Difference Between iPad Air and iPad Pro

Ipad Air and Ipad Pro will help the user to be more creative and work with music, photos, and video, as well as creating documents, presentations, sketching, and spreadsheets.


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Both Ipad Air and Ipad Pro are the most imaginative, powerful, and artistic tablets that are exceptionally similar to each other, yet they are extraordinarily different.

Ipad Air vs Ipad Pro

The difference between Ipad Air and Ipad Pro is that the iPad Air has an exhibition size of 9.7-inches at the lowest price, whereas the iPad Pro has an exhibition size of 12.9-inches which means that the iPad Pro is towering, narrower, and wafer-thin at an extremely high price.

Ipad Air vs Ipad Pro

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The Ipad Air approaches with a whole new A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, so it runs rapidly and has more capabilities.

It’s about 0.68 inches thick and weighs about 3 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around all day long.

Moreover, it has a high-resolution display with 4-inch size and 16GB of memory and up to 10 hours of battery life.

An Ipad Pro is a high-powered tablet with the most powerful Retina display with a higher resolution, meaning the user can see more things on the screen at once and get even better clarity, moreover, the graphics are also twice as powerful, so games and videos look good without having to use an external device or software to enhance.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Ipad AirIpad Pro
MainframeIt utilizes an A6X processor. It utilizes an Intel Core m9 processor.
MassIpad Air is summery and effortlessly transportable with 240 by 169.5 x 6.6 mm.Ipad Pro is slightly hefty with 305.7 by 220 x 6.9 mm.
Execution speedIt is slightly low.It is extremely high and powerful.
SemblanceIt is 9.7-inch where the portrait orientation is 3:2.It is 12.9-inches where the landscape orientation of the iPad Pro is 16:9.
CostIt is low-priced.It is high-priced.

What is Ipad Air?

The iPad Air is a dominating, transportable, and innovative device capable of delivering multimedia on the go. It can be used to surf the web with speed, check emails, watch movies, and play games.

Moreover, it offers an even more durable glass screen which makes it less prone to damage.

The iPad Air makes an appearance complete with an Apple SIM card as standard, which means that it can effortlessly be used in any country without having to purchase a separate SIM card.

It can make connectivity across borders quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Moreover, it also has an alternative of 512GB of storage, which means that the memory will be virtually capped if the user upgrades from the 16GB version of this device.

The iPad Air is a commendatory device for watching 3D movies, HDTV shows, drawing sketches and viewing photos.

When browsing the internet, the user can also enjoy viewing HD videos and playing games on the go as this device is both powerful and portable.

Moreover, with a wafer-thin body and strong connectivity features, it’s easy to use the device to watch movies anywhere.

What is Ipad Pro?

Ipad Pro is the most astonishing, high-powered, influential, futuristic, and compelling device packed with an A9X chip and M9 coprocessor, as well as a four-speaker audio system.

Moreover, the design is sleek, innovational, and fresh, where the device is just 6.9mm thin and weighs in at a whopping 713g.

However, the screen is designed to be as close to a sheet of paper as possible, with a dense pixel density at 264ppi, so the photos and video look stunning on the 275ppi screen.

Ipad Pro has a trendsetting and ultra-modern fingerprint detector so the user can effortlessly unlock the tablet or authorize purchases without having to enter the passcode every time.

Moreover, it also props up Apple Pay, so the user can use it to make secure payments using credit or debit card information.

Ipad Pro also has a forward-looking app that is pre-installed on it, which means the user can take advantage of the ePub format and read PDFs and books, moreover, the user can also use iTunes to use an audio player instead of iBooks,

or even use a third-party app that supports audiobooks.

Main Differences Between Ipad Air and Ipad Pro

  1. The mainframe of Ipa Air utilizes an A6X processor, whereas the mainframe of Ipa Air utilizes an Intel Core m9 processor.
  2. The mass of the Ipad Air is floaty with 240 by 169.5 x 6.6 mm, whereas the mass of the Ipad Pro is portly with 305.7 by 220 x 6.9 mm.
  3. The execution speed of the Ipad Air is slightly low, whereas the execution speed of the Ipad Pro is exceptionally high.
  4. The semblance of Ipad Air is 9.7-inch where the portrait orientation is 3:2, the semblance of the Ipad Pro is 12.9-inches, where the landscape orientation of the iPad Pro is 16:9.
  5. The Ipad Air is low-priced, whereas the Ipad Pro is high-priced.


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