played on them from other supported apps from other devices in an identical manner to Chromecast. They also support downloading various apps from Play Store, including games. The latest Android TV has advanced features such as camera support, auto lower Latency mode for gaming, refresh rates switching, text scaling, googles knowledge graph, Bluetooth gamepads, video games, etc.

A modified version of the Android TV is the Google TV, which comes with the most striking features and is compatible with over ten thousand applications built for Android TV. The main emphasis of Google TV is on content recommendation and discovery across several services and install apps. Google TV integrates with almost 43 streaming services in the US using its content aggregation features.

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What is Tizen TV?

Tizen TV is an innovative 4th generation smart Linux-based TV platform developed by Samsung and launched in 2015. It was only in 2017 that people began recognizing this intelligent TV platform. It provides an excellent entertainment Experience with its latest features, such as Amazon video Netflix, Facebook, YouTube etc. Besides that, it also has built-in apps such as I player ESPN that one can use.

Tizen OS allows integrating apps on the web with other devices. You can easily download teasing apps from Play Store, the Samsung web browser, or any other device built with flash support. It has a striking auto-updating feature on its platform. The available search option allows one to find videos and music at the fingertip.

It is an actual hybrid of television Technology supporting 3000 reruns and a variety of apps. It also allows watching movies with excellent audio-visual effects and playing games compatible with all significant technology. This Tizen TV has a 64-bit processor that provides HDR 10 and HDR 10+ with fantastic picture quality, making it the most utilized innovative TV OS system.

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Difference Between Android TV and Tizen TV

  1. Android TV offers a google centric search bar, while Tizen has a laid-out status bar.
  2. Android TV supports google play store apps, but Tizen doesn’t support downloading apps from the play store; however, you can use already installed apps on it.
  3. Android TV doesn’t have any specific features for gaming. However, the latest Tizen TV is gaming-oriented, with an advanced Samsung gaming hub which allows browsing, purchasing and playing various games on the TV.
  4. Android TV allows screen mirroring, Miracast, Screen mirroring Castelo, etc., for screen casting. On the other hand, intelligent things, SmartView, are used on Tizen TV for viewing content from mobile, tablets, etc. on TV.
  5. Android TV has a google operating system, while Tizen TV has a Linux-based operating system.

Comparison Between Android TV and Tizen TV

Parameter of ComparisonAndroid TVTizen TV
User interfaceUser friendlyLess user friendly
Voice assistantGoogle AssistantGoogle assistant, Bixby, Alexa
TV brandsTCL, Sony, Hisense, GoogleSamsung Gaming hub
WorkingFastFaster and very smooth working
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