iPad vs Android Tablet: Difference and Comparison

With digitalisation’s onset, most offices, schools, banks and shopping have shifted to our devices. We work and even learn from our devices. The most common device that provides flexibility, as well as versatility, is tablet.

The two most common choices between tablets are that of iPad and Android tablet. The features provided by both types are different from each other.

Key Takeaways

  1. iPads exclusively use Apple’s iOS, while Android tablets run on Google’s Android operating system.
  2. The App Store offers a more curated selection of apps for iPads, whereas Android tablets access a wider range of apps on Google Play.
  3. iPads have a higher build quality and better performance, while Android tablets provide more customization options and price variety.

iPad vs Android Tablet

iPad is the brand name of the tablets manufactured by Apple. It runs on the iOS operating. The Android tablet is a common name for a variety of products with varying specs from different manufacturers, and they run on the Android open-source operating system.

iPad vs Android Tablet

The operating system of the iPad is Apple’s iOS, which is renowned for its intuitive interface and brilliant display. The storage of the iPad is fixed and cannot be changed.

It is not versatile as it does not interact with multiple apps simultaneously and is not ideal for multitasking. The app store of the iPad provides an extra layer of security.

While Android tablet operates on Google’s Android, Android tablets have high speed and provide instant access. Android Tablet has provision for SSD cards to increase the storage capacity.

They are versatile and can interact with other apps with background running apps. They are ideal for multitasking.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisoniPadAndroid Tablet
Application installationApplications can be downloaded only through its App storeApplications can be downloaded from Google Play App Store and other third parties also, since it has an open system
Operating system iPad operates on Apple’s iOS Android tablet operates on Google’s Android
Number of applications iPad supports a larger number of applications Android tablet supports a smaller number of applications
Customization iPad cannot be customized Android tablets can be customized for various options
StorageThe storage on iPad cannot be changed or increasedThe storage on Android tablets can be increased with accessories like SSD cards

What is iPad?

iPad is manufactured by the parent company Apple. It works and runs on Apple’s iOS operating system. The operating system of the iPad has an intuitive interface and brilliant display. The working of iPads is stable and smooth.

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Most iPads have a standard display size of 9.7 inches. However, iPad Air has a 10.5-inch display.

The screen resolution provided in the iPad is 2048 × 1536 pixels. The model iPad Air has a screen resolution of 2224 × 1668 pixels. The performance speed of the iPad is greater, and the interface is smoother.

iPad allows close integration between several devices’ first stop therefore, the users can cut and paste objects from iPad to Mac book easily if they are running simultaneously.

The App Store of iPad provides millions of applications.

Every application is checked and approved before being available on the App Store, which acts as an extra layer of security and minimizes the chance of malware, bugs, or any threats getting into the device.

However, it has no provision for extra storage. Most of the iPads have either 34 GB or 64 GB, and they cannot be changed. iPad cannot be customized. It does not allow multitasking.

The various social media platforms are integrated with the iPad, allowing users to post and share their updates easily.


What is Android Tablet?

Android tablet is portable computing devices that have a touchscreen display and is enabled with the Internet. Tablets are larger than smartphones but smaller than computers. Android tablets are thin and lightweight and can download several applications.

They have high speed and provide instant access. The tablet can run small programs like Microsoft Windows or Google’s Android.

Individuals who want to work in a Microsoft-based environment should opt for Android tablets. Various companies manufacture Android tablets, and each model has different features and specifications.

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They can be easily customized. It allows the users to make all types of changes, including screen images, fonts, Wallpaper, icons, and others.

Android tablets are available in a diverse range from various companies like Samsung, Google, Kindle, and others. The applications on Android tablets are downloaded from the Google Play store.

However, applications can also be downloaded from a third party, which increases the chance of malware or bugs getting inside the device. Android tablets do not have enhanced security layers. They are user-friendly.

The tablets allow multitasking. The users can run various applications simultaneously. The storage offered in Android tablets is not fixed. It has provision for SSD cards, and hence the storage can be expanded.

Android tablets are available at a wide range of prices to cater to a larger segment of customers.

android tablet

Main Differences Between iPad and Android Tablet

  1. Apple Company manufactures iPad, while numerous companies can manufacture Android Tablets.
  2. iPad is not versatile as it does not interact with multiple apps simultaneously, while Android tablets can interact with other apps with background running apps.
  3. iPads are ideal for customers ready to splurge some extra bucks, while Android tablet is ideal for customers on a budget.
  4. iPad provides enhanced security and minimizes the risk of malware and bugs, while Android tablets do not provide any extra layer of security.
  5. iPad has deep integration with social media platforms, so posting or sharing updates is easier on iPad than Android tablets.
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Last Updated : 21 July, 2023

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