Difference Between Microsoft E3 and E5

As we all are aware of the Company named Microsoft and its related things such as its software, personal computers, and other related services provided by them. Hence, Microsoft Enterprise Licensing is one such thing. Here, we are going to discuss Microsoft E3 and E5 which are some of the important aspects of Microsoft Enterprise Licensing.

Microsoft E3 vs E5

The main difference between Microsoft E3 and E5 is that both the software have different usages and skills from each other. Microsoft E3 protects its users from the basic anti-spam and anti-malware systems. On the other hand, Microsoft E5 is a software that protects its users from fraud emails, links, attachments, etc.

Microsoft E3 vs E5

Microsoft E3 is licensed software that protects its users from being traped in various misleading contents. Microsoft E3 mainly focuses upon the protection from the basic anti-spam and anti-malware systems that might cause a lot of problems for the company’s security or its confidential data.

On the other hand, Microsoft E5 is the software that gives protection from various dangerous things as it includes the software named Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection. It protects computers or laptops from several fraudulent things such as emails, links, messages, attachments, etc.

Comparison Table Between Microsoft E3 and E5

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft E3Microsoft E5
DefinitionThe software that protects the devices from misleading kinds of stuff and by providing features such as anti-spam and anti-malware is known as Microsoft E3 license. The Microsoft license that guards the computers against false links, attachments, etc is known as Microsoft E5.
CostIt is noticed that Microsoft E3 is cheaper in terms of price and hence it is affordable. Microsoft E5 is a bit pricer.
SecurityThe security service of Microsoft E3 is comparatively a bit lacking behind than E5. The Microsoft E5 is concluded as one of the best security services provided by Microsoft.
Cloud App SecurityThe Cloud App Security system is absent in the E3 licensing. E5 licensing provides the Cloud App Security system.
AdvancementThe E3 license is comparatively less advanced than E5. E5 licensing is highly efficient and advanced.

What is Microsoft E3?

Microsoft E3 is the second Enterprise licensing feature that has been introduced to accomplish various aspects such as security, business intelligence, etc. Simply, if we need to know about E3 we can say that it has been designed to guard its users against spam. This software comes with many features and hence it is worth every penny that is charged for it. Also, it allows the users to install such software on a total of 15 devices which includes 5 desktops, 5 smartphones, and at last but not least in 5 tablets.

The users are benefited from the self-installation of applications that they use to work such as the updated versions of Excel, PowerPoint, MS-Word, OneDrive, etc in other applications that are used in their day-to-day life. The most major, as well as the sensitive factor that brings people to the installation of Microsoft E3, is their feature of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) where the users can save their data from leaking or being misused by any other person. The charges of Microsoft E3 are issued monthly and it is quite inexpensive and can be easily afforded.

The other features that are included in Microsoft E3 are archiving, advanced emailing, rights management, controlling over emails and documents, etc. The only problem that comes with E3 is that it does not approve to transform its systems.

What is Microsoft E5?

Microsoft E5 is the latest and the most advanced version of Office and therefore, there are some newly added features to it. And the most advanced and unique feature for which E5 is known is its security system. Microsoft has implemented such a strong security system that no one can mislead or hack their respective devices. It protects the devices from fraud emails, attachments, links, etc. The other added features of the E5 license are conferencing, Power BI Pro, insider risk, management, etc. These features save the users from misleading stuff that can affect their respective data.

Microsoft has also added some Analytics tools such as Power BI Pro and MyAnalytics. Also, because of such additional advanced features of E5, the pricing of it has comparatively increased than the other licensing enterprises. The main reason for the preference for the E5 license is its Security Service that comes with Advanced Threat Protection. Generally, such license is used by the Government and Healthcare services as their data are very sensitive as well as confidential.

It also allows its users with an amazing feature of transforming their phone system into Microsoft’s Team Phones. It comes with applications such as Word, Excel. Microsoft Teams, etc. One can choose an E5 license as per their requirement and its pricing.

Main Differences Between Microsoft E3 and E5

  1. Microsoft E3 helps remote workers with efficient technological support. On the other hand, Microsoft E5 is one of the powerful versions of office that enables its users by protecting themselves from various false things.
  2. We can say that Microsoft E3 is towards the affordable side. On the other hand, the Microsoft E5 license is expensive.
  3. Microsoft E3 provides a great security service but on the other hand, Microsoft E5 is more advanced than E3 in security services.
  4. Microsoft E3 does not provide any Cloud App security to its users. On the other hand, there is a feature of Cloud App security in E5.
  5. E3 can be considered as advanced in terms of technology but on the other hand, E5 is more advanced than E3.


Microsoft E3 and E5 are two licensing Enterprises of Microsoft Office 365. These two enterprises help their users by giving protection in several aspects. The usage and the jobs of both the software are different from each other. There is a slight difference in terms of price as well. If anyone wants to install such software then they should install it according to their requirements.


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