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Difference Between Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines

For starters, Lufthansa offers First Class, whereas Austrian does not, therefore if one wants to travel First, Lufthansa is the greatest option and offers one of several top First Class goods in Europe.


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Excluding the cuisine, which is substantially superior on Austrian, the 2 airlines are somewhat on par in Business Class. 

Lufthansa vs Austrian Airlines

The difference between Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines is that the former is the subsidiary of Lufthansa.

Another difference between Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines is that Lufthansa serves more destinations when compared to Austrian Airlines, making it a better option.

Lufthansa vs Austrian Airlines

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The Lufthansa Group is a global airline with facilities all over the globe. In the fiscal year 2020, the Lufthansa Group earned sales of EUR 13,589 million with 110,065 workers.

The divisions’ Network Airlines, Eurowings, as well as Aviation Services constitutes of Lufthansa Group.

Austrian Airlines AG, commonly abbreviated as Austrian, has been the Austrian flag bearer as well as a Lufthansa Group affiliate.

The airline’s headquarters and hub are both located on the site of Vienna International Airport downtown Schwechat.

This airline was founded in 1957 when Air Austria, as well as Austrian Airways, merged, but its heritage dates back to 1923 when Austrian Airways was founded.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLufthansaAustrian Airlines
Destinations servedLufthansa serves a wide range of destinations, that is 221. This is one of the major reason why people prefer Lufthansa.On the other hand, Austrian Airlines just serves 117 destinations.
Which is betterTalking about the First and Business Class, Lufthansa is a better choice for the flyers out there.Whereas, Austrian Airlines don’t have First Class. They do serve better food compared to it’s peer.
Total fleetsWith 237 aircraft in service as well as 194 more on orders, Lufthansa seems to have a huge fleet.On the other hand, until March 2020, Austrian Airlines reported 84 airplanes in operation and 12 more on order.
Main HubsLufthansa primarily operates from Frankfurt. Also, the secondary hub of Lufthansa is Munich.The terminal of Austrian Airlines is Vienna Airport Terminal. Schwechat, Austria, is where the company’s headquarters are located.
FoundedSince Lufthansa is the parent company, it was established on 6 January 1953.Whereas, the Austrian Airlines were established on 30th September, 1957.

What is Lufthansa?

With passenger numbers, Lufthansa is Europe’s 2nd biggest airline. It is Germany’s national airline.

One of the founders of Star Alliance is Lufthansa. Lufthansa had already made great strides since its founding in Berlin as Deutsche Luft Hansa A.G. (DLH).

DLH served as Germany’s national airline until1945 while all operations were halted due to Nazi Germany’s defeat.

Luftag was renamed DLH and began its operations as Lufthansa around 1954. By January 6, 1953, Lufthansa was created.

By April 1, 1955, it entered service. As of may 2014, Carsten Spohr has served as CEO and Chairman of Lufthansa. He works for German carrier airlines.

Lufthansa has two bases from which it services its passengers. Frankfurt is the principal hub, whereas Munich is the secondary core.

Cologne is home to Lufthansa’s registered address as well as its company headquarters. In 2019, 138353 people worked for Lufthansa.

With 237 aircraft equipped as well as 194 more on order, Lufthansa seems to have a large fleet.

What is Austrian Airlines?

Austrian Airlines AG is the country’s flag aircraft. It is just a division of the Lufthansa corporation. It is also a part of the Star Alliance. Around 1957, Austrian Airlines was founded.

\Air Austria, as well as Austrian Airways, merged to form Austrian Airlines. Austrian Airways began as a government company in 1923.

Around 1958, it had leased its very own aircraft and was providing its regular service. During the 2000s, the airlines grew further with the purchases of Rheintalflug as well as Lauda Air.

It was bought by the Lufthansa Group in 2009 and transformed into a division, giving it its privatization status.

After its commercialization, the company implemented both fleet growth and cost-cutting initiatives since it reorganized; apparent modifications including route revisions, a new company design, and updated aeroplane livery.

Every Austrian Airlines service was moved to its affiliate, Tyrolean Airways, that remained underneath the Austrian brand, on July 1, 2012, amidst worker disagreements over multiple cost-cutting initiatives.

Main Differences Between Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines

  1. Lufthansa flies to a total of221, making it the largest airline in the world. One of the main reasons why customers favor Lufthansa is this. Austrian Airlines, from the other end, only flies to 117 locations.
  2. When it comes to First as well as Business Class, Lufthansa is the best option for frequent passengers. Austrian Airlines, on the other hand, does not offer First Class. They do provide better meals than their competitors.
  3. On the other hand, until March 2020, Austrian Airlines reported 84 airplanes in operation and 12 more on order. Austrian Airlines, from the other end, claimed 84 planes in service and 12 more on schedule until March 2020.
  4. Lufthansa is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Munich is, however, Lufthansa’s auxiliary hub. Vienna Air Terminal is Austrian Airlines’ main hub. The company’s offices are based in Schwechat, Austria.
  5. It was founded on January6, 1953, because Lufthansa is the main corporation. Austrian Airlines, on the other hand, was founded in September30 1957. Not to forget that Austrian Airlines are a sub-division of Lufthansa.
Difference Between Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines
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