Difference Between HDMI Cable and AV Cable (With Table)

The time of cables started in the early 21 century. The invention of televisions, mobiles happened as time passed. From trunk calls that took days to smartphones that can connect in less than a second, things change for good. Well, talking about cables and wires, HDMI cables and AV cables are one of the important wirelines that give television meaning. However, there lies a difference between them.

HDMI Cable vs AV Cable

The difference between an HDMI cable and an AV cable is that an HDMI cable is meant to support the digital signal while an av cable supports an analogue one. They both have great importance in maintaining the signal quality, strength and robust nature of the television. Also, HDMI cables are less susceptible to noise while AV is more susceptible.

The HDMI cable or high-definition multimedia interface cable is a type of wired connection that provides the data onto the screen. It’s responsible for transmitting uncompressed video information and digital audio either compressed or uncompressed from an HDMI-compliant source device, like referring to a display controller.

An AV cable is an audio-video cable that accepts analogue signals and is more susceptible to noise as well. It’s responsible for sending the audio-video signals to the television. It works in electricity and has an electrical connector as well.

Comparison Table Between HDMI Cable and AV Cable

Parameters of ComparisonHDMI CableAV Cable
DefinitionHDMI cable is a way of transporting the video signals to the television.AV cables are now predominantly used that has audio-video signals to be displayed onto the screen.
Data conveyingHDMI cables convey data digitally.AV cables don’t convey data in Digital form.
SignalHDMI cable works on Digital signals.AV cables accept analogue signals.
Noise susceptibleHDMI cables are less noise susceptible.AV cables are more noise susceptible.
Wire partsThere’s only one HDMI cable with a single head to be connected on the television side.Well, there are two wires to convey the data in audio form and video form.

What is HDMI Cable?

Things have changed lately. From big heavy televisions or small screen TVs and now there are OLED TVs and curved TVs. Television has been playing an important role in entertaining the world. Across the globe, there’s hardly any house or residential places that don’t have a television. The cables help in transporting the signals to the TV so that any show with the volume can come up.

HDMI cables are very important to watch any show hosted around the world. Without audio, video is useless, and without video, audio is someway useless. Talking about HDMI cables, these are high-definition multimedia interface wires that display the screen when connected to the side of the TV.

There are, however, 3-4 ports with which you can easily make a connection. An HDMI cable can also be used to mirror the laptop to the television. Simply you need to do is just connect one of the ports to the laptop and one to the television. And you can easily watch shows on the big screen.

It has a silver head and black rubber all around, making the wire robust. The front part is more like a trapezium with two parallel sides and the smaller side on the top. It’s used to convey Digital signals. There’s no need for any other cable when HDMI cable is used. It accepts and transfers both audio and video signals simultaneously.

What is AV Cable?

Well, you must have seen some colourful wires that are connected to the television, like blue, yellow, and red. These have a clear meaning and has an algorithm that will transfer that very data and information onto the televisions screen. AV cables are popular these days and have a greater impact on electrical technology.

Talking about AV cables, the name AV comes from audio video cables. These are those colourful wire combination that is fitted either at the side of the TV or behind the TV. These have a specific port and an order of acceptance. AV cables are like the pen ball but have a larger shape. These are made of conductive materials to support electricity.

2 wires make an SV cable pair. The one wire is for the audio signal, and the second wire is for the video signal. These are supposed to be connected to display the screen corresponding to the audio. These AV cables support analogue signals to transmit the data into the system.

Well, SV cables don’t support multiple signals from a single wireline. It can only transfer one signal and that to everyone that is assigned. These are quite old School cables and are replaced by high-end versions of wirelines. Also, AV cables are more susceptible to noise as compared with other devices.

Main Differences Between HDMI Cable and AV Cable

  1. HDMI cable is a new version of cables transmitting multiples signals at a time, while AV cables are old-fashioned cables carrying only one signal.
  2. There exists only one HDMI cable to support the system, while AV cables need two ports and two cables.
  3. HDMI can transmit audio, video with itself simultaneously while the audio and Video goes in two different cables.
  4. The appearance of an HDMI cable is silver with black rubber, while the AV cables are mostly colourful.
  5. HDMI cables transmit the data into digital signals while AV supports analogue signals.


Well, wireline has an important part in data transfer. HDMI cable and AV cable are some of the important inventions that had been successful in keeping the audio and video intact at the same place. However, there’s a time difference in their inventions.

HDMI cables support digital signals and don’t need any other wireline to transmit either audio or video signals. It can transmit multiple signals to the screen. While an AV cable is not a modern invention. You might have seen colourful wires that are pointed and to be fitted inside the television.


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