Difference Between Otterbox Symmetry and Commuter

Otterbox Symmetry cases have very beautiful and wonderful designs. As it has a single layer of protection Symmetry design is very sleek and tender.

Commuter cases are thicker and because it protects two layers. Its design is bulky. Because of its thickness, it has a grip, so the phone will not fall easily from the hands.

Comparison Table Between Otterbox Symmetry and Commuter

Parameters of ComparisonOtterbox SymmetryCommuter
LayerOne LayerDouble Layer
ProtectionDoesn’t protect from dust & dirtProtects from dust & dirt.
DesignLots of colour and variationLimited block colours and no variation
ColourOcean Way, Black, Bespoke Way Blue, Ballet Way Pink etc.Black, Rock Candy Blue, Earl Grey, Cake Pop Pink.
Available modelsOnePlus, Google, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Asus, and T-MobileAvailable for all phones, except for Asus and T-Mobile

What is Otterbox Symmetry?

Otterbox Symmetry case is very easy to remove and install because it has a single layer. It is very sleek i.e. slim in design. But it doesn’t mean that it offers less protection.

No harm will be caused to it. Symmetry cases are pocketable as it is very thin so it can come in any type of clothing. It is also best suited for fashionable people because it comes in a lot of designs and variations.

It also comes in other variants for the people who are adventurous in nature like Stardust Glitter, Wallflower Graphic, or Moon Walker Graphic, Enigma, Shell-Shocked Graphic.

What is Commuter?

Commuter cases come with a changeable back. Like symmetry, Commuter can also fit well in the pockets. But due to its thickness, it is difficult to adjust in the tight pocket area.

It is very easy to hold as it has a tight grip because of its thickness. Sometimes the polycarbonate plastic in the bottom of the case can crack.

However, at times it may be a little bit difficult due to its bulky size to reach the buttons of the smartphones as it offers very little resistance.

Main Differences Between Otterbox Symmetry and Commuter

  1. Otterbox symmetry has 12 options such as Bespoke Way Blue, Black, Ballet Way Pink etc. The commuter has 4 options such as Earl Grey, Cake Pop Pink, Black, and Rock Candy Blue.
  2. Otterbox Symmetry is available in models like OnePlus, Google, Apple, Samsung, LG, Asus, Motorola, and T-Mobile. The commuter is available in models for all phones, except for Asus and T-Mobile.


Both Otterbox Symmetry and Commuter comes in the same sizes. Both are the same in function like they are accessible for headphone jack and charging points.

Commuter provides extra grip and bumper so that it will not fall from sweaty hands and drop. With symmetry cases, it is very easy to access the phone screens and buttons.

The commuter has a lightning port cover, while Symmetry is very attractive in designs and variations. Both have almost the same prizes.


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