Toyota Entune vs Apple Carplay: Difference and Comparison

As we see day by day, technology increases day by day. Every day new features are added to life by technology. And we all are surrounded by technological things.

As we hear, many cars were developed with very unique features. The technology in the car changes faster. Let’s discuss some amazing technological features of cars.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Entune is a proprietary infotainment system developed by Toyota that provides features such as navigation, music streaming, and hands-free calling. At the same time, Apple CarPlay is a software feature that allows users to connect their iPhones to the car’s infotainment system and access various apps and features.
  2. Apple CarPlay is only available on select Toyota models, while Toyota Entune is available on most Toyota vehicles.
  3. Toyota Entune requires a subscription for some of its premium features, while Apple CarPlay does not require additional subscriptions.

Toyota Entune vs Apple Carplay

Toyota Entune is only available in certain Toyota models, whereas Apple CarPlay is available in many different car models from a range of automakers. Toyota Entune is only compatible with certain types of smartphones, whereas Apple CarPlay is designed for iPhones and has more advanced features.

Toyota Entune vs Apple Carplay

Toyota Entune is technology connected to the car to provide a navigation system. That tool provides information about traffic, sports scores, weather, and fuel prices.


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Toyota Entune is also providing subscriptions to SiriusXM. In that tool, USB, Radio, and Bluetooth are also connected. To use all those features we need a data plan.    

The Apple company developed much new technology, and yes, not normal people can afford that, but then they will get many advantages. Apple car play is a device that is used to connect to a car.

But Apple Carplay is an option only for iPhone users. And only some luxury cars provide the Carplay feature already in them.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota EntuneApple Carplay
FeaturesSome features are unique in Entune.Carplay also has some different features.
PriceMore likely Toyota cars provide Entune so it becomes costly to buy.Apple products are high brands with the highest price so the Carplay system is a high budget tool.
Additional advantageToyota Entune provides some additional features like SIRI and many more but we need premium in this.In the Apple Carplay system, there is no need to take a premium for additional advantages.
Customization Entune provides good customization.Carplay is considered best for visual customization.
VersionsToyota changing its version means adding up new features. Toyota Entune 3.0 is the current version.Carplay also changed its version for a new feature. It is updated by iOS.

What is Toyota Entune?

The in-car Toyota Entune system is connected with comprehensive features or a set of apps that are accessed by touchscreen monitors in your Toyota vehicle.

The Entune app connects with your smartphone to deliver music, weather news, navigation, fuel prices, etc.

There is a need for a data plan to use it and some subscriptions. Entune app is compatible with the Android system and all other smartphones.

Since it was developed in 2012 with features including information and entertainment, and the navigation system is connected to a touchscreen monitor which shows the direction to the driver.

Let’s talk about how it’s working. Entune app suite is the app in the smartphone to access the available features.

Once the app is downloaded on mobile, all features with accessed data are easy to use. The app is open only when data is turned on.

It also has a customization feature, so we choose the app we want to place first on that screen according to our choice. The monitor screen comes in the size of 6-9 inches. It is up to us which size we want.

There are the same features in each size we purchase.

Sometimes advanced features are already included in the system. Features of Toyota Entune have come up in three levels.

The first one was the Entune audio system which included Bluetooth features, Siri, voice recognition, and all audio-related features. And the other two have weather and additional information features which were provided by the driver driving.

Also, some premium features are included in this as an option. 

toyota entune

What is Apple Carplay?

Carplay is the best feature developed by Apple. It is very smart and easy to use an iPhone in the car while driving. We can get any information regarding location, route, and directions, and we enjoy music by that.

Apple car play is a built-in display. Apple car play has a system of Apple maps.

It is a very powerful and simple feature. Carplay can also predict where you are going by checking your phone means by email, text messages, contacts, and calendar. Apple car play comes with a very good customization screen, like custom wallpapers are on your screen, and it looks so attractive.

It’s a 3D experience while you watch that screen on your dashboard. In this, Siri is connected it gives you all information like phone calls and missed calls all you have to do is ask.

You can also send voice messages, voice calls, so you don’t need to check your phone.

Thousands plus radio connected with DJ music effect you’ll enjoy the experience. The calendar already gives you all information about the day, important dates, meetings, etc.

You have to turn on speakers and keep your concentration on driving. You can also control it by using buttons on staring. This means you can control it with a twist, touch, or word.

Car play supports all the features of the iPhone app also, if you want to invite other apps, then you can do and arrange it to your choice. There are 600 plus models in which car play is used.

Carplay is compatible with iPhone models 5,7,8,11, or many new generations.

apple carplay

Main Differences Between Toyota Entune And Apple Carplay

  1. Toyota Entune is compatible with a variety of smartphone companies, and mobile brand doesn’t matter, whereas In apple Carplay iPhone users can access its Carplay features. It’s only compatible with one variety of ios.
  2. Features vary in Toyota Entune, like you can connect USB, whereas there is no option in some Apple Carplay to connect extra things.
  3. Toyota Entune has fewer features or advantages, whereas Apple Carplay has more privileges if we compare these two.
  4. Customization and designing are good for Toyota Entune, whereas Apple Carplay provides a 3D customization view.
  5. Most of the time, we have to make a connection of Entune in our car, whereas in a luxurious car, Carplay is already provided.
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