Difference Between Toyota Yaris and Toyota Corolla

Automobiles play a vital part in our day-to-day life. Due to automobiles the roads and highways were and are constantly being constructed.


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The automobile industry is one of the biggest industries. There are all sorts of automobiles, i.e., 2-wheeler to 8 wheelers too.

There is even many more automobile brands and companies, among which there is the Toyota Yaris and the Toyota Corolla.

Toyota Yaris vs Toyota Corolla

The difference between Toyota Yaris and Toyota Corolla is that Yaris is not equipped, with so much safety as compared to Toyota Corolla. Toyota Yaris is cheaper, whereas the Toyota Corolla is very expensive. It is considered one of the expensive cars in the Toyota company due to its safety facilities.

Toyota Yaris vs Toyota Corolla

Toyota Yaris in Japanese is known as Toyota Yarisu is a car of the company named Toyota. Toyota is a Japanese brand or company.

Yarisu is a subcompact or roadster car sold since 1999. The Yaris template is so attractive that it is applied in many other vehicles.

The Yaris Verso mini MPV is also known as the Fun cargo was sold in Europe between 1995 and 2005, this vehicle used the Yaris template.

While, Toyota Corolla in Japanese Hepburn is known as Toyota Karōra is also a car of the Japanese Toyota company.

Corolla was launched by Toyota long back in 1966, this car was a hit in the automobile market in 1974. Corolla is one of the best-selling cars of the Toyota company.

Corolla is also a compact car but this car is well known for its safety features.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota YarisToyota Corolla
First model Was launched in 1999. Was launched in 1966.
FeaturesIt is compact and less roomy. It is compact but very spacious and luxurious.
Safety featuresIt does not have a safety break. It has a special feature of safety break and is well known for it.
Fuel typeIt runs on petrol and less power. It runs on petrol and more power.
Price pointIt is affordable and budget friendly. It is pricey and expensive.

What is Toyota Yaris?

Toyota Yaris is a car of the Japanese company Toyota. This car was launched in 1999 and is on the market since then. The Toyota Yaris template is used by many vehicles around the globe.

The name “Yaris” is derived from the Greek word “Charis”, the singular form or word for Charites, the goddesses of charm and beauty in Greek mythology.

Toyota Yaris has sold 8.71 million of its units around the globe, according to the facts and figures collected in 2020.

Toyota Yaris has many varieties. Toyota Yaris till now has Four generations as of 1999.

The generations are: The first generation (XP10) was launched in the year 1999, and it was the first model of Toyota Yaris; The Second generation (XP90) was launched in the year 2005; The Third generation (XP130) was launched in the year 2011 and the model (XP150) was launched in 2015; The Fourth generation (XP210) was launched recently in the year 2020.

Toyota Yaris has its other versions too i.e., the Mazda2-based models which are DJ and DL categories, these models were launched in 2015. Toyota Yaris has a nameplate for other models too, those are the Yaris Verso in 1999 and Yaris Cross in 2020.

Toyota Yaris gives a mileage of about 17Kmpl, has Power of about 105.94 bhp at the rate of 6000 rpm, has Torque of about 140 Nm at the rate of 4200 rpm.

Toyota Yaris runs on petrol and no diesel. Toyota Yaris has a promising petrol-automatic variant, it is squarely aimed at the segments of stalwarts. It is a smooth car and is best for a family drive. It has a good grip on roads and is very comfortable.

What is Toyota Corolla?

Toyota Corolla is also a Japanese car of the Toyota company. This car came into the market long before Toyota Yaris.

This car was launched by Toyota in the year 1966 and was the best-selling car in 1974. Surpassing the Volkswagen Beetle, the Toyota Corolla nameplate is the best-selling nameplate in the world.

The word “Corolla” is derived from the Latin word which means a small crown.

Toyota Corolla has many types. It has had twelve Generations since 1966. The generations are as follows: The 1st generation (E10) was launched in 1966 and it was the first-ever model of Toyota Corolla.

The 2nd generation (E20) was launched in the year 1970; The 3rd generation (E30, E40, E50, E60) was launched in the year 1974 altogether; The 4th generation (E70) was launched in1979; The 5th generation (E80) was launched in 1983, followed by the 6th generation (E90) was launched in the year 1987; The 7th generation (E100) was launched in 1991 and the 8th generation (E110) was launched in the year 1995.

The 9th generation (E120, E130) was launched in the year 2000 together; The 10th generation (E140, E150) was launched in 2006; The 11th generation (E160, E170, E180) was launched together in the year 2012; The 12th generation (E210) was launched in the year 2018.

Toyota Corolla has a Station wagon, hatchback and a sedan. It is very pricey and known because of the safety features it caters since the beginning.

Due to its safety brake technology, this car is costlier than Toyota Yaris. Toyota Corolla is also a compact car that has a big trunk and has roomy leg keeping space.

The Toyota Corolla is a well-rounded car for all occasions. It has more power and features and has a similar fuel economy.

Main Differences Between Toyota Yaris and Toyota Corolla

  1. Toyota Yaris is affordable in price, whereas Toyota Corolla is pricey.
  2. Toyota Yaris is a new model launched in 1999, whereas Toyota Corolla is a very old model launched in 1966 and it is still being re-modelled.
  3. Toyota Yaris runs on less power, whereas Toyota Corolla runs efficiently on more power.
  4. Toyota Yaris does not have a safety break, whereas Toyota Corolla is well known for its safety features.
  5. Toyota Yaris has 4 generations, whereas Toyota Corolla has 12 generations till now.


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