Difference Between VGA and HDMI

The connector even the name tells its meaning. The object that connects. These connectors were used to connect the computer and televisions to the network which helps in the display.

The connectors VGA and HDMI are both connectors that have different properties and features. The Vga and Hdmi are both almost the same but also many differences are seen in them.

While they both are wired and today in the market many wireless technologies also prevail.


The main difference between VGA and HDMI are both connectors but the HDMI are the connectors that help in transmitting video and audio. On the other hand, the VGA is unable to transmit audio signals. The VGA is used to transfer the analog signals while HDMI is used for the digital signal.


The VGA came in 1987 and was introduced by IBM. It gave a resolution of 480px and had a speed of 60Hz. It helps in transferring the analog signals. It is the cable that is connected to the CPU and the monitor.

The VGA is now called an old technology and a better alternative has also been used called Digital Visual Interface (DVI).

The HDMI, at present, is produced by seven companies and first came into the market 18 years ago in December 2002. They are used to transmit digital signals, therefore, supporting video and audio signals.

The HDMI has still not lost its charm. Thus, the HDMI is used still in DVD players, Set-up box and many more.

Comparison Table Between VGA and HDMI

Parameters of ComparisionVGA HDMI
Full formVGA stands for Video Graphic Array.HDMI stands for the High Definition Multimedia Interface.
DefinitionThe VGA is the connector used in the computer for the video output.The HDMI was the connector used in computers and Television to transmit audio and video signals.
Transmitting SignalThe VGA was used to transmit analog signals.The HDMI is used to transmit digital signals.
Signal strengthThe VGA was able to take only video signals.The HDMI can multiple signals thus didn’t require any cables for every different function.
Audio SignalsThe VGA required a different connector for the audio signals.The HDMI didn’t need an audio cable.
ResolutionThe VGA provided lower resolution as compared to the HDMI.The HDMI provided the video in high resolution as compared to the VGA.
GamingThe VGA didn’t provide the high best gaming features as compared to the HDMI.The HDMI because of better resolution and speed showed better performance in games.
FoundersThe VGA was founded by IBM.The HDMI was founded by seven companies.
Launched in Year The VGA was launched in the market in 1987.The HDMI launched in December 2002.

What is VGA?

The VGA is the Video Graphics Array. It is a connector that is used to connect the video signals. It was founded by IBM in 1987. The VGA became universal at that time. It was used to found on every computer.

The VGA was an independent product. Yet, it required a different cable for the audio signals. Later on, they were also introduced in the high-definition TV.

The VGA was used to transmit the analog signals, and these signals came with a drawback.

The signals need a wired connection to reach the destination, and the signals enhancers were also introduced between the cable to increase or maintain the frequency of the carrier signals. 

The VGA comes with 15 pins and provides a speed of 60 Hz. The cable was able to bear only the video signals and needed a separate cable for the audio signals. This would increase the wiring cost.

Therefore, later a new connector known as the DVI came into the market, which took its place. These days the VGA is rarely seen in the market.

What is HDMI?

The HDMI is the High Definition Multimedia Interface that came on the market in December 2002. They were founded by the seven companies together. The seven companies include Phillps, Panasonic, Hitachi, RCA, and many more.

The HDMI still exsits in the amrket. They still hold their charm and are used for many purposes. Like they are used in DVS players, Set-up box and many more.

The HDMI provides high resolution and can carry digital signals. They are wired connectors with three types of pins. They are actually of four different categories HDMI based on the pins. Type A, B, C, and D are the different categories.

Type C is also known as the charger for smartphones. 

HDMI also had an alternative called Display Port. The reason for an alternative is that the Display Port can carry both audio and video signals digitally. They are mostly used in the Home Theatres.

Main Differences Between VGA and HDMI

  1. The VGA doesn’t provide a higher resolution as compared to the HDMI.
  2. The VGA needed a different cable for the audio signals, while HDMI didn’t need it.
  3. The VGA carries the analog signal, and the HDMI needs the digital signal.
  4. The HDMI can carry multiple signals, and the VGA can carry only video signals.
  5. The VGA is a 15 pin connector, while the HDMI is a different category based on the pins. 
  6. The HDMI showed excellent performance in the games, while the speed and resolution were lacking in the VGA. Therefore, VGA was not found compatible for gaming purposes.
Difference Between VGA and HDMI


The VGA is a connector that was introduced in the market that can carry analog signals. Later, as the technology improved, the HDMI was launched in collaboration with seven companies.

This connector helped to carry the digital signals of both audio and video. The different times and different needs took an advanced step of innovation in HDMI. The HDMI is still used and is very beneficial.

The VGA became an old technology as it was unable to support many signals at a time and thus, made the connection bulky. The wires web was also troubling to undone the wires and have many chances of an accident.

Later, as the technology improved, the new innovation showed new features, therefore, replacing the VGA from the market. The HDMI didn’t face these issues.


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