Difference Between Toyota Quantum and Toyota Hiace

Up for camping? or maybe a long drive to the beach? Well, Toyota’s workhorses are here to help.


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Toyota Quantum vs Toyota Hiace

The difference between Toyota Quantum and Toyota Hiace is that the former is a newer version of the latter.  Quantum is a full-fledged MUV with great economy and subtle luxurious features, even more, spacious than the Hiace models.

Toyota Quantum vs Toyota Hiace

The Quantum’s new 2.8-liter engine outperforms the Hiace’s four-cylinder DOHC engine in both horsepower and top-speed. Quantum’s engine is equipped with a turbocharger and an intercooler, which helps produce strong and dynamic performance while augmenting the fuel economy and silence.

The veteran Hiace models are not manufactured anymore freshly but are still available in markets as second hands or modified ones. However, the Hiace minibus 14 seater models aren’t quite extinct because of their promising performance and economy.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota QuantumToyota Hiace
Year of manufactureFirst model in 2005 South Africa New Models: Quantum GL, Diesel and Concept were released in 2020.First launched in October 1967 and manufactured till 2012. New models are hybrid.
Engine capacity2.7 or 2.8 liters 4 cycle DOHC engine( turbocharger and intercooler equipped) with a net engine capacity of 2694 cc.2.5 liters turbo diesel 4 cylinder engine with a net engine capacity of 2494 cc.
Type of vehicleMUV, panel van.Minibus
Engine Power and RPM111 kW and peak RPM of 480075 kW and peak RPM of 3600
Top-speedThe new Toyota Quantum GL and Concept provides a topspeed of 175 km/h.Toyota Hiace minibus offers a topspeed of 135 km/h.
Fuel and transmission typeNewly manufactured Quantum models offer optional automatic transmission and are petrol powered.Toyota Hiace 2.5d models are powered by diesel engines and are equipped with manual transmission gears.

What is Toyota Quantum?

Toyota Quantum is a MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) that was first manufactured in 2005 in South Africa and newer models are still being manufactured under different sub-brandings. It was inspired by the Hiace minibus and a few tweaks and changes gave birth to the Quantum.

Quantum is also equipped with dual airbags (some latest models have 4) and is a good option if you are considering a mobile van or a panel van for traveling. New models of Quantum were released in 2020 including Quantum: diesel, GL, and the new Quantum Concept as well.

This vehicle gives its predecessor solid competition when it comes to engine power and warranty years. The newer models of Toyota Quantum offer up to 40,000 km and 2 years of the warranty period, which is quite decent for a minivan.

The Quantum also boasts a remotely controllable central locking 5 door system along with dual-chambered optional air conditioners which will lift the luxury experience quite exponentially.

What is Toyota Hiace?

Another great choice from the catalog of efficient minibusses, Toyota Hiace is the veteran’s choice when it comes to minibusses and panel vans. This power-packed vehicle offers up to 16 seater choices and the 11 seater models offer a comparatively larger boot space.

Toyota Hiace was first manufactured in the year 1967 and still exists because of its performance and affordable models.  Hiace offers you 2.5 liters diesel-powered $ cylinder front-loaded DOHC engine that can push a top speed of 135 km/h without any struggles.

The Hiace is equipped with modern features like front fog lamps and ABS (Antilock Braking System) as well as power steering. Although some might prefer a bit more juice from a minivan, this beast isn’t that bad at all.

Main Differences Between Toyota Quantum and Toyota Hiace

  1. Toyota Hiace was manufactured in 1967 where as Quantum was manufactured much later in 2005.
  2. Toyota Quantum is equipped with a petrol powered 2.7 l engine whereas the Hiace is equipped with a 2.5 l diesel powered engine.
  3. Quantum offers a maximum of 14 seats but Hiace has a maximum of 16 seats to offer
  4. On road engine performance is better in the New Toyota Quantum but in case of Hiace its quite average.
  5. Top speed of Quantum is 175 km/h but Hiace is maxed out at 135 km/h
  6. Some newer models off Toyota Quantum offer automatic transmission but Hiace has no such mentions in its core models.


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