iPad vs Tablet: Difference and Comparison

There are many electronic devices that are used for several purposes, earlier, everything was used to be on a computer only. Documents and files were saved and transferred through them only.

Then the internet was introduced, which changed the whole game. New devices supporting internet features were started to manufacture. Then came smartphones. Everything that can be done on computers can also be now done on phones.

After this, tablets and iPads were introduced. Both of them are similar to phones but with some advanced features. They were better than laptops and computers as they could be transported anywhere easily without any difficulties.

Both iPads and tablets are similar in lots of ways, but still, there are differences among them.

Key Takeaways

  1. An iPad is a brand of tablet created by Apple, whereas a tablet is a general term for any portable mobile device with a touchscreen display.
  2. iPads run on Apple’s proprietary operating system, iOS, while tablets can run on different operating systems, such as Android, Windows, or Linux.
  3. iPads are more expensive than tablets due to the brand name and quality of hardware and software.

Ipad vs Tablet

iPad runs on Apple’s Ios, whereas the operating system used in the tablet is Google’s Android. Ipad does not have the benefits of multi-tasking, while on a tablet, one can multitask by using multiple apps at once. Ipad does not support Flash or shock-wave flash, which the tablet does.

Ipad vs Tablet

Ipads are personal computers with touch screen and other features; it is manufactured by Apple only. It was introduced in 2010. They come in different colors and features that depend on their cost and vice versa.

This can also be used for watching videos, and movies, storing files, gaming, etc. It is easier to carry due to its lightweight and good battery backup. The tablet is a short computer that is larger than a normal smartphone. This can be recharged with the help of a charger; it comes with a touchscreen feature.

Several companies manufacture tablets; therefore, they come in varieties of features. It has a flat thin screen. It fulfils all the purposes of a phone. It is best for a person who needs to carry a computer or laptop everywhere. It is also affordable.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIpadTablet
Manufactured byApple onlyDifferent companies
Operating SystemIOSAndroid, windows, etc.
Multi-taskingNot possibleIt is possible
Flash featureDoes not have thisThis can be easily download
AffordableLess affordableMore affordable

What is an Ipad?

Ipads are manufactured by Apple. The following are the benefits of owning an Ipad:

  1. Presentation Tool: it is the best gadget for presentation due to its excellent high-quality display. It is easier to carry. Therefore, there is no problem in travelling with at, and you can give a presentation to any at any moment. It also lets you connect the device to a large screen if the presentation is done before more people.
  2. Improves communication: this gadget is also used for communication purposes. You can do face-time or video calling from anywhere in the world. For this purpose, you can download multiple apps, such as skype. This also helps in making conference calls and betterment in any project management.
  3. Customer Experience: you can do anything on iPads, from shopping, selling, and making payments too. You can save files and work and then share them with other people as well. The operation used by iPads makes all processes smoother.
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  1. Transferring files with gadgets that are not ma manufactured by Apple, therefore, the process is hectic.
  2. Ipads do not support multitasking.
  3. It does not have a flash feature as well.
  4. It is quite expensive and cannot afford by everyone.

What is a Tablet?

Tablets are bigger and smaller than phones and computers, respectively. Besides this, they have all the following benefits:

  1. Light and portable: the first and main aim behind the manufacturing of tablets is that they can be easily portable and light in weight, therefore can be taken everywhere. It is easy to put them in your bag and travel.
  2. Connectivity: you can connect with anyone anywhere. It provides features of computers; therefore, presentation and communication become flexible and versatile.
  3. Affordable: When compared with computers and laptops, they are much more affordable. Therefore a person looking for computer features but has a low budget can go for tablets.
  4. Entertainment Source: they can also be used for the purpose of entertainment. You can play games, watch movies or series, etc.
  5. Web browsing: you can also use this gadget for browsing anything on the internet.

You can give a tablet to your child also as it can also be used for learning and studying. Using this can come with several benefits. But it is important to use these gadgets with precautions as they can cause harmful effects on the eyes and sometimes can also lead to addiction.


Main Differences Between an Ipad and a Tablet

  1. The tablet is a mini-computer that can be operated without wires and have a flat and thin screen, whereas iPads are a type of tablet. The only difference is it is manufactured by only one company, Apple.
  2. In terms of operating systems, tablets have the upper hand as they come with different operating systems that, include Androids, Windows, etc. Ipad has a disadvantage in this as when compared to tablet iPads only runs on one operating system, i.e., iOS.
  3. Both of them also differ in terms of the flash option. With this feature, you can watch videos only and connects to YouTube. This feature is available on tablets. It can be easily downloaded, but the major reason why iPads are lacking behind is the absence of this feature, and you cannot download Flash on iPads by any means.
  4. Despite the fact that its disadvantage mentioned above iPad does have a certain advantage as it can store a maximum number of apps at a time while the tablet cannot store more apps in comparison to iPads.
  5. When compared in terms of tasking, tablets are proven to be a better option as they can use for more tasks at a time. For example, if you want to perform a second task, the first task will not stop. It will work properly. But in iPads, multi-tasking is not possible. As soon as you try to run the new function, the previous function will stop automatically.
  6. They differ in terms of design; tablets are designed by more than one company. Therefore you get different features as well, but the iPad is designed by only one company with fixed features. This also affects the cost as the tablet is produced by different companies. They have different prices, but iPads do not have a large price range.
Difference Between an iPad and a Tablet
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Last Updated : 05 August, 2023

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